Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Under One Roof

Cocoa Rican charged me up, saying that I had not posted in a while. Well, the reason behind it is because of the fact that I have been so preoccupied and I feel guilty about posting when I am not getting the chance to look at my fellow blogger’s blogs.

Anyway, here goes:
As you know, a while back I posted about looking into me, my mom, nephew and younger siblings all attempting to move under one roof. Well, last week I started the steps towards that goal. On last Wednesday, we had a little family meeting to make sure that everyone was on board. The surprise from the meeting was that my little brother was the main pain in the ass. My sister was all good. Now I have gotten my pre-approval and we have started looking at five bed room houses.

So, here is the plan. First we find a house we all agree on. My sister went to look at one today, that she fell in love with. It’s a little further out than I wanted to commute, because right now I am only 15 minutes away from my job, but if it’s a good house…I’m in. Anyway, tomorrow, we are going to see Madea goes to jail and from there to look at the house.

Once we find the house, if all things go according to plan, I will put my house up for rent and we will put my mom’s house up for Section 8. Before we put my mom’s house up for Section 8, I am considering paying it off. The new house will be in my name, since I have near perfect credit. The little money my mom gets from social security, we will now put into a saving account for emergencies. The money we get from my mom’s house we use towards the mortgage on the new house and the money I get from my house, if God is willing, will go to pay off my house, with a little extra.

While we are waiting for all of this to happen, I will pick up the bulk of the builds, since it will be my house, and I will ask from a small amount of rent from my little brother and sister; plus we will share the cost of utilities.

Of course, my little brother is stupid. He wants us to purchase a new, flat screen, high def, plasma television (which we can, if he buys that bad boy). I already have four color televisions in my house, and one of them is one of those big bastards people were buying before the flat screens became popular. He also wants up to buy all new furniture, which is stupid. My leather living rum set is only two years old and very nice. (yeah, my little brother is stupid. Love him to death, but the reason for this move is to save money and own property….not to go into debt). His ass is all talk anyway.

The ultimate goal is to be there for the care and welfare of both my mom and my nephew. But if everything works out according to plan, we will end up with three homes, two of which will eventually be paid for, in full. That way, if anyone meets the love or their life, or whatever, they have a home of their own to move into. Plus, when Manny and I return from Disneyworld, we can surprise him with a puppy of his very own (because if that boy claims another dog, that belongs to someone else, as his own…..).

By the way, did I tell you that I booked the trip to Disneyworld? Yep, we are go to go. We will be staying for seven day at the Disney Pop Century Resort, get seven theme park ticket a piece, round trip tickets, and insurance on the packet, incase of unemployment or major illnesses. All for under $1,500.00. I thought that was pretty good. Of course, by the time we return I will be either bald or gray haired, and probably regretting any big purchases I made before we left.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chronicles of a Bad God-Father

Okay, this pasted weekend my little God-son turned a year old. Isn't he cute?
I took off work and took Manny to the party. When we first got there I saw this little boy, in the living room, he appeared to be about one, and he was the only little boy standing in the center of all the adults; so I just assumed he was my little God-son, so I took a few pictures. Imaging my surprise when Kale, my God-son, is brought out of the kitchen by his mother. What a sucky God-father I am. LOL
On the positive side, I did take off from work to go to the party. And, once I found out who the birthday boy was, I took a bunch of pictures. LOL. I'm really gonna try to do better. Once Kale is a couple of years older, I want him to join me and Manny on our Annual trips to Disney World (or where every I choose to take him on his birthday).
On that note, I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World with my little Nephew. There is just so much to consider, I am overwhelmed. Any helpful hints?
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.