Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Noose is Good Noose

Okay, here it is folks. The cover that started it all. So, what do you think? Are you offended? Are you put off? Does it make you blood boil with rage? Because, I gotta tell you. It didn't bother me one bit. Now, although I did not read the article, I have to say that I find the picture to be quite apropos for the subject matter. I mean, it's not like they hung a brother from the damn thing. So, why all the controversy? Why did someone, namely the now ex-vice president and editor of Golf Weekly (Dave Seanor), have to be fired for making the choice to put that noose on that cover? Hell, he wasn't even the person who made the inflammatory comment on how new, up and coming golfers should take Tiger Woods black ass into a back alley and lynch him. That would have been that blonde heifer, Kelly Tilghman; and all she got was a smack on the ass....What? A two week suspension? Whoop de fucking do! I'm sure that hurt (note the sarcasm). And her ass wouldn't have suffered any repercussion from the comment if CNN had not commented on the remark, leading to Super Perm, Al Sharpton, getting wind of it and calling for her termination. And yet she doesn't get fired and this poor smook, Seanor, does. Can somebody explain that to me?
I mean, I give the guy credit for taking full responsibility for making the decision to put the noose on the cover in the first place; although I'm thinking that if he had any inclination that stand up would've cost him his job he might have went another route. Y'all know that shit is fucked up. That boy didn't need to get fired for this crap. As a matter of fact, if someone hadn't have made a big deal out of the cover he would still have his job today. As with all things, the shit didn't become a problem until it became a problem. They have accused Mr. Seanor of putting the Noose on the cover of the magazine in order to increase sells. Er, duh. Ain't that the purpose of a cover, to draw people in, in order to make more sells. Ain't that why magazine traditionally post famous folk and pretty people on the cover of their magazines, in order to increase sells? I don't believe that the purpose behind this cover had anything to do with race (noose not withstanding) so, what the fuck? I gots to tell, I just don't understand.
C'mon now, you people know me (not the racial "you people" mind you); y'all know I like to focus on our folks in my blog, but an injustice has been done in my humble opinion. I don't think this man should have been fired for putting a noose on cover of Golf Weekly any more so than I think that Tilghman should have been fired for making the off color comment about lynching Tiger Woods. Hell, if you really wanna know, I didn't think Don Imus should have been fired for his "Nappy Headed Hoes" comment. We all know those chicks hair were fucking nappy; I could careless that they got it all permed up for when they went on Oprah. The reality is that when you take a black woman and add sports, running, and sweat to the equation, you are gonna get some nappy-headed, ass women. Hell, even the white bitches on the team hair was nappy. Now, whether or not they were Hoes is an entirely different matter altogether. But I digress.
Let us get back to the topic at hand, shall we. I gotta admit, maybe I am not as upset as I should be because all of this revolves around Tiger Woods and golf. Hell, if Tiger Woods isn't insulted why should I be? Besides, that boy don't even claim us as a people. He considers his ass to be "Blasian" or some shit like that, know damn well with the exception of his big ass teeth and slanty eyes, his rusty butt looks like every other jiggerboo walking down the fairway. Not to mention that according to his representative, Tiger and Kelly are friends (like Sigman the Sea Monster and John and Scott), and he knows that she did not mean to offend him. Yeah, right. I believe that shit like I believe that Oprah can spin straw into gold. Like I believe Whitney Houston only used Cocaine for medicinal purposes (and y'all know I loves me some Whitney). That bitch made that comment because she was seeing Tiger's black....naw, fuck that...she was seeing the nigger in Tiger. Yeah, I gotta say it. Hell, she might as well have called his ass Tigger (and I'm not making a Winnie the Pooh reference). If it had been a white golfer I'm thinking that her mind would have went some place other than lynching. Boy, when somebody shows you who they are, you best believe them! But, that's okay. When Tiger slices the throat of that blonde bitch he married, he'll find out just how black they see his ass. He'd better ask OJ.
But, in all seriousness. I am well aware of all the racial baggage that surrounds the noose. I realize that it raises about as much racial controversy as the word nigger does, but I don't see it as being as informatory as the media is making it. So, you tell me. Is it all that bad, the above cover? Should someone have lost their job over it? IWas it meant to be racially motivated? I personally don't think so. I am so sick of these knee jerk reactions to shit. We gotta develop thicker skins, people. There are way more serious injustices going on in this world that the media needs to be focusing on. Hell, I'm sure Britney Spears is doing something right now that merits our attention. Let's focus on her, shall we? White people make me sick! (ha, ha. Just kidding. You know I loves me some white people. Hell, I think they are more pissed off about the noose than us.)
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.
Seriously, can I get some fucking peace, damn!


Mizrepresent said...

OMG!You are on a serious rant here...funny...i do not relate to Tiger all, he is OTHER. The Noose on the cover didn't bother me, but White girls comment did...but like you said, if it didn't bother Tiger, why should it bother me. I love when you rant's exhilerating.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u know i saw it when it happened and the strange thing is, i dont think she was being or is a racist, its the truth, the only way they will beat him is to kill him, or he die, would we be up set if she said kidnap him - LOL....any who it is the week of MLK

James Tubman said...

listen to what we are doing

we are sitting here talking about what was on a GOLF magazine

i think it all might have been a publicity stunt

they say that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all

i don't know


@Twin I love your title!

Tell me, great minds don't think alike!!

Awesome post, I'm very proud of you!!

Karamale said...

lmao @ the nappy-headed white bitches. people do be gettin upset at the wrong shit. tiger don't have to claim it; they keep reminding him anyway. i bet you HE gets ashy, too.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Besides, that boy don't even claim us as a people.

This sums it all up for me! Sorry, but I can't get all worked up over the noose and Woods. Put that noose around Tiger's neck, I would have something to say.

Woods prefers/wants white folks. He can have them. White folks want him. They can have him! Only the media isn't aware of Tiger's allergy to black folk.

Shazza Nakim said...

You know I am so over allowing people get away with hanging, joking, printing , anything noose related and saying they "didn't know." Like the law, ignorance of the law doesn't mean you can break it.

That Mofo editor knew what the HELL he was doing. One of the reasons why I left my old Blog provider was for a simular reason. When I posted an entry American's Disconnect With the Noose, they tried to censor me because I called out the reason why Whites like to say hanging nooses today are PRANKS.

What burns me most is what Tiger said about it. NOTHING. But then again he Cock-a-do-da-doism or something. No really Black.

guerreiranigeriana said...

tiger is cablinasian...hehe...and this week, i have decided to be nablafit (native american, black, african and italian)...

...i didn't care about the noose either...i am sick of 'these people' doing and saying stupid shit and then sitting back to watch my get nothing..., i'm a lightweight conspiracy theorist...i don't think that these 'random' stupid racist slipups from white folks have been all that 'random'...all this in the time leading up to an election where we have the first viable black candidate running...especially since i don't believe bush really wants to leave office yet...i just don't buy it...i think there is more to this...

One Man’s Opinion said...

Dimples, that's what I call you, you know we old people rant. That's just how we roll. You should hear me when I talk to my troops at work. LOL

Torrance, that's the whole point. She could have said beat him up, kidnap him, whatever, and probably would have if he had been "white". I'm telling you her mind went to "lynching" because her ass saw color. I am telling you. When somebody tells you who they are, you best listen.

Tubman, as quiet as it's keep, black folk be playing so golf. Who would have thought it. Some of my brothers at work be talking about golf like it is domonoes or some shyt. I don't get it. But, oh well. Knowing damn well they don't want us on their courses, not even as caddies. Yeah, I said it.

Twin, you know I love you too....Damn you. Stop stealing my post. LOL

Karamale, I know damn well Tiger's ass get's ashy. He ain't fooling nobody. He ain't light skinned.

"Tiger's allergy to black folk", thank you Buckaroo. I couldn't have said it better myself. I like that.

"Cock-a-do-da-doism", Shazza? Really? Not exactly sure what that means, but it made me smile big. LOL

Okay, and "G", you know you be going off. I was gonna speak on the political tip as well, but I decided not to go there. But, leave it to you to hit on a point that I leave off. You complete me, girl. LOL

ZACK said...

COOLEST BLOG TITLE EVER: No Noose is Good Noose!