Monday, October 8, 2007

Shut Up Shepherd!

Okay, before I start let me just say; I was eager for Sherry Shepherd to get the position on the View and happy once she finally did. I am fan of the little lady, but I gotta say that sometimes she just needs to shut the hell up! She says some of the dumbest things; like how she didn’t know the world was FLAT. Sure she recanted and explained what she meant the day after but guesses what……Too late bitch! (Sorry, I think I channeled Isaiah Thomas there for a minute).
Anyway, today on the View they were talking about George Clooney and a bet he made with some other rich, white woman about how he would never get married before he was forty or something like that (I personally thought the bastard was sixty already). Invest in some greshen formula, white boy! Anyway, during the course of the conversation Ms. Shepherd makes the comment that when a man is not married by a certain age she believes them to be gay. What kind of shit is that? Since when has betrothalment been an indicator of heterosexuality? Marriage is not for everyone, Ms. Shepherd. You should know that from the fact that your, now ex, husband cheated on yo black behind. The comment would have slipped by but Whoopi called her (you have no idea how much I wanna say fat ass) on it. You go Whoopi.
You know, this wasn’t even going to be my initial posting. I was gonna speak about Little Wayne’s arrest or the Auto Theft charges brought upon some rapper I don’t even know, for keeping a car rental for too long, but I decided to go for this simple little post instead. Why, you might ask. Because I hate it when people just jump to conclusions about other people’s sexuality. Being single at a certain age no more defines you as gay as does being married insures that you are straight. Hell, Tyler Perry’s ass ain’t married and he’s up in his thirties. And we all know that brother is completely, without a doubt, a card carrying, and all male heterosexual. (Hey! What did I just say about jumping to conclusion about other people’s sexuality?) Who cares anyway? If they ain’t sleeping with you or one of your family members, why do you care?
Anyway, keep your bias opinions to yourself, Sherry. Jessica Simpson may have made a career out of being idle-minded, but she white. Trust me; it ain’t cute when black folks appear dense, because most expect us to be in the first place.

One Man’s Opinion. One Man’s Love. Peace.
(Side bar: Please know that a brother can not only speak but also type in correct grammar. I try peppering my blog with dialog because I think it adds to the flavor. Ya heard?)


dc_speaks said...

awww brotha...give her a break. she's still settling in with the new position. She knows the world isn't flat. She probably wasn't paying attention and just blurted something out.

you might be right. misdirected anger with I. and C Thomas'


One Man’s Opinion said...

S'up, dc. I agree that she mis-spoke, but there are somethings you just can't take back. I love Sister Shepherd, I think she is funny as hell, but sometimes she should just "SHUT UP".

Jake said...

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