Sunday, January 6, 2008

She Vents by Blogging

Look at this “nagger”.
Have you seen this young lady? I’m sure you’ve been to her blog, but if you have not, go check it out. She is my baby twin and She ventsbyblogging and by nagging me. But that’s okay, because if you look to your left, on my blog, you will see that I have updated the list of blogs that speak to me. For the longest there was just two on there. I am still missing a handful of folks, but I will add to the list later. I just wanted to give props to my nagging twin for making me bring the damn thing up to date for the New Year.
I would also like to thank all of you who commented on my Sunday, December 30, 2007 post: Catch a Nigger by the Toe.
It has prompted me to no longer use the word nigger in my post, unless it just truly calls for it. Of course, I refuse to change the title of my blog. It speaks to me.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.



OMG! why did that pic scare the heebee jeebees outta me! Twin...i'm not going 2 get smart with you, cuz I know u did this post out of love 4 me!

Thank thank u for the love! I love u big twin ;)

btw...I still don't have the pic. Ok i won't nag 2day :)

again thanks for the love,

love the "pretty" twin,

One Man’s Opinion said...

Nothing but love for you, baby sister....And I'm the pretty twin, damn it!

Opinionated Diva said...

Well I thank your twin for getting you to FINALLY update your blogroll!!

For a long time I wouldn't even come to your blog because I HATE that word, but then that abby normal mind of yours got the better of me and I couldn't stop myself from coming here. Glad you intend to stop using that word to a degree.

Shazza Nakim said...

Interesting group you surround yourself with, like a warm blanket of Anonymity.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I'm with the diva. I thought you were nuts when I forst came across you. I still think you are, but you mad cool. That's why I gets downs witcha.

Peace out negro.

You got Al Sharpton coming after you for using that word? Tell him it's cool. You're black. lol

But that's good stuff that you're not using that word as much.

Mizrepresent said...

Awe thanks for the bloglove...hugz!

thanks "iventbyblogging" ---for the welcome and the love!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thank yall for the positive feed back, folks. I am happy to stop using that negative word that begins with the letter "N" and is offensive to black folks. I've said it before, it is not a part of my everyday vernacular, but for the purpose of my blog I thought I needed to use it. I believe now, that it is more than enough for it to be in the title alone. I appreciate the fact that enough of you were able to see past the word and into the message that I was trying to convey.

Cocoa Rican said...

let me find out...

Opinionated Diva said...

*wiping a tear*

Awwwwww he is growing as a person...right before my very eyes. It's a beautiful thing! *smile*

Darius T. Williams said...

so thanks...imma have to check her out. so many new blogs these days its hard to catch up.

IVENTBYBLOGGING said... was work today??
My day wasn't bad at all :)

Do u know someone else wrote about me too? is there a conspiracy I don't know about??? :)
**let me adjust my head's startin to swell :)**
Just so we're on the same page big bro...i DO understand why u titled ur blog the way u did.

love u xoxo

One Man’s Opinion said...

Twin, my day was good. My third day back on the street. Around 4am we went up into a club where a shooting came out at. The club was so freaking full of reifer smoke that my happy butt was high as hell by the time we got out of it. I had to come home and eat three freaking bowls of cereal. LOL. But, I had a great night. Two of my troop caught two guy that rammed there car into a convience store, in an attempt to burglarize it. I'm gonna write them a letter of commendation when I get into work today.
Oh, and your head was already kinna big. LOL.

Diva, I am growing up....LOL. Glad you noticed. Guess what, everyone. Your boy paid off his car this week. I own my little -07Nissan, free and clear. I so happy. LOL

Opinionated Diva said...


OxygenSoul said...

@Twin congrats on your guys getting that screwball off the street and again for paying off your car! awesome.
sis needs some help! I esp have to handle my biz cuz i'm trying to move back to L.A. next year.

Glad u had a great day...3 bowls of corn flakes, huh-lol

why u didn't take ur act on the road, i'll never know :)

WrkNProgress said...

I just started coming here, and I am going to keep coming I don't care what word you use.

I will have to check your twin out.

Beautiful tribute!

guerreiranigeriana said...

*wipes a tear from her eye* sweet!!!...glad she has motivated you to update that blogroll of yours...isn't it amazing how you've never met physically, but on a whole other level, you have?...and the influence these blogs and comments can have?...i love it!!!...i actually don't snarl as quickly as i used to when i think of police officers, solely because of you...and that's quite a feat!'s to surrounding ourselves with good people...*lifts that beautiful glass of red wine to the air*...

One Man’s Opinion said...

“Wipes a tear from his eye”. Guerreiranigeriana, you just made my day. Anytime I can strike a positive blow for police I smile. Thank you for making me smile. And you are right, it is amazing how much influence you wonderful people of my blogging family have over me. Who would have thought it…I was one of those, “Nobody gives a damn about your blog” people and here I am finding myself vested in all of you good people, whether I leave a comment or not. You guys make me smile and provide me with information and different view points that challenge my mind and sometimes my way of thinking. And that is some powerful shit. (I had to say shit, because I felt I was losing some man points with this sappy responds). LOL

One Man’s Opinion said...

wrknprogress-I am very glad to add you to my readership and I will be checking on you as well. I hope I don't let you down with my post. They are not all golden, but they are all me.

Mizrepresent said...

still laughing about those "3 bowls of cereal"....omg, too funny!

MsPuddin said...

yay! I made the list...


@Twin, what wonderful words everyone has said! it is amazing as Guerr said we haven't met...but u can't tell! We're so much alike it's crazy! Dad said noone can deal with us, but us! lol

@Miz, you're my sis-ur spirit is sooo warm...and eventhough my commitment (not resolution) for 2008 includes picking up my book and contributing more to it, I've set aside 5am Sat mornings to focus on my book...u were my motivation.

@Opinionated-chile thinks 4 peeking ur head in and commenting at ybr!!

@Darius-don't just check me out, comment and get RECOGNIZD!

@Wrkn-thx for the love for my twin..and to u also, check me out and COMMENT!

((((((GUERREIRA)))) WHERE IN THE WORLD HV U BEEN HIDING??? Good 2CU!! beautiful comment u left Twin :)
@MP1--hey lil bro !

@Shazza,Cocoa, MsPuddin-I hope to grow and learn more about u.

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm saddened that I dont speak to you... pouting***

One Man’s Opinion said...

eb, you do speak to me....I am so sorry. I thought I put you on my list. Please, blame my head and not my heart.

Bygbaby said...

I am happy that you decided to stop saying nigger. When I first visited your blog, I was like, what is this a white racist blog, but then I deduced that you where a Negro.

Then I started wondering why you used Nigger instead of Nigga. I see a clear line between the two, but I was not going to call you out on it & create a blog riff, like I have seen in the past.

Now that you have opened the door on this, I feel free to share my "opinion".