Monday, October 1, 2007

A Day in the Night of One Man's Opinion

Sorry, folks. No picture or video today. If its okay today’s Look at This Nigger is drawn from a personal experience. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a police officer, a sergeant to be exact. I work the night shift, which is from 12am to 8am and as a sergeant I don’t go to jail, if I don’t have to (I’m suppose to be above such things now). Anyway, that said; let me tell you the story of the one and only traffic stop I made last night, after I finished all the important in-house paperwork I am given to do at the station.

Anyway, as I was driving my squad car into my sector of town, this ’93 Ford pulls up in front of me, driving all crazy and failing to maintain a single lane of traffic. I thought who ever was driving must be drunk so I debate on whether to pull it over or let it go. I decide to do my job and pull it over, because if the person driving was drunk they needed to be off the street. So, I turn on my “reds” and the driver pulls over into an apartment complex before stopping. Of course, this sets off my radar and I have my guard up thinking that this is gonna be a couple of youngsters, that stole the vehicle, and are about to break and run through the complex (police officer mentality here, people).

Anyway, when the car finally stops and no one runs I exit my squad car and approached the driver side window of the vehicle. The driver, who turns out to be a older black male, in his late fifties, rolls down his window and I ask him if he has his driver’s license and insurance. As he begins to rummage through some paperwork, the little lady on the passenger side of the car (in her cootie cutter shorts) leaned over and asked why I pulled them over (much attitude in her voice). Now, I don’t answer questions to passenger of cars because they are not the person driving and seeing as they have no standing to begin with they really need to mind their own business. Anyway, before I can say anything the driver tells her to be quite, because I was an uncle tom, nigger and I am programmed to hate people like him and that was why I pulled him over in the first place. I have to do the job of the white man and she was just gonna get him thrown into jail because I don’t like him anyway.

What? So, once he gives me the information that I requested, I let them both know the reason that they were pulled over because of his erratic driving and the I go on to let them know that since I work in a predominately black neighborhood that there was nothing particularly special about their level of blackness that made me pull them over, as opposed to the other multitude of other cars that were most likely being driven by black folk. Then I go back to the car and run him through the system. As it turned out, not only did his driver’s license expired back in ’01, but he had three outstanding traffic warrants out of another county. Now, normally I would have let him make it on the warrants, since they weren’t out of another county and I don’t go to jail if I don’t have to being a sergeant and all, but hell…If I’m gonna be an Uncle Tom then I’m gonna be the best damn Uncle Tom I can be. So, I call to have the warrants confirmed and place his dumb ass under arrest.

Can I tell you that this man called me Uncle Tom, Nigger, and a Sale out all the way to jail. I was the reason for Jena 6 and I had learned nothing from it. The white man has fucked me without grease and how he would rather be fucked up the ass or shot in the head than do my job and have to put fine, upstanding brothers like him into jail. There was gonna be a race riot and I would be sorry for not picking the right side. They (white folk) don’t love me. I’m just a nigger and my family hates me for being a sale out and a lot of other stuff. I tried to turn up the good time radio to drown his dumb ass out, at which points he tells me to turn off the hip hop, R&B and turn on the good ole country that he knew that I really like to listen to. Oh and how he’s seen me doing drugs and getting my dick sucked by white women and how he was going to take a picture next time. (If any of you ever watch the Boondocks Cartoon, than he sounded just like that guy Ruffs, but he called himself speaking for the black race; where as Ruffs is speaking on the behalf of white folks).

Whew! Needless to say it was a long drive to jail and he was truly pissing me off, although I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing it. So, I just drove, with the radio and him, blaring in my ear. As I am driving I am thinking, listen to this nigger. Actually, what I was thinking was listen to this dumb ass idiot, but for the purpose of this blog that translates into Listen to This Nigger!

When we get to the jail he tells them how I have disrespected and beat him and how he wishes that he had been arrested by a white man, because at least they would have showed him more respect (keep in mind that I have not said a word to his dumb ass). In a nut shell, he just blathers on, like an idiot, blaming me for all of his woes and shit, like it was my fault that his dumb ass got tickets that he never took care of and has to go to jail. (Shut the fuck up you stupid bastard! If he had just been quite in the first place, he could have been laying next to his wife trying to get an erection. Did I tell you he had a little green “tickler” in his pocket which he informed me was meant to help get your dick hard. I wanted to tell him that my dick gets hard without the aid of artificial devises, but I resisted the urge.)

Okay, I am so sorry to vent, but this kind of shit just goes to show you that you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a bole on the ass of the black race (which goes without saying). But can anyone answer me this question? You see, this man is not the first black person I have met that sees black police officers as sale out to the race. Why is that? I have never understood that mentality. If you want to change the status quo you gotta first be a part of it. Grow the folk up and get an education.

One Man’s, very pissed off, Opinion. Peace.


WhozHe said...

Chalk it up to an idiot trying to get out of a ticket. Plus he most likely trys to blame everything wrong in his life on anyone else but himself. Anyway, what's a green tickler?

One Man’s Opinion said...

It was a plastic devise, green in color,used to make his "Dick" hard......Don't ask me where he bought it...Next time I see him I will let you know.

maddypappy1 said...

I guess since you're the police, he lumped you in with all cops. Us laymen (esp. black laymen) have a hard time trusting the cops.It's a shame, but its true.

I guess I called you Uncle R because some of your comments seem condescending to blacks, especially the use of the n word and pointing out nefarious acts, but to each his own.

I'm not tryin to knock you or your site.

Rodney said...

Uh Sergeant... Don't take it personally. Some of us value Black police officers. I wish there were more black beat cops in New York who lived in the neighborhoods they patrolled. I think that's one of the reasons a lot of Black folks are antagonistic toward the police... they don't know each other and don't take the time to get to know each other. All the officers on my beat know me by name and I know them. AND NOT BECAUSE THEY ARRESTED MY ASS! LOL

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, no problem Maddypappy1...Open dialog is a good thing. I like comments so I gotta take the good with the bed. I just sensitive.

Rodyne, my boy....You know what is sad. I try to give our people the benefit of a doubt and cut them a little slack, but most times we don't know when to shut the hell up...This guy, he just came right of profiling my ass because I had on a uniform. If his dumb ass knew how to drive I would not have pulled him over in the first place. I was headed to get me some chicken and hang out at the gas station, where I kick it with the clerk and we talk about current events. Plus, he tells me what is going on in the area.
Did I tell you he said he could tell that I hated him, when I pulled him over, from the look in my eyes? C'mon now...hate is negative energy that I don't have to waste, especially on strangers or people that look like me. And to compare his plight to Jena 6....whatever.

Just as a side bar, the new episodes of Boondocks airs sometime this month, on Cartoon Network. There you will meet Rufus, who isn't an uncle but a "true" uncle tom security guard who spews racism and hatred because he is truly a self-hating black man. I love myself and my people, I just say what I say because I am frustrated that we came so far only to still be falling behind. Peace.

So Fa Real said...

I just gotta say I'm glad I found your blog...this shit is histerical. I love it. Thanks for stoppin' by, Sarg. Peace.

That Dude Right There said...

Maybe you should have fulfilled his wish and beat his ass.

Now tell me what happened to the lady in the coochie cutters?

One Man’s Opinion said...

That dude right there........As it turned out, they stayed in the apartments that they pulled into, so she was left there...he could have been left there too, but I ain't gonna be nobody's Uncle Tom.......A house nigga, maybe, but an Uncle Tom...Never...LOL