Friday, October 12, 2007

No Bloggable Niggers

I hate not providing a relative post, for my short list of readers, a day. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I know that out there some where is some high profile nigger out there fucking it up for every other fucking nigger. (I learned that it is okay to use the word fuck from reading Mr. Jones’ Blog). Sadly, I still have not mastered the ability of surfing the web to bring you the best in Nigger fuck ups all over the world.

Right now we know that Snoop Doggy Dogg received 160 hours of community service, which includes picking up garbage in a local park, for carrying an illegal weapon in an airport last year. It would seem that Mr. Dogg thought I was okay for him to bringing a collapsible baton into an Orange County Airport. Now why Snoop thought it was okay to him to bring any type of weapon into an airport, especially in this day in age, is beyond me. Hell, I’m a police officer and I know I can’t be bringing my Asp (which is a collapsible baton) all up into an airport, unless of course I am in full uniform. Anyway, I can’t hate on Snoopy, because he is paying his debt to society and doing what he is suppose to do to make his wrong right. That’s a good thing. Now there is the fact that a term of his probation is that he can’t break the law for a year. Y’ll know that’s gonna be hard for Snoop Dogg, but who knows… The brother might be able to pull it off, so I’m gonna give him the benefit of a doubt.

Then there is Lil Wayne, who spent a day in jail on a fugitive arrest warrant that was executed due to a drug arrest that occurred way back in August on ’06. According to Lil Wayne’s lawyer, this was all just a mix up that could have been prevented if someone would have just checked the poor little guy’s file and saw that he never received his notice to appear in court (apparently the notice was returned to sender, unopened). Mr. Wayne’s lawyer says that the address that the notice was sent to no longer existed; destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Of course, this does not negate the fact that the law requires that you change your address, on your license, within thirty days of moving? Why? So shit like this won’t happen! That’s why! It is not the courts job to keep tabs on people, whether you an average, run of the mill, crack head or a high file crack head. Hell, the time it takes the execute a warrant is still the same. Anyway, Mr. Wayne is out and this is hardly a Look at This Nigger Moment. Rap Niggers go to jail all the time. I’d be more shocked if his ass hadn’t been arrest. Let’s face it…Jail Time is good PR.
Last we have Mychal Bell, one of the kids from Jena 6. His ass is back in jail because after it was all said and done the Judge decided that Mr. Bell violated the terms of his probation by participating in the attack of his white classmate to begin with. Now, the permed out Rev. Sharpton feels that Mychal Bell being shipped back off to a jail cell constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. I, however, feel that it is his just desserts. I mean after all, when you are given probation the terms of that probation are written out and explained to your dumbass before you leave the court house. So, why would you be apart of anything that would violate the shit? Don’t be a dumb nigger. Hell, there ain’t nothing wrong with standing back and cheering on the other five brothers as they proved the beat down. If they are truly your friends, they understand why you can’t get in a couple of good licks of your own. And if you have to snitch there punks asses out later…oh well. Anyway, who cares? If you can’t do the time, then go sit your ass down somewhere. Hardly worthy of Look at This Nigger.
So, where do we stand on today’s post? I guess, right were we started. No where. I have no bloggable post for today. I might need to start going on to one of blogs of you good people and do a piece on some of you. Let’s face it. Some of you niggers are straight up Outrageous. But I love you anyway.
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Naijadude said...

lol, nice one! Go do something on one of the bloggers... maybe your readers wouldnt be on a short list afterall!!

Rodney said...

You're so smart. I'm glad you're out there keeping law and order for the good guys.

Mr. Jones said...

I don't understand these stars. You have money, fame, influence and respect, yet you fuck it up by doing dumb stuff. Same goes for athletes.

Dayne Avery said...

Lol. Proof that money hasn't totally changed them?

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