Thursday, January 3, 2008

Evolution of Dance (Not for

I don’t know if you good people have heard the news but Stanley Kirk Burrell has joined forces with a new video-sharing website, by the name of This website is intended to rival the already popular, YouTube, and is geared towards budding dancers; giving them the opportunity to showcase their “happy feet” by uploading footage of their skills onto the net.

It seems that Mr. Burrell; along with his partners Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young have been traveling throughout the United States in order to film footage for DanceJam’s release sometime in the middle of this month.
I went to the link: So far it looks pretty damn lame, but I guess it is still in development so I’ll attempt to reframe from judgment.
I wish Mr. Burrell all the best in this business venture. He’s gonna need it since I don’t think he knows how to manage his damn money. After all the dumb bastard did manage to go bankrupt, back in the 90’s, after making millions of fucking dollars. How the fuck do you go bankrupt when you are worth millions? I thought if you had millions of dollars you put that shit in the bank in live off the interest, or some shit like that. I guess it ain’t that easy, huh.
Oh well, let my ass make a million dollars. I’m gonna blow that shit on popcorn, gummy bears and condoms. Ya heard?
Oh, encase you are wondering just who the fuck Stanley Kirk Burrell is…He is the one and only M.C. Hammer. (It is amazing to me how these mother scooters can fall from grace and still maintain their prestige. Where the fuck is Coolio?!?)

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

*And on the random tip*
Did anybody else see I am Legion. Talk about you black man’s nightmare. The last nigger on earth and being chased by a bunch of crazy white folks, hell bent on eating your flesh. Ain’t that some shit?


That Girl Tam said...

LMAO @ your commentary on I Am

Yes, I saw it but of course only YOU could turn it into something totally different! HAHAHAHA!!! I never really thought of it like that...last black man on earth being chased by mutant white

Happy New Year!

That Girl Tam said...

Oh yeah...FIRST!!

That Girl Tam said...
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Opinionated Diva said...

You are so wrong for that last paragraph...just wrong - but it's so damn true. I just didn't think of it that way! LOL!!!

Now I can't believe I never knew Mr. Too Legit To Quit's name was friggin STANLEY!!! Wow!

I thought he went bankrupt? Where'd he get the money for this?

One Man’s Opinion said...
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One Man’s Opinion said...

That girl Tam...How's it going? You know my take on I AM Legion is right on point. LOL

Diva-in answer to your question...Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young will work alongside Hammer as chief executive officer and chief technology officer respectively. DanceJam was also given $1 million in startup funds from Ron Conway, one of Google's earliest investors and a personal mentor of Hammer's.
I'm tell you...Once you get your foot in the door, you can keep that bad boy from shutting.

Melissa said...

How funny about I Am Legend, but true isn't it? hahaha I haven't seen this yet, but want to soon!


Twin...thx for signing the slide...who's the "friend?" :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

It's my best friend, Martha. I have know her since I was seventeen.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

You always flipping something, but that's why I gets down witcha. I am Legent was some futuristic lynching type ish...Now you're changing my interpretation of the movie. lol

As far as Mc hammer's real name, I was reading this post and wondering who the hell this Stanly person was. Thanks for clearing that up. i guess he gotta make money from somewhere. That surreal life cheese is drying up

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thank you, MP. I try to look at things from a different point of view. LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

Yeah you always have that different point of view cause you're "special". lol

One Man’s Opinion said...

My mommy says I'm special too. LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

Yessir... you've been tagged... check out RBW to find out what you have to do!

jersey girl said...

Poor Tracy and Eddie:

I am so sorry about what Eddie is doing. Eddie is known to be a bisexual in the Northeast. We have a friend who swears that he has been with Eddie on several occassions. Before Eddie married Nicole he lived in Bergen County, New Jersey and our friend a drag queen has said on many occassions that Eddie has sent a Limos down to the Brick City to pick him up and bring him up to Bergen County for a romp in the hay. No one ever belived this queen until Eddie was caught with a drag queen. Come on Tracy why didn't you catch this or some how get suspicious about this incident combined with Johnnie Gill living at Eddie's resident. I really hope that he and Johnnie Gill come out of the closet. I really want everyone to be happy and I want Eddie to stop using women to hide the fact that he is a flaming queen.

Jersey Girl!