Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's It Gonna Take?

Muthafuckers are always trying to apologize for shit AFTER they done got caught. I got an idea. Don't do the shit. You knew it was wrong before you did it, while you were doing it, after you did it, and while your ass continued to do it over and over again. But your ass kept right on doing it, because although it was wrong it felt so right. Yeah, I am talking about the honorable Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his boogus ass speech of apology and how he will never "quit" on the people of Detroit. Hell, he quit on the people of Detroit when he was fucking that Ho, and make no mistake about it, the bitch is a Ho, nappy hair not withstanding. And why is she a ho, whore, skank, tramp, trollop, whatever? She is all these things because she knew Kilpatrick's big ass was married when she opened up her text notes and her legs to his sofa built ass. And as for his wife Carlita and that shit about how this should be a private moment betten her and her husband....Bump that shit. You want to work out your private matters in private than tell your husband to keep his privates in his pants and in your bedroom (or where ever y'all do ya'll nasty stuff at). Hell, when you put your shit in the street then don't act all suprise and offended when people call you to the table on it.
As for him resigning...Of course his black ass ain't gonna resign. Infidelity and shit ain't new to politics, it has just become more high tech. I wouldn't expect his ass to resign. If you want him out, y'all best rent the nearest bulldozer and have his fat ass hauled up out of there. He's crooked, I tells you.....and you wouldn't think somebody so big and round could be so crooked. Black folks are gonna get enough of standing behing negroes that do them dirty. I done told yall before, "when someone tells you who they are, you best to listen." This man is doing nothing to uplift us as a people. He is just making a mockery of the black race, and God knows we have enough of us doing that shit as it is. Yeah, I said it.
Now, I don't live in Detroit and I want pretend to know the state of affairs down there, but I did listen to his speech and heard him recant all of the marvelous things he has done for the city. Fuck that! What about the 8.4 million dollars he cost yours asses, because he wanted to be living dirty and got the cops who ratted his ass out, fired? What about that, Detroit?. And don't think for a minute that just because I don't live in Detroit that this mess doesn't effect my black ass, because it does. Hell, any negative thing that a black person does effects my black ass, wheiter I like it or not and yall know that crap is true.
Mark Anthony said it best, in Shakspeare's Juilus Ceasar, "the evil that men do live after them, the good is oft interred with the bones". For those of you who don't know, that means that people are quick to forget the good stuff that you do but will bring up ole shit in a minute. And you know that white folks always want to see the dirt on a brother. I don't care! Political correctness can bite my black booty; I'm gonna tell the truth and shame the devil today.

Now, keep in mind that I wasn't going to say anything about this matter. I was gonna let it fly on by, even after reading about it on one other blog and hearing about it on the radio, because I was like....Hey, they (the people of Detroit) knew he was a pimp when they elected him into office (in his Steve Harvey pimp gear). However, then I had to talk to my twin (ivent) and you know she always be starting some shyt (love ya, sis), I got all hyped up about how the brother done screwed over his wife, his kids and the people of Detroit. All of the people wo believed in him. And then his ass lied, like freshly killed road kill on the highway, about his little affair. You ain't gotta lie, Kwame. YOU AIN'T GOT LIE! I know that Clinton lied about his little sexual exscaped, but he still got caught up in his lie. Plus, I contend that Clinton might not be the best person to be taking your clue from, although I know that a lot of you (the ones of you who are dead dog dumb) still think of Clinton as our "first black president". What the fuck (see my very first post, ever)!

I'm gonna close this post by saying that grown men don't lie. They stand up for what they did or said and are ready to be held accountable for thier actions. Only children lie; and why do they lie? To get out of being spanked or sent to their rooms. I submit to you that a grown man that will look you in your eye and lie to you about the simpliest thing, will lie to you about anything. This bastard has looked you (people of Detroit) in eye and lied. So, what are you gonna do about it? I say, cut down the nearest tree, construct a big ass paddle, and commence to beating that ass.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.

How come Sharpton ain't bringing his hefty ass out on this one? He quick to speak up on all things white. Hell, sometime black folks need to be called to the table on their bullshit too, Damn it!


Curious said...

Ha ha, I like the way that you think.

For the mayor of a major metropolitan city to state his belief is the sanctity and sacredness of a marriage between a man and a woman, and then be against equal rights for gay couples, but behave in the manner that he did, should shock and appall everyone.

Darius T. Williams said...

You are so right! Where is Sharpton and Jackson on these issues?

Karrie B. said...

i dig this post...a lot

"Hell, any negative thing that a black person does effects my black ass, wheiter I like it or not and yall know that crap is true."

omg...understatement! it kinda goes hand-in-hand with buying 50 cars on mtv cribs (knowing u only drive to) and all the "FLAVA FLAAAAAV" shit...sad.

-karrie b.

nikki said...

i swear this is the best shit i've read in i don't know HOW long.

you know, atlanta got the shaft from a cheating black mayor too. we STILL pulling ourselves out of that shit.

i went to famu around the time kwame was there, and i remember the cat was doing his dirt out in the open there too. that has always been a part of his makeup.

what kills me is he thought cuz he was mayor that the rules had changed. come on...a black man in a position of power just doesn't have the same kind of freedoms other folk have. it's ugly, but it's fact, and he should have been smart enough to recognize it.

Shazza Nakim said...

As a person that works with Sharpton's organization I can only say this much:

1. He hasn't been called to get involved. People assume that Al Sharpton just picks up a newpaper or turn on the television and says, "LETS PACK UP AND GET INVOLVED!". Not true at all. Whenever Al Sharpton gets involved it is because he is contacted by the PEOPLE involved who feel they need attention brought to a situation that violates a CIVIL RIGHT.

2. Al Sharpton and his organization gets 100's of calls in a day, possibly 1000's of requests within a month and the organization has to REALLY look at each and research IF it is a matter that can be handled by the local people (community) and gives advice as to the proper course of action or in most cases, is a matter that does not merit involvement at all. NOT all issues are RACIAL/Civil but mostly PERSONAL. Remember Al Sharpton is a Civil Rights Leader not a SOAPBOX SPEAKER. He brigns with him Lawyers, Community Leaders, Media Experts, Grassroots Organizers, etc. It is more involved than just showing up and screaming for the cameras.

3. Some issues need to play itself out until the end before fault and blame can be made. Once the emotions and the stories are told and the truth comes forward, the end results have to be weighed before action can be made. No one wants to rush to defend the Boy who Cry Wolf and find out that the Boy was the one that brought the Wolf.

Bottom line, the Mayor was doing some shady stuff and there is a lot more to the story that has yet to come out in the wash. Trust me, Al Sharpton has his eye on this situation as do other civil leaders, it just doesn't merit his involvement (yet).

guerreiranigeriana said...

nice question at the end about nigger sharpton...not that i want to see or hear his cooning ass, but where is he?...i guess his assistance is only for white people who offend black people...clearly, he only needs them to like him...not the black folks...anyway, i think his 'work' is all part of a conspiracy...

Opinionated Diva said...

My grandmother used to say this ALL THE TIME..."when someone tells you who they are, you best to listen." although she ended it with "listen up".

You are so wrong for this one..."and you wouldn't think somebody so big and round could be so crooked." LOL!

"I submit to you that a grown man that will look you in your eye and lie to you about the simpliest thing, will lie to you about anything." GOOD SHYT!!! And so friggin true!

Sha Boogie said...

Right on, that 'nigger' needs a tall glass of sit the f*k down and shut the hell, what a moron. I was like, are these two kidding me?? Sexual texts on govt. owned blackberries?! It don't get no righter than that!*SMH* No respect for himself, his wife or his children...

Mizrepresent said...

This was just stupid all around...i got no other words for it! And i know his wife was just trying to save face, but you know at home Kwame is getting the biz for real...and this isn't the first or probably the last women he's messed with...for real.


@Twin...u know how i feel. he needs to sit his uncomfortably built behind down and play daddy somewhere. Stop planning your extracurricular adulterous activities on the dime of Detroit residents. Sit your monkey looking behind down...and TALK TO UR WIFE. I think Carlita was packin' that's why her hair was bouffant and she had on that manly suit--tryna hide her she can pistol whip/or cap his behind if he made the wrong move on tv.

Also...the same people who support this abysmal behavior are the same one who support Robert 'pisspot-pedo' Kelly. They wn't be satisfied til he pisses or sticks his privates in their child's mouth.

Black people are quick to support STUPID people and actions--what is wrong with us??

I told u twin he wasn't goin to step down...he's too arrogant. And i don't know what kind of game he spit at those females..i'm convinced he's part man/part bear. i bet he's mutant looking without clothes...he look like he's hairy as i don't know what...i bet when he comes out of water, he has that hair on his chest/back that separates into individual beady beads-and that hair is waterproof..yuck!

ok i'm done being bad...great post twin!
hello family :)
brie brie

Eb the Celeb said...

that's cuz Sharpton probably helped him cheat! You know he got some corrupted ways himself, he cant come out on another black man or the walls will come tumbling down!

Karamale said...

"Right on, that 'nigger' needs a tall glass of sit the f*k down and shut the hell up."

LMAO @ sha boogie.

why niggas gotta be so trife when they creepin? you da mayor, fool! discretion.

like you said...betta yet, don't do the shit.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

I'm with you, I saw this mess in the news and I didn't want to give it a second thought. Dude fukked up and the whole city should have saw it coming. This is the exact reason you never vote for someone wearing a Steve Harvey suit.

Rodney said...

Sharpton could have said something, but Jesse was writing a child support check for his own indiscretion.

You're right... it's definitely up to the people of the D to get that bitch told. I can't understand, with all the black churches in Detroit, why the Christians haven't gotten him together.

The Clark Sisters, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and the whole Winans family need to form a prayer circle and do an exorcism.