Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tag My Ass (But I Got Got)

Tag? Really? This better not be some trick or treat crap. Anyway, I got tagged by MP1 and I ain’t no party pooper (but I’m gonna kick his but if I see him in the street).

The rules of the game, apparently, are:

A). Link to the people that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1) One day I went to work with my underwear on backwards and did not realize it until I went to pee. What kind of shit is that? I will say that it keep my package nice and secure.
2) I can’t keep a clean house to save my life. I just don’t have that gene. I try to keep my house spic and span but it is hard for me and I have no idea why. I feel like Oscar, for the Odd Couple.
3) I wish that I had kids but am glad that I don’t. Sometimes I am so irresponsible. Do you know that one time I actually misplaced my gun belt? My gun belt, people! That shit ain’t cool.
4) I hate having to put my people in jail. It is one of the most unpleasant parts of my job. That being said, I hate it when I try to cut my people a break and they are just too damn stupid to know when someone is trying to prevent from taking them to jail. Get the chip off your shoulders people, not every cop is out to get you.
5) My biggest fear in this world is being homeless and unable to take care of myself. People think I am cheap but the reality is that I save my money out of the fear of one day being out of a job and having no one else to turn to.
6) I have some of the greatest friends in the world. True friends that have been with me throughout every major event in my life. Some things that even my family were not there for. That being said, I have am so afraid to host a party, out of fear that no one will come. Self-esteem issues…Yeah, I know.
7) Okay, this is my big one, because it is recent…Saturday night, me and some other officers were out on a call were a guy was shot. When we get to the apartment, along with the ambulance, everyone gets out their vehicle and are rushing to the victim’s apartment. My dumb ass trips over a speed bump. A speed bump. WTF is up with that? Now, I was behind everyone else, so I was hoping that no one saw, especially since I feel so hard. However, one fireman did see and hear, he came over to see about me. Well, of course I had to fringe pain so as not be look too pathetic. And get this; I ended up landing on and scrapping my knuckles. What kind of uncoordinated nigger lands on his frigging knuckles when he falls? Anyway, they ended up taking the poor guy that got shot to the hospital, but not before giving me some Band-Aids for my boo-boo (I don’t care. That mess stung). The shit would have been funny, if it had happened to somebody else.

Monday, October 29, 2007

If the Nose Fits, wear it.

Okay, I was not going to comment on Halle Berry’s controversial statement regarding a distorted picture of her that she revealed as what she would look like as her “Jewish Cousin” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Of course, at the time I though it was just another one of the races being overly sensitive and taking things to the extreme (besides, don’t they know that black folks have an exemption and are allowed to make fun of all things white-unless they use “the other” f-word-if you know what I mean). Then I saw the picture in question (shown above). That shit is offensive. What kind of Jewish, cavewoman looking ass, cousin does Halle Berry have?
Then I had to decide if the comment was actually anti-Semitic in nature. You know a brother don’t know what that shit means. If it ain’t negative towards niggers, opps, I mean black folk; you know a brother don’t care. So I looked up anti-Semitic and the simple definition is prejudice against Jewish people (hating or discrimination against Jews). Why do Jewish people have to have there own fucking word? Why can’t they just say discriminating towards Jews, damn it? Hell, the next time someone says something prejudice towards black people I’m gonna call it anti-niggemitic.
I love the fact that one new article writes that Halle (her friends call her Halley, unless they are Jewish, then they just call her cousin) “apologizes after allegedly making a Jewish Joke.” Allegedly my ass….the bitch said it. That shit is on tape. ON TAPE, DAMN IT! Prior to the airing of the show Halle had misgiving about the comment, considering that no one in the audience laughed (and they laugh at just about everything on talk shows, they are trained to do so) and asked Mr. Leno to cut the segment out. Always the gentlemen, Mr. Leno meet Halle half way and muted out the word Jewish; leaving, I guess, the television viewing audience to wonder what cousin she had that looked like that. (Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Poor Halley, don’t she know that trying to take a negative comment off the air is like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool? It just ain’t gonna happen).
Okay, here is the kicker. In her apology for the statement Ms. Berry said; "What happened was I was backstage before the show, and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said, 'That could be your Jewish cousin!' And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn't mean to offend anybody. I didn't mean any harm.
"It was just supposed to be a silly segment. I am so sorry, and I apologize."
(I am telling you, black folks are becoming more and more like white folks everyday. Taking on all of their negative traits.) That shit is right up there with, “I’m not prejudice. Some of my best friends are black.” Of course, Halle trumped that by having here Jewish friends also work for her-- The double bonus. Whatever, Bitch. You said the shit, just like Janet showed the tit. Live with it and move on.
So, now we have keyed in on yet another thing Halle Berry can’t do. She can’t act and she can’t tell jokes. (Of course you know that this means her baby is gonna be born with a big ass, Michael Jackson’s original, nose). Oh well, thank God for Plastic surgery.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't Ass Me....

Hey, I was watching this commercial today and it dawned on me. Has anyone else ever noticed that Usher doesn't have an ass? I mean, what black man doesn't have an ass. (Not that I was looking...)
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jail Bait....or T.I.'s Smile

Okay, I am feeling a tad bit lazy this weekend so I am just going to be bringing you an update on rapper T.I. As you may or may not have heard, he was release from jail yesterday on a 3 million dollar bond. Three million dollars….whew, it must be nice.
As a term of his release, Mr. I was placed on house arrest where he has to wear a monitor, 24 hours a day (which he pays out of pocket to have monitored)until he has to return to court. The only times he is allowed to leave his house is for medical appointments and court appearances; which doesn’t leave much room for the night life. Of course, if I had his money and mansion I’d bring the club atmosphere to me (You know, the whole if the mountain want go to Mohammed mentality and what not). He is also not allowed to own any firearms (which you would think would go without saying….ain’t that’s part of the reason his ass got tossed in jail in the first place) or have contact with any witness or informant in the case (which translates into no threats of retaliation).
I’m keeping my eye on this one. I am hoping that T.I. does the right thing until he can get this whole thing rectified, because…just like there is not a doubt in my mind that he is guilty of the charges against him there is also not a doubt that he has enough money to skirt those same charges. Hell, I could get him off and I ain’t even a lawyer!
However, we all know how notorious rappers are for doing the right thing and obeying the letter of the law, right? Am I right?
C’mon T.I. Do the right thing, brother. Get out of the game. You can make the music without actually having to live the life. Hell, do you think the people that write horror flicks actually go out and act out that shit for research? Grow the fuck up, man. I got other niggers to write about. But, let there be no doubt, if you fuck this up I will be right there to point a finger and laugh at your dumbass.
On the positive side….Doesn’t he have a nice smile.
-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Monkey Love

Look at this Monkey Nigger. This is the funniest thing in the world. I post this to give you a Friday laugh. If if makes you smile, or laugh out loud, let me know. If it offends you, let me know that as well and then get over it.
-One Man's Opinion. Peace

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beware the Fashion Police

Okay, I meant to do this post yesterday but read about P. Diddy’s Deal with the vodka company and you know Mr. Combs always comes first, but I’m all over it today. Can somebody answer me this? What the fuck is up with all the controversy about sagging pants? I mean, who cares? Apparently everybody. I am shocked! Are States really attempting to pass legislation regarding the way kids wear their pants? Hell, I say kids, but there are grown ass men rocking “the sag”. (The Sag…You like that? I just made that up.)

I did a little research on sagging pants, not much because I could really give a damn about the stupidity of this controversy, when we have so many other, more pressing, issues going on this world to worry about, other than if a young man wants us to see his underwear as he rocks his jeans around his ass cheeks. Anyway, the Urban Dictionary defines “sagging” as; wearing ones pants around the hips so that they sag down and bunch up around the ankles. Originally, this was a prison thing that signified that you were another prisoner's property, i.e. bitch. Punks were forced to wear their pants this way so it would be easier for their masters to pull their pants down and butt-fuck them. (I didn’t say it. This came directly from the Urban Dictionary. Honest).
Now to be honest, I’m not so sure I believe the part about it being a sign, in prison, showing that you are somebody’s bitch. I think somebody just made that shit up just to discourage young folks from wearing their jeans like that. Now, I will admit that I only go to prison to drop people off, so I don’t know for sure. I will say, however, that I do remember watching “Scared straight” growing up and I thought they made mention to something else that let one prisoner know that another prisoner was his booty pal. (LOL. I said, “Booty pal”. I crack myself up.) Hell, they use to say the same thing about a man that wore an earring in his ear and we see how well that worked out.

At any rate, my question still remains; who the fuck cares? I don’t know why it bothers people so much. I’ll tell you right now, I don’t understand the trend, but I have not gotten so old and hypocritical that I want to censor the way a person chooses to dress. Hell, the way I see it is that if the parents don’t care how their child dresses when they leave the house then why should I? (Hell, as a cop, I want them to sag. That way I can see that they don’t have a gun tucked away in their waist band and it makes it harder for them to run.) I know some of you are thinking; well the parents don’t know that they are sagging. I say the hell they don’t. The parents are buying the pants, in most cases. You tell me what mother don’t know their son’s waist size. My mom was keeping up with mine up until I was twenty-one years old, damn it.
It amazes me how as we get older, how cynical we allow ourselves to become and how quick we are to for get the little fashion trends that drove our parents crazy. Why is that? Let these young people be who they are. Who is it hurting? Now I can see if it becomes a gang thing, that’s a whole different issue, but we all know that in most cases sagging as little to nothing to do with gangs. It’ just that people’s sensibilities are all offended by seeing young men’s boxer shorts. Boxer shorts, people! Think about it, these kids take into consideration that their underwear will be showing so they take the time out to put on boxer shorts, the least offensive underwear there is. I could understand if they were rocking tighty-whities, with skid marks, but these kids intentions are not to offend. Why we hating? And Lawd knows I love to hate on the stupidity of my people, but this is not worth hating on. That’s why I am writing this post to hate on the haters of sagging. Let it go, people, damn! It ain’t that serious.

-One Man’s Opinion (What’s yours?) Peace.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pass the Courvoisier

You know what I don’t understand about Sean Combs? Why his 37 year old, dumb-ass is able to making multimillions of dollars, setting up multimillion dollars deals and yet he is still out there fighting in the clubs like some hoodlum on food stamps. Can somebody please explain that to me?
Mr. Combs latest venture is with Ciroc Vodka, apparently a super premium brand of liquor. Bad Boy “Diddy” will share fifty percent of the profits in this deal, which is big time in my eyes, with an estimated profit margin of 100 million to begin with. I would say, way to go Diddy, but I just don’t like the man. I not sure if my distaste for Mr. Combs, stems from his first “Making the Band” series, when he made the eager, rap hopefuls walk for miles to go get him a piece of cheese cake or whether it lays more in the fact that I think the nigger had something to do with the death co Biggie Smalls. Yeah, I said it!
Anyway, I’m gonna begrudgingly give Mr. Combs his props for making this deal, along with being the chief Executive of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, as well as having his own, well received, perfume and clothing line-After all, we all realize how a lot of rappers make their money and then end up blowing it later (because we as black folk don’t have a legacy of saving money for our future). But I’m also gonna call his black, crooked teeth, ass a nigger for continuing to brawl in the streets like some nineteen year old wannabe. Get some braces, bitch!
-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monster's Baby

Look at this bitch. Okay, I know bitch is a harsh word, but I can’t help it. I just don’t like the woman. First of all, the chick cannot act! There is no way she should have received the academy award before Angela Bassett. That’s right, I said it. Let’s face it, just because you are willing to get naked and show off tits and ass does not make you a great actress. If that were the case, can all the black women of porn please step forward and receive you gold statuettes.
Second of all, and I know this shit ain’t none of my business, but all the black pee-pee (dick for the more graphically inclined) she has been through and the heifer decides to get pregnant by a white boy. What’s up with that? Okay, I know I’m wrong for that and it makes me sound raciest, and I’m really not, but c’mon. I didn’t even know she had left the brother from the barber shop movies. When did that shit happen? Can a brother get an email? I’m sitting here thinking that the light eyed brother done planted his seed and come to find out its some unknown white boy. Damn girl, if you gonna get knocked up at least let it be by someone we’ve heard about (I hear Kevin Federline is single and you know that boy got some baby making juice).
Anyway, that was just an issue I had been trying to wrap my mind around. Well that and trying to understand about this big trend in Hollywood with all these celebrity “hoes” getting pregnant out of wedlock. Back in my day, you had to be young, black, poor and still in high school to get knocked up…now everybody is doing it. What’s up with that?

One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Just to follow up, this was not the original post I wanted to bring to you (fresh back from my internet free vacation on the Big Apple). I really wanted to give my review of Fantasia, as well as the Color Purple, but I could not find the video clip I was looking for on Youtube. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Boondocks Sea. 2 Ep. 2 (2/2)

Just a little comic relief. No commetary.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Did I See This Movie?

Will you look at this nigger? Seriously, look at him. I am so proud of Tyler Perry. He is really setting an example of what you can do when you believe in yourself and your talents. He is making big bucks and yet he doesn’t seem to be pompous. He is not beating or disrespecting women. He is not selling or doing drugs. He keeps his personal business private, where it is meant to be. Sure he wears a dress, but fuck that. Let the jealous Mother F’ers hate, I’d put on the dress and the panties if it put me where I needed to be.
Anyway, just kudos to Tyler Perry’s; Why Did I Get Married. It took the box office, over the weekend, with a whooping 21.5 million dollars. You go, boy! Me and a good lady friend of mine went to see this movie Sunday, and I was truly impressed. I think this is Mr. Perry’s best movie to date and I am a cynic on all things nigger-fied (not really), but after seeing that piece of crap, Daddy’s Little Girl, I was wondering if he could write anything that didn’t have Madea in the title (Why Did Madea Get Married? Hummm. That could work).
If you haven’t gone to see it, go. Don’t buy the bootleg; go see the real thing with a live audience who will react to a lot of the great moments going on in the movie. I will say this; Jill Scott pulled it off with her performance of the mistreated, over-weight, downtrodden wife, desperately trying to salvage a dead marriage. Janet just plays a grown up version of Penny, with a PHD. (Penny? From Good Times? Keep up people).
Tasha Smith, who played the horrible mother in Daddy’s Little Girl, steals the movie for me. Mrs. Smith plays, Angela, the outspoken, ever vocal, alcoholic, angry black women. You may call her a bitch, but just because she speaks her mind don’t make the sister a bitch (although, you is bitch’s first cousin). The movie is funny, cute and surprisingly well written. I thought it was gonna be all hype, but now I see why Oprah had them on her show. You go, T. Keep up the good work, cause I don’t be putting no positive Nigger all up on this shit. This blog is meant to hate on, not uplift.
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Know What It Is

Okay, this is it! This is the final straw that broke the camel’s back! Its fucking racism is what it is and I’m not gonna take it any more!
You know what I am referring to, right? Okay, let me slow it down for a minute and bring you up to speed. As you may have noticed, I decided not to post a blog entry, in honor of the live taping of the BET Hip-Hop Awards (to be aired this Wednesday, if I am not mistaken). Brother trying to give mad props to all the niggers out there winning awards and shit for their craft (besides, I knew that they would do all kinds of crazy shit that night that would just blow my Blog off it’s ass). Anyway, as I am driving home from work this morning, what do I hear on the radio, but that 27 year old rapper TI, the self proclaimed King of the South, has been arrested by federal officials for trying to pick up machine guns and silencers in a shopping center parking lot, weapons that he’d had his bodyguard purchase for him.
The arrest stemmed from an investigation that started just this month when a federal firearms dealer made the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive aware of a man interested in buying a machine gun without registering the weapon as required by law. But what do they expect? They know damn will that little T.I. can’t be buying the weapons on his own, seeing that his is a known felony, resulting from back in the day when he had to sale crack on the streets in order to survive. C’mon now, what black man has not had to sale crack or weed or pussy at sometime or another growing up, so they can focus on the struggling rap career they were trying to get off the ground? It’s racism I tells you. Plain and simple and I ain’t gonna stand for the shit.
Mr. Clifford Harris, which is the sire name of the rapper, knowing that he could not purchase the weapons himself had his bodyguard to get the damn things for him. What else is a bodyguard for? Why they hating? Don’t they know that Mr. Harris was preparing to go to the BET Hip-Hop awards and these machine guns were part of his ensemble? What the fuck was he gonna look like, showing up at the BET Hip-Hop awards, without his gats? I’ll tell what….Like a straight up punk! Hell, a male rapper going to any Hip-Hop awards ceremony without some type of weapon is like a female showing up without one of her tits precariously exposed. What the hell kind of Hip-Hop awards would that be? This shit ain’t MTV!
Okay, sure they found three firearms in the vehicle TI was driving, one of which was between the driver’s seat and center console, loaded and ready. But I’m sure those babies were for his hommies (do they still say ‘hommie?). What was TI gonna do with little pussy guns like that? Hell, he needs the Big Babies, with silencers. You know what it is……
But oh, no; apparently a brother can’t have his bodyguard purchase him machine guns, meet him the parking lot of a local shopping center and exchange money for the goods purchased. What up with that shit? I do it all the time. I’m sure that that if he hadn’t been scheduled to perform at the awards show in a couple of hours after his arrest, that he would have just had his bodyguard, who I suspect is now his ex-bodyguard seeing as it was he who dropped a dime on TI regarding the purchase (somebody gonna get got when TI makes bond), bring the guns to his home.
Oh, and it ain’t over yet. To add insult to injury the dirty crackers (I’m assuming that all of the agents involved in the arrest were white because us black law enforcement officers don’t get down like that) searched the brother’s home and found six guns inside of a closet, three of which were reported to have been bought by that snitch ass bodyguard. Only five of those bad boys were loaded. Haters! Will the injustice never stop?

Well, on the positive side, at least TI still took home two awards out of the nine categories he was nominated for (well, he didn’t actually take them him, because his skinny ass was in jail, but I’m sure arrangements were made). Plus, being rich, he can hire the best attorney’s that money can buy to get him off on these charges. This is a far cry from the court appointed attorneys he had to employ during his days of slinging crack.
You go, TI. I want my little nephew to grow up to be just like your dumb ass! Psych.
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Proving that the Bible is repulsive

Repulsive, defined as making somebody feel disgust or very strong dislike; tending to repel. It has synonyms such as revolting, nauseating, hideous, abhorrent and foul.
I accidentally ran across this little diddy, while looking at some other blogs. I took time out to watch it, because I have never heard anyone use the term, repulsive, to describe the Bible. I wanted to know what point the author was trying to make. Image my surprise when I realized that it wasn’t satire, but how the guy actually felt. If you have a moment, 10:34 to be exact, take time to listen to this guy’s message (you can listen to it while you do other things, it is not necessary to watch the imagery to get the idea of the propaganda that this fool is spreading).
This isn’t exactly a Look at This Nigger bloggable post either. I already done told you I don’t have one of those, for today, however I found this to be interesting and wanted to get some other intellectual peoples’ take on it, but since I couldn’t find any of those people, I decided to take it to the blogging community. LOL. Just kidding.
Seriously though, I can’t believe the half truths this fool is spreading in an attempt to persuade idol minded individuals. How said. What is sadder is the fact that you just know there are hundreds of thousands of people that will take this kind of crap, take it at face value and run with it.
I also believe this numbskull to be very condescending in his belief that no one has enough knowledge of the Bible to be aware of the passages that he speaks of in this clip. Hell, if you are like me, and were raised in Sunday School, those passages were not kelp secret from you.
Anyway, what do you think? Is the Bible repulsive? I personally don’t think so and I think that the guy who made this video is an idiot (but I’ve already said that, huh). And yes, I am aware that I am spreading his idiocy, by posting his words in my blog but I truly believe (and this is so very corny) that knowledge is power and it is the things that we allow ourselves to remain in the dark about that comes back to harm us.
This is not tended to be a Sunday School lesson, just another of…..

One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

No Bloggable Niggers

I hate not providing a relative post, for my short list of readers, a day. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I know that out there some where is some high profile nigger out there fucking it up for every other fucking nigger. (I learned that it is okay to use the word fuck from reading Mr. Jones’ Blog). Sadly, I still have not mastered the ability of surfing the web to bring you the best in Nigger fuck ups all over the world.

Right now we know that Snoop Doggy Dogg received 160 hours of community service, which includes picking up garbage in a local park, for carrying an illegal weapon in an airport last year. It would seem that Mr. Dogg thought I was okay for him to bringing a collapsible baton into an Orange County Airport. Now why Snoop thought it was okay to him to bring any type of weapon into an airport, especially in this day in age, is beyond me. Hell, I’m a police officer and I know I can’t be bringing my Asp (which is a collapsible baton) all up into an airport, unless of course I am in full uniform. Anyway, I can’t hate on Snoopy, because he is paying his debt to society and doing what he is suppose to do to make his wrong right. That’s a good thing. Now there is the fact that a term of his probation is that he can’t break the law for a year. Y’ll know that’s gonna be hard for Snoop Dogg, but who knows… The brother might be able to pull it off, so I’m gonna give him the benefit of a doubt.

Then there is Lil Wayne, who spent a day in jail on a fugitive arrest warrant that was executed due to a drug arrest that occurred way back in August on ’06. According to Lil Wayne’s lawyer, this was all just a mix up that could have been prevented if someone would have just checked the poor little guy’s file and saw that he never received his notice to appear in court (apparently the notice was returned to sender, unopened). Mr. Wayne’s lawyer says that the address that the notice was sent to no longer existed; destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Of course, this does not negate the fact that the law requires that you change your address, on your license, within thirty days of moving? Why? So shit like this won’t happen! That’s why! It is not the courts job to keep tabs on people, whether you an average, run of the mill, crack head or a high file crack head. Hell, the time it takes the execute a warrant is still the same. Anyway, Mr. Wayne is out and this is hardly a Look at This Nigger Moment. Rap Niggers go to jail all the time. I’d be more shocked if his ass hadn’t been arrest. Let’s face it…Jail Time is good PR.
Last we have Mychal Bell, one of the kids from Jena 6. His ass is back in jail because after it was all said and done the Judge decided that Mr. Bell violated the terms of his probation by participating in the attack of his white classmate to begin with. Now, the permed out Rev. Sharpton feels that Mychal Bell being shipped back off to a jail cell constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. I, however, feel that it is his just desserts. I mean after all, when you are given probation the terms of that probation are written out and explained to your dumbass before you leave the court house. So, why would you be apart of anything that would violate the shit? Don’t be a dumb nigger. Hell, there ain’t nothing wrong with standing back and cheering on the other five brothers as they proved the beat down. If they are truly your friends, they understand why you can’t get in a couple of good licks of your own. And if you have to snitch there punks asses out later…oh well. Anyway, who cares? If you can’t do the time, then go sit your ass down somewhere. Hardly worthy of Look at This Nigger.
So, where do we stand on today’s post? I guess, right were we started. No where. I have no bloggable post for today. I might need to start going on to one of blogs of you good people and do a piece on some of you. Let’s face it. Some of you niggers are straight up Outrageous. But I love you anyway.
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

His Prognosis

Can someone help me understand this nigger? Yeap, its Bobby Brown folks; the legendary “King of Hip-Hop” (I didn’t crown his black ass). On Wednesday Mr. Brown was reported to have been checked into, not one but two hospitals, due to sever chest pain which were later diagnosed as a mild heart attack. This report came from his Attorney, via the Associated Press…and you just know at this stage of his life Bobby be telling his lawyer everything.
Now when I read about this the other day I was tempted to post it but instead opted to report about the new season of I Love New York (you know my ass was watching). Beside, Bobby Brown having a mild heart attack was hardly a Look at This Nigger moment. However, as it turns out, Mr. Brown got wind of these reports and felt compelled to issue a statement denying that he had even had a heart attack. According to Mr. Brown he only went to the hospital to have himself checked out before he went out on his impending tour and was given a clean bill of health. Now you know his ass is lying. Who would book a tour with Bobby Brown? LOL
Seriously though, since when does Bobby Brown or any black man just go to the doctor, unless there is something wrong? You know, we as black man only go to the doctor when something is wrong (you can deny it but you niggah’s know it’s true). But, not Bobby, Bobby goes to get a random check up….C’mon now, you know damn well Bobby ain’t taking his ass no where were he might be asked to give a urine sample-I’m just saying.
Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand why a man of 38 wouldn’t want it getting out that he may have had a heart attack. Shit, heart attacks are only associated with old age and who wants to be considered old at 38 (especially when you’re about to go on ‘tour”…snicker)?
Poor Bobby. First he loses Whitney and now this. Face it Bobby, you best days are behind you. Listen to your Doctor, grab a cane and sit your none rapping ass down. Besides, heart attacks happen to young people all the time, as quiet as its kelp.

One Man’s Opinion. Peace (and go get a check up).

Damn, Bobby Brown is one ugly ass man!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Love New York 2 Preview

Here we go.
I have a Look at this Nigger of the ages. It features twenty dumbass niggers, and one trampy ass bitch. They are the cast of VH1’s second season of I Love New York. The sad thing is that some of the brothers are sexy and seem to be intelligent, but how intelligent can you be to go on a show with a woman who twice wanted to date Flava Flava (and probably spent most of the money she made from the show on those oversized tits)? I Love New York 2 premiered this past Monday, and thank goodness for reruns, because my ass sho’ did miss it (and as embarrassed as I am to say so, I now have my DVR set to capture ever episode).
This is the only video I could find of clips of the current and upcoming shows. Watch and you be the judge. Are these niggahs Niggers or are they refined, upstanding images of black men in our society. (You don’t have to answer about New York…I know she a trampy ass bitch. But I do loves me some New York).
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

(Side bar….Flava Flava will be back with Flava of Love III next year. VH1 loves exploiting them some niggers, don’t they? But I ain’t made at them, because you can’t hardly exploit someone who knows they are being exploited. Dumbass Niggers, make that money. Just don’t let it make you.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Riley-Santa is a Bitch

Okay, here is a clip from The Boondocks. Instead of a normal posting I would like to pose a question to my readers. It is a silly question but a valid one nonetheless. Because of the way our people are depicted and the use of the dreaded N-word (which is Nigger, incase you didn’t know), do you think it is appropriate for white people to watch The Boondocks? Like I said, I know it’s a foolish question, but I thought I’d ask it anyway. This is strictly for comments….I have nothing to say on the matter per se. (Oh, this clip is from last season).

One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Shut Up Shepherd!

Okay, before I start let me just say; I was eager for Sherry Shepherd to get the position on the View and happy once she finally did. I am fan of the little lady, but I gotta say that sometimes she just needs to shut the hell up! She says some of the dumbest things; like how she didn’t know the world was FLAT. Sure she recanted and explained what she meant the day after but guesses what……Too late bitch! (Sorry, I think I channeled Isaiah Thomas there for a minute).
Anyway, today on the View they were talking about George Clooney and a bet he made with some other rich, white woman about how he would never get married before he was forty or something like that (I personally thought the bastard was sixty already). Invest in some greshen formula, white boy! Anyway, during the course of the conversation Ms. Shepherd makes the comment that when a man is not married by a certain age she believes them to be gay. What kind of shit is that? Since when has betrothalment been an indicator of heterosexuality? Marriage is not for everyone, Ms. Shepherd. You should know that from the fact that your, now ex, husband cheated on yo black behind. The comment would have slipped by but Whoopi called her (you have no idea how much I wanna say fat ass) on it. You go Whoopi.
You know, this wasn’t even going to be my initial posting. I was gonna speak about Little Wayne’s arrest or the Auto Theft charges brought upon some rapper I don’t even know, for keeping a car rental for too long, but I decided to go for this simple little post instead. Why, you might ask. Because I hate it when people just jump to conclusions about other people’s sexuality. Being single at a certain age no more defines you as gay as does being married insures that you are straight. Hell, Tyler Perry’s ass ain’t married and he’s up in his thirties. And we all know that brother is completely, without a doubt, a card carrying, and all male heterosexual. (Hey! What did I just say about jumping to conclusion about other people’s sexuality?) Who cares anyway? If they ain’t sleeping with you or one of your family members, why do you care?
Anyway, keep your bias opinions to yourself, Sherry. Jessica Simpson may have made a career out of being idle-minded, but she white. Trust me; it ain’t cute when black folks appear dense, because most expect us to be in the first place.

One Man’s Opinion. One Man’s Love. Peace.
(Side bar: Please know that a brother can not only speak but also type in correct grammar. I try peppering my blog with dialog because I think it adds to the flavor. Ya heard?)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Fastest Woman on Steroids

Will you look at this niggerette? You all know her, right? Marion Jones, the fastest woman on earth (more like the fastest woman on steroids). This story kind of makes me sad. The true is I don’t even know what to say about this subject. It sounds as if her whole career was based on denial and lies. So my question is, why now? Why after all these years of lying? Why after all her money, and we are talking millions of dollars, is gone? Why after all this time does she choose to come forth, tell the truth and face felony charges of perjury? It doesn’t make since to me.
I feel like Charlie Brown, in that scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas, where he stands out in the center of the field and yells “Does anyone know what Christmas is all about?” Does anyone know what lurks in the mind of famous, rich, Niggers? What next? Will we find out that Oprah is on crack?
Seriously, my mind is befuddled. I’m trying to understand what made her come forth. Don’t get me wrong, although what she did to get where she landed was a bad thing; her coming forth and admitted that she’d lied and that all her Olympic wins were due to performance enhancing drugs is most definitely a good thing. I just need to know why? What touched her soul? What made her conscious condemn her after all this time? Has she found God, Buddha, or whatever higher being that she believes in?
Okay, dear readers…I know this hasn’t been to most cogent posting that I have ever brought to you, since I developed this blog; but sometime a brother is just looking for answers. I wish I could just be a fly on the wall so I could witness some of the decision making choices our more prominent brothers and sisters use that send them from rags to riches back to a beginning that is even more humble than where that started. I mean, seriously. Doesn’t the thought of it just make you just a tad bit sad? Why does it seem that we are always taking steps backwards? Are we really that self destructive?
C’mon now….I refuse to believe this is just…..
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

One Word

Isn’t it amazing how powerful one word can be? One, correctly used, word has the power to ruin your day and lower your self-esteem. We are taught, growing up, that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt us. That is one of the biggest lies ever told to us by our parents. Words hurt like hell. Talk show host have made entire careers based on bring people onto their shows who had been hurt by the words people used against them while growing up. Words scar your emotional psyche and live with you forever (ask you local psychologist or physiatrist). Words have power!

Below is a list of, one word, epithet that people have used to put other people down through out time. (This is all I could come up with off the top of my head. Can you think of any others?)


This posting came to me while I was sleeping, prior to going to work Friday night. I actually woke up with tears in my eyes, but I could not remember the exact details of the dream. All I know is that it was disturbing enough to wake me from my slumber and prompt me to write the posting. You might have notice that among the list of hurtful epithets I have shown the words “Cuz” and “Dawg”. Cuz and Dawg? Those are not hurtful words. Those are terms of endearment that one black person uses to great another. Yeah, right.

Okay, here is my theory. And is just my theory, so don’t go jumping down my throat, although I would appreciate comments on it. Here goes…some of you may be old enough to remember when black men use to address each other as brothers, when they greeted one another in the streets. Sometime down the line it became trendy to address one another as “Cuz” (short for Cousin). How interesting that such a close term as brother, for who could be closer to you than your brother, was broken down to a more distant relative such as a cousin. Than later still the term “Dawg” was worked into the vernacular.

Dawg? Really? Are you kidding me?

So we went from being each others brothers to cousins to Dawgs (Dog, a mangy, animal in the streets). Is there any wonder that black on black crime became so prevalent in our communities? It’s like we began to unconsciously deprogram ourselves from being close knit family units, living the dream, to seeing each other as four legged animals that we can take or leave. Is there any wonder how we got back to Nigger, the most degrading term that a white person could call us? A term that use to be a fighting word.
It is my contention that growing up you would never have contemplated killing your brother, but maybe you could fathom knocking off your cousin, if you had too (I mean if push came to shove…it’s not like he’s your brother). But who would think twice about killing a dog, you see them as road kill all the time one place or another…and a nigger…well hell, can I get a rope?

Just a thought. You know me, I just have…..
One Man’s Opinion. Peace, my brothers and sisters.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Okay, let me start off by apologizing for not having a good “Look at This Nigger” post for today. I admit I am not the best at gathering gossip off line. Would that I was more like that Pink Haired Punk, Perez Hilton, but I am not. So, instead of my normal post I would like to take the time to remind you good people that on Monday, October the 8, Cartoon Network will finally premiere the second season of the Boondocks. Now, if you think I use the word Nigger too much, wait until you catch this guy’s brainchild. The Boondocks is some funny shit, if you haven’t seen it, get the CD of the first season it is out and well worth the money. If you are a cheap bastard like myself, than just wait for the reruns. I love the Boondocks, because no matter how bugie my family tries to pretend they are, that shit totally rings true. I don’t care. The man is a genius. Only coming in second to the writer of
One Man’s Opinion. Peace

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Church Fight

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be posting this. You see, I’m thinking it is wrong to call a pastor a nigger, so I won’t, but I will say he has some niggerish qualities. I really don’t have much to say on the topic; I think it speaks for itself. Niggers in the pulpit, how sad is that? This is sad, but it’s hella funny too. He poked her ass, huh? But, I think she got in the better lick. So, what do you think? Does the video diminish your idea of what church, or the ministry, stands for? (I know I ended it with a preposition.) Or do you believe that the church is just a building and that if you put your faith in the people inside of it you are probably doomed for hell anyway?
Whose blog was it that asked if it was okay to ever hit a woman?
No Opinion here from this One Man. Peace.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's Up With The Last Name Thomas

I can not believe that Isaiah Thomas would say, on video tape mind you, that it is okay for a black man to call a black woman a “bitch”: as apposed to a white man. What the hell! Brotha’s been watching too many rap videos. Seriously, I use the words “bitch” and “nigger’ in this blog constantly, but it is for the shock value and to send out a message of ignorance. However, being raised by my mom and my grandmamma I would never, ever, form my mouth to call any woman a bitch (black, white or any of the races in between) I might think it, but I would never say it.

This little news worthy item was brought to my attention when I went to read my brother maddypappy1’s, who thinks I am the living incarnation of Rufus from the Boondocks, blog the other day. Apparently a Ms. Anucha Browne Sanders, former New York Knicks executive who was fired from her $260,000 a year job last year, sued Mr. Thomas and Madison Square Garden for Sexual Harassment because of the crude and crass language that they used around her in the work place (Lord know this chick could never be a police officer. Police are notorious for their vulgar language, around one another. Hell, some of the women have worse mouths then the men; but I’m deviating away from my topic here).

Although it was Thomas who was found guilty of sexual harassment, it was Madison Square Garden who paid the price, of $11.6 million dollars. DAMN! Ain’t that a Bitch! LOL. For some reason the Jury, which consisted of four women and two men, decided not to hold Isaiah accountable for his own actions and yet punished MSG (and I ain’t talking about Monosodium glutamate) for not providing a safe work environment for the former exec.

How ironic is it that this all falls around the time of the release of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s memoir, “My Grandfather’s Son”. Apparently in his book the Justice makes mention of Anita Hill and how her allegations of sexual harassment came close to preventing him from sitting on the esteemed Supreme Court. Sixteen years later he drags up this old corpse and decides to beat Ms. Hill over the head with it. Let it go, ole man. You won! You have the dream job, where you can never get fired. Sit yo black, Uncle Tom, ass down! (How wrong is it for me to call the man an Uncle Tom after the blog I posted a couple of days ago? I don’t care!) I love the fact that Ms. Hill, who has moved own with her life, as a professor at Branders University attempted to take the high road saying that Judge Thomas “has every right to present himself as he wish” in regards to his memoirs and how he “may even be entitled to feel abused by the confirmation process that led to his appointment to the Supreme Court. But I will not stand by silently and allow him, in his anger, to reinvent me.” You go girl! Put Long Dong Silver back in his Banana Hammock. I ain’t mad at you. “Sistas are doing it for themselves.”

So, I have a question for anyone reading this. Why is it that when black men receive awards or any other honor or accolades, the first people that they thank are God and their mothers? But these same black men are often quick to call a sister a Bitch or a Ho? What is up with that? Can somebody please help me figure out that one?

(That being said don’t be calling a brother a hypocrite and shit when you see me use the word “Bitch”, “Ho” “Skank” and other such verbiage on this blog. I done told ya’ll asses it be purely for shock value! Nothing personal, bitches. It’s just business.)

One Man’s Opinion. One Man’s Love. One Man’s Peace.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nigger or Nigga ?

This is an old clip. The guy was only suspended for ten days…What the hell is up with that?
Look at this cracker. You know damn well that he doesn’t use “nigga” as a way to try and fit in with his students. This was this guy’s way of saying, “if they use it, why can’t I?” I hate it when white people use that argument. It is one of the most ignorant things you can say….Hell, it ranks right up there with, “I am not a racist. Some of my best friends are black.” Sit your racist ass down! I say; if you wanna use the word, just use it. Don’t try to justify the usage of a word that it is legal to say and that lives inside of you. If the word isn’t part of your everyday vocabulary, you shouldn’t care who is using it, unless they are using it against you, of course.

Okay, so here I go. I know that there has been a big push to band the word Nigger from the American vocabulary. I always thought it was a stupid idea. Just how the fuck do you ban a word? Words don’t die, only the people that use them do.
(This just one lazy ass posting. LOL)
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Day in the Night of One Man's Opinion

Sorry, folks. No picture or video today. If its okay today’s Look at This Nigger is drawn from a personal experience. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a police officer, a sergeant to be exact. I work the night shift, which is from 12am to 8am and as a sergeant I don’t go to jail, if I don’t have to (I’m suppose to be above such things now). Anyway, that said; let me tell you the story of the one and only traffic stop I made last night, after I finished all the important in-house paperwork I am given to do at the station.

Anyway, as I was driving my squad car into my sector of town, this ’93 Ford pulls up in front of me, driving all crazy and failing to maintain a single lane of traffic. I thought who ever was driving must be drunk so I debate on whether to pull it over or let it go. I decide to do my job and pull it over, because if the person driving was drunk they needed to be off the street. So, I turn on my “reds” and the driver pulls over into an apartment complex before stopping. Of course, this sets off my radar and I have my guard up thinking that this is gonna be a couple of youngsters, that stole the vehicle, and are about to break and run through the complex (police officer mentality here, people).

Anyway, when the car finally stops and no one runs I exit my squad car and approached the driver side window of the vehicle. The driver, who turns out to be a older black male, in his late fifties, rolls down his window and I ask him if he has his driver’s license and insurance. As he begins to rummage through some paperwork, the little lady on the passenger side of the car (in her cootie cutter shorts) leaned over and asked why I pulled them over (much attitude in her voice). Now, I don’t answer questions to passenger of cars because they are not the person driving and seeing as they have no standing to begin with they really need to mind their own business. Anyway, before I can say anything the driver tells her to be quite, because I was an uncle tom, nigger and I am programmed to hate people like him and that was why I pulled him over in the first place. I have to do the job of the white man and she was just gonna get him thrown into jail because I don’t like him anyway.

What? So, once he gives me the information that I requested, I let them both know the reason that they were pulled over because of his erratic driving and the I go on to let them know that since I work in a predominately black neighborhood that there was nothing particularly special about their level of blackness that made me pull them over, as opposed to the other multitude of other cars that were most likely being driven by black folk. Then I go back to the car and run him through the system. As it turned out, not only did his driver’s license expired back in ’01, but he had three outstanding traffic warrants out of another county. Now, normally I would have let him make it on the warrants, since they weren’t out of another county and I don’t go to jail if I don’t have to being a sergeant and all, but hell…If I’m gonna be an Uncle Tom then I’m gonna be the best damn Uncle Tom I can be. So, I call to have the warrants confirmed and place his dumb ass under arrest.

Can I tell you that this man called me Uncle Tom, Nigger, and a Sale out all the way to jail. I was the reason for Jena 6 and I had learned nothing from it. The white man has fucked me without grease and how he would rather be fucked up the ass or shot in the head than do my job and have to put fine, upstanding brothers like him into jail. There was gonna be a race riot and I would be sorry for not picking the right side. They (white folk) don’t love me. I’m just a nigger and my family hates me for being a sale out and a lot of other stuff. I tried to turn up the good time radio to drown his dumb ass out, at which points he tells me to turn off the hip hop, R&B and turn on the good ole country that he knew that I really like to listen to. Oh and how he’s seen me doing drugs and getting my dick sucked by white women and how he was going to take a picture next time. (If any of you ever watch the Boondocks Cartoon, than he sounded just like that guy Ruffs, but he called himself speaking for the black race; where as Ruffs is speaking on the behalf of white folks).

Whew! Needless to say it was a long drive to jail and he was truly pissing me off, although I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing it. So, I just drove, with the radio and him, blaring in my ear. As I am driving I am thinking, listen to this nigger. Actually, what I was thinking was listen to this dumb ass idiot, but for the purpose of this blog that translates into Listen to This Nigger!

When we get to the jail he tells them how I have disrespected and beat him and how he wishes that he had been arrested by a white man, because at least they would have showed him more respect (keep in mind that I have not said a word to his dumb ass). In a nut shell, he just blathers on, like an idiot, blaming me for all of his woes and shit, like it was my fault that his dumb ass got tickets that he never took care of and has to go to jail. (Shut the fuck up you stupid bastard! If he had just been quite in the first place, he could have been laying next to his wife trying to get an erection. Did I tell you he had a little green “tickler” in his pocket which he informed me was meant to help get your dick hard. I wanted to tell him that my dick gets hard without the aid of artificial devises, but I resisted the urge.)

Okay, I am so sorry to vent, but this kind of shit just goes to show you that you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a bole on the ass of the black race (which goes without saying). But can anyone answer me this question? You see, this man is not the first black person I have met that sees black police officers as sale out to the race. Why is that? I have never understood that mentality. If you want to change the status quo you gotta first be a part of it. Grow the folk up and get an education.

One Man’s, very pissed off, Opinion. Peace.