Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Best Recognize

This stab at poetry was inspired by a talk I had with my blog "twin", Brie, today. You know her better as Iventbyblogging. Anyway, I don't claim to be a poet, so don't be too harsh, especial you, Shazza and Dimples. Besides, if it sucks, you can blame it on Brie-Brie.
You knew I was black when you met me.
I didn't hide the fact.
You knew I was black when you met me.
So, don't act surprised how I act.
My brown eyes, they did not deceive you.
My full lips I couldn't hide.
So don't act shocked when you see that,
I'm filled with that wondrous black Pride.
You knew I was black when you met me.
My hair was still kinky, even then.
You knew I was black when you met me.
You knew me and Kunta were kin.
My chest was so full.
My shoulders back and wide.
I Held my head high,
and walk with a stride.
You knew I was black when you met me.
I don't be playing no games.
You knew I was black when you met me.
Hell, you could even tell by my name.
I had big ole flat feet.
My hands strong and rough.
So don't act all shocked,
'cause my attitude's gruff.
You knew I was black when you met me.
I was blasting my R and B tunes.
You knew I was black when you met me.
So why did you change so soon?
Are you ashamed of my pride?
To be seen by my side.
Does it make you feel like less,
'cause I know I'm the best?
You knew I was black when you met me.
Now you wanna be all shy.
You knew I was black when you met me.
Can someone please tell me, girl. Why?
You knew I was Negro,
A loud Jigga-boo.
You knew I was vocal,
I can't change that in for you.
You knew I was black when you met me.
What part of this didn't you get?
You knew I was black when you met me.
That's why you choose me to get with.
But now when I'm loud it upsets you.
Why do black folks tend to shout?
Girl, you best get with the program.
'cause we gots lots to shout 'bout.
You best hear my cry of denial.
A dream so often deferred.
A cry of racial injustice.
Profiling I didn't deserve.
You knew I was black when you met me.
Don't act like you didn't know.
You knew I was black when you met me.
Girl, you almost made me call you a "hoe".
But no, I want disrespect you.
My mom didn't raise me that way.
Too many black women have suffered.
For me to threat women that way.
Still, you knew I was black when you met me.
You act like I should be ashamed.
You hang your head low, you don't get me.
But I stand proud on my Ancestral name.
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


Shazza Nakim said...

See, now I have to have you sign an exclusive contract locking you in to servitude forever, take all your writing and production points and money and then whenever you perform on stage and make videos, I'll stand in tha background just noding my head saying "Yeah", "Werd" and "Boi".

Was feelin it No Doubt. Don't stop. Keep the flow and don't worry about me (and other poets), when we don't like somehing, we just say quiet and snap our fingers. lol


@Twin-u know what? I can go to sleep with a smile. Your skills are tight, and your words are deep and humorous simultaneously.
Do u mind if I add to ur flow??

You knew I was black when u saw me..
It wasn't a newfound notion...
love me in the ashy skin I'm in
and stop passing me that lanolin lotion!

I don't have an issue with me
so tell me why do you??
Shall I hide ME under a bed perhaps,
and stupidly put on you?

Should I wear two faces?
and give care to a stranger
Should I be fake like you
walking around with repressed anger?

You can't accept who you are,
but you're mad that I can
I am black, I am beautiful
My color has never ran...

I am royalty by birth
inherited through my ancestor
Don't hate as I assume my rightful place
And you settle for court jester

You knew I was black at the table-
eating collared greens, chicken and corn bread
I love my body and embrace ev'ry curve
Not everyone wants to look like a crackhead...

To you who have an issue being real
Here's an utterance from our lips to your ear..
If being true to ourselves is a crime-arrest us,
But it's you who have more to fear.

See we knew you were black when we MET U
Did you honestly believe you could pass?
Your speech may be ebonically free,
Walk in the wrong neighborhood if you dare-i bet they'd lock up your a**

So talk to the hand boo
We have bold cultural pride
I suggest you come down off that high horse of yours,
and give us some skin on the black hand side.

Bcuz, like it or not
u can fight, fuss, or cuss
Simply put you are negro, african american, permanently tanned, forever hued
are BLACK like us.

**don't be mad Twin...i was feelin' it!**

love ya,
bria :)

Don said...

That was a profound verse for someone who doesn't feel as if poetry is their strong suit. While reading it, I was like..."yeah, YEAH, YEAH."

Aint no way in the world she didn't know you were too black and too strong. Don't change. I know you won't.

Good stuff.

Don said...

@ ivent: good, truthful & hilarious stuff, as well. The fifth and tenth verses are a mofo!

One Man’s Opinion said...

LOL...Thank you, Shazza.

Damn, Twin. Go head on then. I can never be mad. Hell, everyone can add some stanzas if they want, damn it. LOL.

Thanks to you as well, Donny-boy.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u put it down folk..chk out my post about the King THANK WE FREE

Mizrepresent said...

Ahhhhh, Go'on Black Man...that's why i got so much love for my brothers...speak, and if she didn't know, she should know by now. Me loves it! It was serious and had me laughing to!

Mizrepresent said...

@Ivent- OMG, you all are kicking it...i loved it, "fists raised".


@Don-thank you
@Twin-we're TOO MUCH alike dang it!
@T-i'll be over there
@dimples-thanks sis ;)

dejanae said...

see your foray into poetry was a good one
keep it up

One Man’s Opinion said...

Dimples and Shazza....High praise from the king and queen. I am truly honored. Of course, I appreciate all the praise and the supplement supplied by my twin.

King's Kid said...

Once again, KUDOs, to you and Ivent!