Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pass the Courvoisier

You know what I don’t understand about Sean Combs? Why his 37 year old, dumb-ass is able to making multimillions of dollars, setting up multimillion dollars deals and yet he is still out there fighting in the clubs like some hoodlum on food stamps. Can somebody please explain that to me?
Mr. Combs latest venture is with Ciroc Vodka, apparently a super premium brand of liquor. Bad Boy “Diddy” will share fifty percent of the profits in this deal, which is big time in my eyes, with an estimated profit margin of 100 million to begin with. I would say, way to go Diddy, but I just don’t like the man. I not sure if my distaste for Mr. Combs, stems from his first “Making the Band” series, when he made the eager, rap hopefuls walk for miles to go get him a piece of cheese cake or whether it lays more in the fact that I think the nigger had something to do with the death co Biggie Smalls. Yeah, I said it!
Anyway, I’m gonna begrudgingly give Mr. Combs his props for making this deal, along with being the chief Executive of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, as well as having his own, well received, perfume and clothing line-After all, we all realize how a lot of rappers make their money and then end up blowing it later (because we as black folk don’t have a legacy of saving money for our future). But I’m also gonna call his black, crooked teeth, ass a nigger for continuing to brawl in the streets like some nineteen year old wannabe. Get some braces, bitch!
-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


mp1 said...

If they would've passed the courvoisier, he wouldnt have had the problem!

guerreiranigeriana said...

rotflmao!!!!! have cheered me up for the day...'get braces bitch'...classic...i love it...i too hate diddy...i love that he is successful but i think he's a little bitchmade...great post...

dc_speaks said...

hahahahahah....i can't say anything you didn't already say.

well done, brah!

Ebonne said...

i cant stand diddy!

Rodney said...

You can take the boy out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the boy.

I don't dislike him because I don't know him or what experiences shape his decisions, but I certainly don't like some of the decisions he makes.

He truly should consider braces... lol

i am. said...

hurts my heart to see people who dislike diddy.


he's my role model since the days of swimming trunks and 'kissing you' videos.