Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Happens

I don’t want my niece to get married! There, I said it!

This coming April, one of my four nieces are getting married and I don’t want it to happen. I have no reason why, except that I don’t want her to do it.

I love my niece and I am glad that she is doing it the right way. After all, she has known the guy since 2001 and they have been dating since high school; so it’s not like she is rushing into it. And I am very proud that this niece, along with the other three has broken the family/female cycle of getting pregnant in their teens. Still, I don’t want her to get married.

I’ve always known I didn’t want her to marry the dude, but today I looked at the web-site they have created to commiserate their love and it hit me even harder that I don’t want my niece to get married. I think it’s just me. I’m not big on marriage, I just don’t trust it. Plus, I think my niece can do better. How horrible is that? The guy is alright; a little childish, maybe, but so am I. Other than that he’s a stable young man. He has a job, is educated, and everything else and has already purchased them a house to live in once they tie the knot. He is everything a woman should want in a man. So, why don’t I like him?

Something about this man just does not sit well with me. I have no idea what it is. He has been apart of the family for over five years, coming to family gathering and stuff. Hell, I see him more than some of my blood nephews. Still, I don’t want the wedding to happen. I prefer that they wait, but they have waited far longer than most.

Anyway, it’s none of my business. I love my niece and I want her to be happy and she is happy with this boy, so what ever. My job is to take the damn pictures and mind my own business. Who am I to stand in the way, when love happens?
The UNCLE, that's who! LOL

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

House Hunting is a Bitch

Okay, I love all of you and I am taking into consideration what everyone is saying. I appreciate the words of support and concern, because they are both of equal importance; plus they show that you all care about my well being. Please continue with the honest, unfiltered advise, because sparing my feeling will not help me one bit. Trust me, Mark and everyone, that I am considering every little thing and I think we might have to have another family meeting, because of all of these free thinking spirits. LOL

I will say that my mom is more into this then I had anticipated. This old woman is going on line and finding houses and stuff. She is really becoming computer literate. I am shocked. But she got to meet our realtor yesterday, so she can start bugging him with the houses that she finds on her own.

Anyway, on Wednesday, which is family day, me, my mom, Bonnie and Manny went house hunting with the realtor. We looked at four houses with the realtor. Two were out of the question, because of my mom’s situation. One, my mom didn’t like the neighborhood, because she said it didn’t seem neighborly. It was a nice house, and we thought that she’d like it if she opened her mind and came inside, but she didn’t so, whatever. Then there was the house that reminded me of the Amityville horror. My sister is too young to remember that movie, so she didn’t get the reference when I made it.

The reason it reminded me of the Amityville horror, was because before we even went in I noticed these big ass horse flies in the window. It was just a couple, but those bastards were big. Then we went inside and there were hundreds of them banging against every window of the house. And besides the big, monsters banging against the windows, there was the puddle of dead ones lying at the floor of the windows. If I had brought my camera, I would have taken a picture of this for you. I kid you not, there were like thousands of flies dead around each window as well. It was freaking me out.

It was a beautiful house, and it did not stink or anything. I just didn’t understand the flies. And they were silent flies too. I’ve had one fly in my house that size, and it buzzing is so loud it will cause me to go on a fly killing hunt. But you could not hear these flies at all. Isn’t that strange? Wouldn’t you expect to hear the constant buzzing of flies? My sister thought the flies were so big, because there most have been something inside of the house dead, Manny just thought it was nasty. We never took my mom inside of the houses that we didn’t think merited it.
Anyway, after we finished looking at the house with the realtor, my wonderful family wanted to continue to look for available houses in the area. And guess what….we found the perfect house (see above).

Bonnie and I feel in love with the house, from the outside. It was close to a walking park and it was on the school bus route. I know the bus route thing, because we saw it go by. And it was a nice an quiet neighborhood. Trust me, we were out during the time that kids were getting out of school and neighborhoods are normally at their most active. It had a nice wooden deck with a nicely constructed play house in back, complete with an air-conditioning unit. This was perfect for my little brother’s only request. A place were he could have his ‘boys’ over so they can smoke there cigarettes (marijuana) and drink without having to disrespect our mom.

Anyway, Bonnie decides to call the realtor and see if he will come back out, so we can get inside. He agrees to come out so we go and get something to eat. While we are getting food, Bonnie also calls one of my older sisters and she come out to take a look see at the house as well

Okay, here are the stats on the house. It has been on the market for over a year now,. I t has 5 Bed, 3 Bath 2,857 Sq Ft on 0.22 Acres, Five bedroom home on a creek view lot backs to wooded trails. Nice kitchen with an island and built-in appliances. Hard wood floors in the entry and formal dining area. The kitchen overlooks a large family room with white stone gas fireplace. Patio has a wood deck and a storage building for extra storage with AC. Property is SOLD-AS-IS.

The house was perfect. Here’s the kicker. The bitch noticeable evidence of mold, in the garage. Damn it! Is this the reason why this gorgeous house has been on the market for so long? Is this the reason why a house valued at 190,000 has been marked down to 129,000? What is the deal with this house?

Our realtor told us he would do some research on it, but I’ve decided it must be the mold. You can’t insure a house with mold, plus you never know how the mold has spread through the house. Which sucks, because after 6 hours of house hunting with my family, minus my little brother, it was like the house was a God sent, but alas, it was not meant to be.

This is gonna be fun.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.