Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hillary vs Obama

I just thought this was interesting. Watch it if you have time.
Sorry, no commentary to go along with it.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


Rodney said...


Where's Tina Turner when you need her?

Eb the Celeb said...

I think the hype in this election is far more important that who actually wins... for the first time in a long time young people are actually interested because of satire like this and I love it!

Opinionated Diva said...

Now you know most of us are at work and can't watch/listen to this!


Homer is My Co-pilot said...

This was funny. Hopefully Obama can get black people out to the polls. Lord knows Puffy couldn't with his "Vote or Die" Publicity stunt.

guerreiranigeriana said...

...interesting the way their heads and mouths moved...

mp1 v.8.0 said...

How many times I gotta tell you I can't see this at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm about to go holla at somebody in IT realllllllll fast!

Ms. Behaving said...

[Pouting and stomping away as I join the line of people who can't view this on company time.]


One Man’s Opinion said...

All you people who can't watch this at work should be ashame at yourselves for reading blogs instead of working anyway. You know they did a study that said that company loose million of dollars in productivity from people who search the web during company time. Shame, shame. LOL

guerreiranigeriana-They are like flesh skin muppets, huh, G?f

Shazza Nakim said...

See thats why you gotta be like me back in the day, get the work done, leave those trifling folk alone, act like you hate everyone (the Angry Black Man thing)so they leave you alone, then be done 30-40 mins early and then surf yo ass into PUNCH TIME.

Only drawback, people see that you either don't have enough work to keep you business or become jaded and turn your ass in. Either way, Massa gonna git yuz.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

can abrother get some love somewhere, dang ts 2008

Franzika said...

I dislike Osama, I mean kcARAB(Barack), I mean, Obama. Black youth who never voted before, many that never cared to, are now doing their best, trying to guilt other people (The Race Card) into voting for him, and do you honestly think that this is what America needs right now? For the highest position to be taken by a publicity stunt. All my friends are voting for him. They don't care, or even know what he says he plans to do. They are just voting for him because he is black. They vote for all the wrong reason, and thus, our country's system has failed miserably this time. I fear what is to come. I honestly think since Paris Hilton (<- Hate her)has no obvious knowledge of politics, she would make a better candidate than him. Too long I am vexed by the behavior of my own people. Yes I would like to see a black man or woman as president. But not him. I don't have a good feeling about him. I want a candidate that is well... Not a retard who's a puppet of satan. Something tells me if he is elected, bad things are going to happen. Bad stuff. Bible stuff.

Anonymous said...

Franzika said: This brotha is right. I'm not voting fot the anti christ either. He has no forien policy, has not said anything useful and has "catch" phrases that mean diddly!! WAKE UP AMERICA OR GROW THE &*&* UP!!! VOTE FOR HILL OR MCCAIN!!

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick, you ignorant people will never help makes this world a better place. You believe Obama is the plague but you are the plague, and this is coming from a white boy. You guys only see color u blind dumbasses, and as soon as a colored man tries to do any good, yall ignore it and continue with your nazi bullshit mentality, i'd like to trap y'all inside of a black or jewish body so you can see what they endured and still do today. Race or skin color has nothing to do with a persons beliefs or character, because if I painted myself black I would still think the same way. Stop being racist, stop being ignorant, wake tha fuck up. You guys make fun and racist comments toward Barack Obama, someone who actually cares for his country, but no you'd rather vote for McCain and continue the real downfall of a country after the Bush terms. I'm tired of this garbage, you should never mention God because he creates us all for a purpose with equal rights, and as soon as you disrespect those equal rights he has granted to all his children, he no longer agrees with or supports you. Open your eyes and see that we are all brothers and sisters, fuck color and race and whatever you were brainwashed with, we are all equal qnd have good in us, but we can let evil overcome us. God cries whenever he sees racism, while you think you are doing him a favor, wake the fuck up, NOW!!!

Justin said...

Thanks self hating liberal white guy above me! Barrack is no better than Hillary or McCain, he's a flip-flopper who makes himself out to be bigger than he is. This is the same man who cannot get his history straight, and throughout his political career has changed his views on everything he did-from supporting the war in Iraq, to not supporting it, lying about his family heritage-claiming to have never practiced islam even though his father and grandfather were Muslim-and he went to two muslim schools practiced Islam for 27 years befors converting to Christianity.

Black or not, Obama doesn't care about black ppl and he's supported Wright, who's a god damn racist-and he pals around w/ a bunch of jerkoffs.

Barack will not help this country. And live as a Jewish or black person? Wtf does that even mean you racist liberal pussy! Not all black ppl have it bad and Jewish ppl are doing just fine. Africa sucks, and blacks were lucky to be shipped to america to become slaves bc in africa they were slaves and prisoners! Africa never even discovered the rudiments of civilization, hasn't attained in 2,000 years what white or arab countries attained in 100 years. African tribes discovered recently, unaffected by whites still live like MONKEYS. Sure the civil rights movement was a bad time but today the only ppl who hurt blacks are themselves. A black man is running for president! What does that tell you? Opportunities for blacks are given so easily today, whether it be free schooling or affirmative action. The only reason blacks live in bad places are bc of the black ppl making life worse there! So shut the fuck up b4 you start acting like such a sympathetic loser who knows nothing about the world

And Jews are so successful it's not even funnY! They bounced back from a genocide-black ppl still choose to sit on the back of the bus!

Barack is a narcassistic punk nigger who has absolutely no plan for anything other than to outsource jobs to 0ther countries-borderline treason

Justin said...

You can't just lead your life blindly be being a religious tool!

I hope one day a real ghetto nigga beats the shit out of you and rapes your girlfriend-then we'll see how much you love other ppl, you're living in a fantasy world! Extremists like you are the first to give up like cowards, if you were in a lifethreatening situation you'd denounce your beliefs in a second. I've seen alot of weak ppl but your lack of strength of will and blind following is some of the lowest I've ever witnessed. You represent what's wrong with this country. A disillusioned white guy who`s been taught to hate himself and feel bad for everyone-BUT make no difference!

The only way blacks are going to be accepted is if they stand up and denounce the negative things that alot of blacks are doing-not by getting free handouts and pity!


Anonymous said...

To the kid Justin...there is no point in arguing with you..obviously you have been brainwashed you ignorant shit...keep livin your life in color don't mean shit motherfucker and you wanna know how I know, because I have black friends, latino friends, jewish friends, and white friends. Something you wouldn't know about I guess, since you prolly don't have any black, jewish or latino friends huh? So who is the biased person? The one with experience or the one without? They are all smarter than you are, why? Becuase they do not judge a book by its cover, unlike you homie. First time we get a half black candidate and you're bitching about it, go make some multicultural friends and you will see they are no different from you...but unless you take that step you will never learn...

Anonymous said...

Justin, above, said that Barack just wants to out source jobs. When has he ever said that or voted for that, sir? It is John McCain who has consisitently voted to maintain subsidies and tax breaks for companies who are outsourcing jobs or moving jobs out of the U.S.. Please fact check, folks, before you take Mr. Justin at his word.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to put these niggers into power?

Fascists, potheads, crackheads, terrorists, niggers, anarchists, communists and other worthless piece of shit criminals.

That's who.

Erik said...

I find it incredibly interesting that people want to call him,....and black people want to vote for him, because of the color of his skin. Literally. Its interesting that people call him black even though he is 50% white. In a world where the phrase, "Dont judge me simply by the color of my skin" is uttered constantly, it strikes me funny how we keep calling Obama black,....BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN. Why dont we call him white? Again, he IS half white. Why in a 50/50 black-white split, we choose to call him black? Why??? Ill tell you why,...because of the "color of his skin". And for black people to go vote for a guy JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK, shows how ignorant that voter is. Im sorry,...but what would black people blame their misfortunes on if he gets into office? How are you going to blame "The Man" when YOU are now, "The Man"?? Lets face it. I have a cable access station here in Michigan that constantly runs pictures and profiles of wanted criminals in the area. I watched for 15 minutes straight. Out of 38offenders, 34 of them were black. They were all for assault, assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, man-slaughter, Murder One, Breaking and Entering and felony firearm. Now, you tell me, that the white man doing that TO them? Or are they making shit-decisions that are causing their OWN race, its OWN problems? People need to wise up and vote for a president based on gaining knowledge of candidate, not simply glancing at a newspaper or TV show and seeing that someones black and voting for them based on something as freakin ignorant of dumb as that. Thats how a 3rd grader would vote. Its like a 3rd grader voting for SpongeBob. "...Good Morning, President Squarepants"

doucheweasle said...

WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!Obama is half white and the only reason black people will vote for him is because he is black, just because he married a black woman and got married by the most racist pastor in the nation(next to the pagen black supremisist Jesse"the jackass"jackson) and had the same cock sucker baptize his kids he is still only half black but all black people seem to see is whats on the outside and since he appears black they will vote for him.
Most of the black people I've met are Christian people except for a few militant racist moronic so called"black muslims" well I got news for you!!! Obama is all for gay marriage and gay rights he is also for abortion and stem cell research all evil endeavors in the eyes of the Christian community all around the world so don't be just another dumbass nigger and vote for this demon just because HE A BRUTHA he's a power hungry jackass who will destroy the christian values this nation was founded upon!! He will make everyday life like a Jerry Springer show.
I also think that the next president should enacta repatriotation act for all african americans who aren't happy here they will get a free flight to africa and they can tell the African government that their ancestors were captured and enslaved and that they would like to be repatriated as full African citizens and now that I think of it they should send all crack dealers or ALL drug dealers, pimps, carjackers and all the black cock suckers with gold capped teeth baggy pants 20 times too big,and the niggers that always walk around grabbing thier privates like the trash that they are fuck them and send their asses back to Africa too!!! This country would be better off without a bunch of bitter slave offspring!!
P.s. O.J Simpson IS guilty!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up. Let me get this straight. You think black people shouldn't vote for Obama just because he's black? What's the alternative? Vote for someone based on the lies they spew during their presidential campaign? Yeah, that's a whole lot more intelligent. Or...hey....let's not vote for him because of the way his name sounds...or not vote for him because of the color skin. while i'm at it, i might consider voting for Johnny boy because he's older than Obama. maybe i'll vote for johnny because his shoes are nice. (maybe I won't vote at all because a judge's gavel decided the presidency in 2000 but I digress).

I agree it sounds dumb but this is america and we're all allowed to vote for whatever reason we choose, no matter how silly your reason may be.

Anonymous said...

Nigger Obama is a Muslim Nigger. No experience. For nigger jokes and humor visit: N I G G E R M A N I A . N E T said...

check out these dems making websites about Hillary in 2012 already!!

Talk about buyer's

Anonymous said...

Some of YOU people sound so ignorant, stereotypical and just plain RACIST. I stumbled across this site by accident, and now wish I hadn't of. Before I even get to light into you mentally-challenged people who seem to be taking a long dip in a shallow pool of wit , I'll start with the cold hard facts PRICKS and assholes.

Lets start with the AFRICANS in africa live like monkeys tidbit , how stupid and biased is that comment ? however I digress, various parts of africas are very civilized or at least what you would percieve as such , other parts aren't quite the same but who are WE to judge them for their beliefs and religions? who says our STUFF is right. The bible is just a slew of different guys pasting together a bunch of different beliefs stolen by other books , EGYPTIAN books as well ( BLACK'S ORIGINATE FROM EGYPT BECAUSE IS A APART OF AFRICA DUMB ASSES , WHICH MEANS THE BIBLE YOU PRAY TO CONTAINS A LOT OF BLACK BELIEFS )

Secondly since we're playing the race card I guess it's only right for me to jump right on in the game ( no offense to any PEOPLE who don't think in terms of racism) WHITE people , EUROPEAN PEOPLE whatever you want to call it were still living in CAVES while EGYPTIANS and blacks were what you might term " civilized" , yes WHITES were still living as barbarians why the jolly ol "niggers" were creating math and pyramids, WOW imagine that.

Here's another bit of history for you remedial brain dead ass holes , EVERYONE originated in Africa , however they all split up into different groups went their own ways , and their skin colors began to either DARKEN ( due to climate) or LIGHTEN( due to cold air) and did you know LIGHT SKIN was a skin defect? , not having enough MELON In your skin is NOT HEALTHY , asswipes.

Hence the reason when you get sick you turn BLUE, and you have the nerve to call black people COLORED?

And the black people you hate so much , have created way more substantial, and concrete creations that are used in our every modern day lives than any european person I could ever remember having read history on.

And why you claim to hate "US" so much its amazing to me how you go out your way to look like us or copy our actions.

In movies cocking your gun sideways " STARTED FROM BLACK PEOPLE"

The dances you do on these tv shows " BLACK PEOPLE"

The phrases you sometimes use " BLACK PEOPLE"

Your women go inject their lips with collagen to make them look plumper and bigger " BLACK WOMEN"

Get implants " BLACK WOMEN"

Tan their skin " BLACK WOMEN"

butt injection " BLACK WOMEN"

white women and men, DATE black people.

So please stop acting like we're so culturally repressed , and just so barbaric and ignorant. I concur , that they're are a lot of BLACK ignorant people, but their are also a lot of WHITE ignorant people, ASIAN ignorant people, as you can see ignorance has no color.

So stop hating black people because YOUR ancestors drug them from their homes , brought them into a place of unknown, BEAT, RAPED, PILLAGED, killed, humiliated , SODOMIZED, and did all sorts of terrible things to them.

How can you hate a race of people YOU terrorized ? it should be the other way around we should HATE YOU , we didn't do anything to you , you took A LOT FROM US , built a whole country off our blood, sweat , and tears , and yet you have the nerve to HATE OR DISLIKE US? you sound really fucking ignorant..

Oh and FYI smarty pants, we're not the ones doing INCEST, raping our brothers and sisters, catching RARE blood diseases found only in EUROPEAN PEOPLE, having sex with our dogs, cats, horses, and all sort of other sick things..

EUROPEAN people have STOLEN everything from not just blacks, but from the muslims, the chinese, the french, the indian , EVERYONE so you are the scum, the power hungry, moral-fiber lacking, infectious SCUM.

Next time check your history before you go on a RACISM bash . And once again I'll clarify these words are NOT intended to those who have not spoken harshly towards blacks, or any race of people in general. This is solely intended for the ignorant FUCKS who proclaim to be so much more superior than blacks, when in all actuality we are all EQUAL.

NOW to the actual topic of election. Obama is inexperienced in many ways and yes he tells lies about a lot of things, AS DOES MCCAIN. But one thing that is genuine and sincere, is his profound love for his country and the way he sticks by it with conviction.

He may not know everything, but I have faith in his abilities and it has nothing to do with the fact his skin matches mine , but the words in which he speaks. He is intelligent, powerful, influential and serious about this COUNTRY.

Mccain isn't terrible, at least not how people are making it seem. He's funny , and I like some of his views its just that Obama is for equal opportunity , and thats what I can respect.

He's about tranquility and peace, and trying to bring this country and its violence to a head . The last thing we need is a bomb-warranting, ass-kicking, plunging-head first , president which is kind of what Mccain is.

He's great, but Obama is where I politically stand.

And if you don't like him then agree to DISAGREE whether them calling him racist names, how childish , ignorant, and immature is that ?

some of you need to grow the HELL up , because when judgement day comes it wont be about the color of your skin, but the quality of your personality, the things you did, the differences you made

not the people you hated because of their skin color..

Anonymous said...

To the fucking fool above me who feels compelled to down YT in an effort to make niggers look better: Where to start? YT lived in caves while niggers built pyramids and lived in housing? You are comparing 2 way different eras: you are comparing cro-magnon era europeans to post-historical eqyptians, who weren't niggers, fuckface.

Nigger tribal leaders would capture rival tribesmen and hold them to sell to slave traders. Niggers practice slavery to this day, fuckface.

Hollywood movies show nigger actors, acting like nigger thugs holding their gun sideways, which is why gang niggers always shoot the wrong fucking people, and you see that as YT copying, thus honoring niggers? Goddamn you are a fucking retard?

I'll bet you are some nigger fucking teenage white bitch because only they are this fucking stupid. Now fuck off and get AIDS from those niggers you love so much. Hey that's one nigger "accomplishment" you forgot: niggers gave us AIDS!

And finally, niggers are the absolute worst racists in the fucking world. It excuses their violent, ape-like tendencies, fuckface.

Anonymous said...

I hate this fucking socialist nigger Obama. Hope someone takes him out soon along with his ape wife. They are a discrace to this country

Anonymous said...

I hate this fucking socialist nigger Obama. Hope someone takes him out soon along with his ape wife. They are a discrace to this country

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen.......relax.....we may not LIKE or WANT what Obama is doing or God..we are NOT the KKK are we? Stop with the racial HATE messages. His race has NOTHING to do with what his admistration is doing. I do not like what he his doing AT ALL with his presidency....but I will NOT ever reduce myself to racial epitaph. Be COOL.....he will shoot himself in the foot. I promise you. He is NOT Presidential material...and he is on-goingly proving that fact. He WILL NOT win a second term. The country is already at a 67% disapproval of his reign. No President has EVER come back from that number. Trust me. His over-seeing is Over...period. Come next election. Just vote how you KNOW is right and everything will be O.K.

Anonymous said...

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