Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's Up With The Last Name Thomas

I can not believe that Isaiah Thomas would say, on video tape mind you, that it is okay for a black man to call a black woman a “bitch”: as apposed to a white man. What the hell! Brotha’s been watching too many rap videos. Seriously, I use the words “bitch” and “nigger’ in this blog constantly, but it is for the shock value and to send out a message of ignorance. However, being raised by my mom and my grandmamma I would never, ever, form my mouth to call any woman a bitch (black, white or any of the races in between) I might think it, but I would never say it.

This little news worthy item was brought to my attention when I went to read my brother maddypappy1’s, who thinks I am the living incarnation of Rufus from the Boondocks, blog the other day. Apparently a Ms. Anucha Browne Sanders, former New York Knicks executive who was fired from her $260,000 a year job last year, sued Mr. Thomas and Madison Square Garden for Sexual Harassment because of the crude and crass language that they used around her in the work place (Lord know this chick could never be a police officer. Police are notorious for their vulgar language, around one another. Hell, some of the women have worse mouths then the men; but I’m deviating away from my topic here).

Although it was Thomas who was found guilty of sexual harassment, it was Madison Square Garden who paid the price, of $11.6 million dollars. DAMN! Ain’t that a Bitch! LOL. For some reason the Jury, which consisted of four women and two men, decided not to hold Isaiah accountable for his own actions and yet punished MSG (and I ain’t talking about Monosodium glutamate) for not providing a safe work environment for the former exec.

How ironic is it that this all falls around the time of the release of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s memoir, “My Grandfather’s Son”. Apparently in his book the Justice makes mention of Anita Hill and how her allegations of sexual harassment came close to preventing him from sitting on the esteemed Supreme Court. Sixteen years later he drags up this old corpse and decides to beat Ms. Hill over the head with it. Let it go, ole man. You won! You have the dream job, where you can never get fired. Sit yo black, Uncle Tom, ass down! (How wrong is it for me to call the man an Uncle Tom after the blog I posted a couple of days ago? I don’t care!) I love the fact that Ms. Hill, who has moved own with her life, as a professor at Branders University attempted to take the high road saying that Judge Thomas “has every right to present himself as he wish” in regards to his memoirs and how he “may even be entitled to feel abused by the confirmation process that led to his appointment to the Supreme Court. But I will not stand by silently and allow him, in his anger, to reinvent me.” You go girl! Put Long Dong Silver back in his Banana Hammock. I ain’t mad at you. “Sistas are doing it for themselves.”

So, I have a question for anyone reading this. Why is it that when black men receive awards or any other honor or accolades, the first people that they thank are God and their mothers? But these same black men are often quick to call a sister a Bitch or a Ho? What is up with that? Can somebody please help me figure out that one?

(That being said don’t be calling a brother a hypocrite and shit when you see me use the word “Bitch”, “Ho” “Skank” and other such verbiage on this blog. I done told ya’ll asses it be purely for shock value! Nothing personal, bitches. It’s just business.)

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dc_speaks said...

speak on it, brother...speak on it.

great blog post!

thanks for stopping by.

Rodney said...

I keep wanting to say to believe the byte we saw was taken out of context because, if we speak purely intellectually, it is more readily acceptable that a black man call a black woman a bitch or ho than a white man. And I believe that working around a group of male atheletes means that a woman is going to hear some things that she may find offensive and she should accept that. If they are directed at her she should address them and if she's fired she should sue they asses! I need to repost my politically incorrect blog entry.

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