Thursday, October 11, 2007

His Prognosis

Can someone help me understand this nigger? Yeap, its Bobby Brown folks; the legendary “King of Hip-Hop” (I didn’t crown his black ass). On Wednesday Mr. Brown was reported to have been checked into, not one but two hospitals, due to sever chest pain which were later diagnosed as a mild heart attack. This report came from his Attorney, via the Associated Press…and you just know at this stage of his life Bobby be telling his lawyer everything.
Now when I read about this the other day I was tempted to post it but instead opted to report about the new season of I Love New York (you know my ass was watching). Beside, Bobby Brown having a mild heart attack was hardly a Look at This Nigger moment. However, as it turns out, Mr. Brown got wind of these reports and felt compelled to issue a statement denying that he had even had a heart attack. According to Mr. Brown he only went to the hospital to have himself checked out before he went out on his impending tour and was given a clean bill of health. Now you know his ass is lying. Who would book a tour with Bobby Brown? LOL
Seriously though, since when does Bobby Brown or any black man just go to the doctor, unless there is something wrong? You know, we as black man only go to the doctor when something is wrong (you can deny it but you niggah’s know it’s true). But, not Bobby, Bobby goes to get a random check up….C’mon now, you know damn well Bobby ain’t taking his ass no where were he might be asked to give a urine sample-I’m just saying.
Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand why a man of 38 wouldn’t want it getting out that he may have had a heart attack. Shit, heart attacks are only associated with old age and who wants to be considered old at 38 (especially when you’re about to go on ‘tour”…snicker)?
Poor Bobby. First he loses Whitney and now this. Face it Bobby, you best days are behind you. Listen to your Doctor, grab a cane and sit your none rapping ass down. Besides, heart attacks happen to young people all the time, as quiet as its kelp.

One Man’s Opinion. Peace (and go get a check up).

Damn, Bobby Brown is one ugly ass man!


Cocoa Rican said...

Butt ugly and raunchy as all get out...LOL
BTW - You know I'm the only one in my friendship crew that was watching I Love NY...can't help it.

One Man’s Opinion said...

That's right, boy.....You better watch I Love NY....You know that mess is gonna go off. I need to get with you to talk about the goings on with those idiots on that show as well. We can pick out the under cover punks...Like 12pack and Heat on the first season.....

Sha Boogie said...

He dont want anyone to think he's really 50, fronting like he

Rodney said...

Oh hell! Not another tour. Hopefully the heart attack will put this nonsense to rest. He shoud be doing one of those nice throwback shows with other washed-up artists of his era.

Mr. Jones said...

Oh, Bobby. :-/