Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Wrong. It's Wrong. It's Wrong.

Did I say it was wrong? So what am I talking about? I am talking about the fact that it is totally wrong for me to plan on voting for Barack Obama simply because he looks like me. What is even wronger….I mean, more wrong….er, worst. What is worst is the fact that I expect other people to support and vote for him because he looks like me too. Seriously, how wrong is that? It is totally inappropriate to support someone who is vying to be our next Commander and Chief, just because of the color of his or her skin (or primarily for that reason). This is not like picking someone to be on your team in a sporting event, people. Nor is it like supporting a movie, because its focus surrounds black folk (Go check out Next Sunday). It isn’t even like phoning in your vote for only the black contestants, on American Idol. It is far more important that that.

I admit it. When I watch game shows and contest, I always want the black person to win (for the most part). When I watch sporting events I always expect the black person to be better. When I look at dancing contest, such as So You Think You Can Dance, I always expect the black person to excel (which they never do for some reason). And when I see some horrible crime on then news I pray to myself, please don’t let it be a black person, please don’t let it be a black person.

Yeap, I am that person who goes to a movie, focused around white folks, and look for the black folks in said movie (and you know sometimes that shit is like playing Where’s Waldo), and will actually mentally count the amount of times I see an extra that looks like me. I don’t care what any of you bastard say; how in the world is it even remotely possible to film a big budget movie, in New York City mind you, and not show a single fucking black person walking down the street? That shit is ludicrous to me. There are black people in New York City, damn it! We the ones directing the tourist as to were they can get the best price on those bootleg jeans they were looking for.

And what about Disney? Those bastards have done a cartoon featuring every race known to man BUT black folks. And I swear to the high heavens that if one more person says, What about The Lion King? I am gonna shoot them with my own gun. Do I look like a fucking lion to you? I am talking about an animated character that looks like us, damn it! Broad nose, big lips, kinky hair. Hell, they’ve had every other race including a Native American, an Asian, a Persian, a Hawaiian and even a fucking mermaid...can I get a nigger up in there somewhere? (Sorry, it just slipped out.) And don’t think it doesn’t piss me off when I watch cartoons and don’t see a single black person represented, even as background characters! How hard is it to throw a little extra brown on a cartoon and maybe puff up their hair a little, damn it!

Whew…..Okay, I got a little off track there (I promise you I don’t know where that came from). Anyway, my whole point is that I was thinking about the upcoming election and the post that I did where I referred to how the white women of New Hampshire came out in droves to show their support for Hillary’s menstruating ass. It was actually the press that alluded to this; I just capitalized on the issue. So, it dawns on me….Although I would love some change in the White House, I don’t want this Presidential race to become a contest between full lips verses a dried out vagina. That ain’t right. Hilary isn’t basing her candidacy on the fact that she was once able to lactate; nor is Barack basing his on the fact that he can pick cotton with the best of them. So why am I basing my vote on the fact that Barack is a man of color?
Sure he is refined, charismatic and articulate, but so are a lot of black people (as quiet as its kept). The reality is that just because he is black, has a black wife and little black children doesn’t mean that if he become President that he is gonna look out for the best interest of my black ass, or yours. You don’t see Oprah inviting too many poor black folks to her “favorite things” show at Christmas time, do you? I don’t give a damn that she built a school for little African girls in Africa. My ass is over here in America, with a penis, and still dumb ass hell. What has she done for me?

So, if it is so wrong to throw my support behind a person based solely on the fact that he looks like me, why am I doing it?

BECAUSE I CAN, damn it! That’s right, I’m gonna stand behind Obama’s black ass up and to the time that his ass is shut down in the polls and then I will support him again, in another four years, when his ass has even more experience and has developed even more of a following! I don’t care! I am supporting him because, damn it, as black people we need to learn to be more supported of each other when it comes to things that matter. Stop focusing on the fact that he doesn’t have much experience. Hell, none of the bastards and bitches running know what it is gonna be like to actually sit in that power position until they actual have to sit behind that big ass desk in the oval office (I’m assuming it is big, since Monica had to hid under it). You don’t get experience as a fry cook by serving the burgers. You have to put on that hair net and throw some dead meat on the grill. I say let’s help Obama throw some meat on the grill. So, hell yeah I am gonna support the brother. Not primarily because he looks like me, but I’ll be damn it if that not a key factor. And I expect you and your whole damn family to do the same! Except for the convicted felonies (they know their asses can’t vote).

I am -One Man’s Opinion and I approve this message. Live with it, people! Peace.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found your blog b/c you always say something to tickle me but at the same time it makes sense. LOL @ Hillary’s menstruating ass.

Am I supporting Barack b/c he looks like me. HELL YEAH!!! Plus the brother has some things to say. I believe in supporting our own. Everybody else does it, why come we don't?

I'm tired of hearing he doesn't have enough experience. Hell none of them has experience. None of them have ever been President. But Hillary has more experience they say. So being married to a President gives you experience? In that case, why come Laura Bush isn't running?

I have read comments and posts where people are saying they shouldn't vote for Obama just b/c he's black. BULLSH*T! This man is doing the unthinkable and has a good chance of winning. Someone has to be the first Black President.

I'm always cheering on my fellow black folks on tv even on the court shows. LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

I love the way you so eloquently make fun of serious shit.

But I need to pop you upside your head for this line..."I don’t want this Presidential race to become a contest between full lips verses a dried out vagina." You know you wrong!

I'm all for voting for my people...but what if the candidate was Bishop Don Magic Juan - would he have your vote? Or, Flava Flave - would he have you vote? Or even worse, My Uncle Boo Boo if he were alive (you know how my uncle get's down though) - we he have your vote?

I'm just playing Devil's advocate here.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I was asked after I said one of the main reasons I'm voting for Obama is he's black. This person said something to the effect of so voting for Al is a given too. First off Al and Obama are totally 2 different people. There's no chance in hell, Al will be sitting behind the oval office doors calling the shots. I truly believe yt(whitey) are scared of a black man with a perm. LOL But don't let the perm fool you, if you listened to Al when he tried to run, he had alot to say and was on point.

Anonymous said...

OD, all those folks you said don't have a snowball chance in hell to become President. Here we have a black man who has that chance.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay,Diva, I am voting black, but I am voting sensible black. I choose my canidates like I choose my underwear. They have to have some color and they gots to fit.

That's right. Now what?

One Man’s Opinion said...

Southern Gal, hell, I am scurred of a black man with a perm. I am proud of any minority with the courage to run for President, but the reality of things is that it takes a lot more. Al had way too much baggage to make it. We know it and he knows it. I believe his main reason for running had more to do with proving that he could than actually wanting to take the position. Plus, it is kind of iffy on if anyone will go after Barack with a gun, but you know Sharpton's ass was gonna get shot. If he had even come close to getting elected they were gonna riddle his ass with bullets, like Queen Latifia in Set It Off.

Rodney said...

Can I get a nigger INDEED!

I love you, my brother, for voicing my sentiments. I too am under attack because Barack's image now appears on my blog. I had to do a quick check and make sure it was still my blog. I'm working on the post that will make clear my position and that will be the end of it.

Muze said...

yeah i'm for obama. and while he is in my tops because he is black first of all, i also sincerely think he is the best candidate.

James Tubman said...

we have black politicians all over this country

over 10,000 elected officials

but we still have all of these problems

if 10,000 can't help us do you think obama has a shot at all?


@Twin...I agree, I love how you can put humor in a serious situation! I too, am guilty of all of those things u listed-HOWEVER, I disagree on voting Obama 'bringing the drama' just bcuz he's black. He's not going to be president of the U.S Black People..he's for the whole country.

It's truly a miracle that I'm witnesing how many non-black people are looking out for him...incredible.

Having said that--i'm voting for a diff candidate, because although Obama's black...there are other things that are more important to me as a presidential candidate, besides color.

Just donatin' my .0201 (the value of our american dollar hee he)

Mizrepresent said...

Man, i was so behind you and still am...but why, "dried up vagina"....dayum, dayum, dayum, black put a hurting on Hillary once again.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Tubman, my short answer is, it can't hurt. For a very good post on this topic, check out Don's post. I enjoyed what he had to say. And besides, although there are many blacks working actively in the political arena, not many of them are place in the lime light for the whole word to see. Like it or not, my brother, we as black people look for that beacon to follow. Let Obama be that beacon for the time being.

WrkNProgress said...

Wow, honesty at it's best. Yall will be glad that I am in Canada and can't vote, I don't know that he would get mine.

None of the canditates have really said a whole lot about anything yet.

I guess I am waiting for the juice.

Wonderfully humourous post.

Shazza Nakim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shazza Nakim said...

Sorry One man's Opinion, I gotta Gift you with Disney's TOP 9 MOST RACIST CARTOON CHARACTERS.

Out and about when I read your blog, when I get home and settled I'll comment more.

ponoono said...

Al Sharptoon is not a Disney creation???

That Girl Tam said...

Hey...Disney gave us the Proud isn't Goofy black? Ok, maybe it's just

I'm so mad that you said WRONGER.




I don't focus on the white people in movies, but I completely expect whatever black person they DO have to die in the first 15 minutes. Now is THAT wrong?

I still haven't decided who to choose. Neither of them look like me. I'm not a white woman, nor am I a black man.

Think the world is ready for an American Born Chinaman? :)

Rodney said...

I didn't know Disney gaves us the Proud Family! I love Sugar Mama, but they still haven't given us a full animated feature with a major Black character. We have so few happy endings so it's hard for them to portray a Black story without shining a light on what is ugly about Amerikkkan culture.

If your people have people from Mt. Vernon, Montgomery County, GA, we are INDEED related. To that I will say the family reunion is in Macon this year. I will be there. I'm also going down to MV for First Monday in August. Come on down!

Don said...

I agree with you.

Personally, I don't see how any black person can vote for anyone other than Obama. It's just good business to see and want to see your own skin color in The Chair. Besides that, he appears to be sincere in his message.

He may not be the best overall candidate but he is the one who we know, fo sho, can make a difference in the overall structure of this country.

lol @ help Obama throw some meat on the grill.

Shazza Nakim said...

You know I re-read your blog post and you know what; THIS IS WHY THE POWERS THAT BE WANT TO GET RID OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

I had gone to a Small Business Convension about two months ago and I saw more Women there than Men and even fewer Black people (men and women). The majority of opportunities were Women focused and statisics show that those that have benefited most through Affirmative Action are women.

I agree with you One Man's ... I also see America (walking, talking, media, opportunities, entertainment, crime, politics, economics etc) through a prism of "WHITE FACES" (the curse of being a Minority) but this election is really an JOB INTERVIEW with the rule of Affirmative Action hovering over head. If history is any indicator .... well you know that answer.

James Tubman said...

@to op diva...

dag i thought you stood by your ladies

you talk about them having flat chests and dried out vagina's

you a jezebel. lol

James Tubman said...

@op ed...

oh sorry

that came from the post

alright you got off the hook this time

now get back to work. lol

Cocoa Rican said...

Genius! Now let me find out your black ass doesn't vote and has never registered to vote... hmmm...LOL
I'm voting for Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin...ummm...wait, they're not running...positive Puerto Rican men who will not only make a change, but add some garlic to the tasteless world.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I'm voting for Giuliani

You a damn fool. How you go from barack to Disney (F**k Disney) and back to Barack again. Only you caould do that.

And Lol @ thick lips and dried vagina. You need to be referred to a shrink.

O and I'm not relly voting for Giuliani. I can't stand that fool (or McCain or Romney) I'm leaning to Barack, but I'm not completely sure. I'm reading his memoir now and trying to learn more about him

One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay, I am just getting home for working from 10:30 pm to 1pm. I am tired as hell, but I promise to respond to some of you goofy jokers later. Except for that gal tam. How the hell is Goofy black? Why the black folk gotta be goofy. Opps, didn't I just call all you you goofy a moment a go?

Darius T. Williams said...

Nah, - ain't wrong.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thank you for the Disney list, Shazza. A friend of mind sent that to me a few weeks back , as well.

Ponoono, Al “Sharptoon” needs to be a Disney creation. LOL

That girl tam…Proud Family not withstanding, Disney can kiss my butt. Until they give us our own black princess, I’m gonna hate on them. Oh, and I heard that an American Born Chinaman was vying for the seat of Vice President.

Rodney, I will have to check my source, but I do think we have people from Mt. Vernon, but don’t quote me on that. I’m just a little bit ig’nant.

Don, my boy. What is up. Did everyone go to Don’s blog and check out his take on the minority race for the white house? (Did I really just call it a minority race for the white house? That doesn’t sound right at all.)

Cocoa, you know me. I’m down for a Rican in the white house. Any color is a good color for me. Not that it is all about color, mind you. Hell, I like garlic on my chicken.

MP1, don’t be hating on Giuliani. That bastard might take it all. You know they accredit him for cleaning up New York City. He might be a bald spot to be reckoned with.

Oh, and Cocoa, if I don’t vote your ass will never know, so there! I will however scan a copy of my newly mailed voter registration card and post it so you other slacker can get a look at what a real one looks like. That’s right. I said it.


@Don you said:
"Personally, I don't see how any black person can vote for anyone other than Obama. It's just good business to see and want to see your own skin color in The Chair."

I disagree...IMO it takes more than blackness in order to get my vote. There are issues that he's for, and I'm against. So the fact that he's black is a moot point.

There are many avail black men running around here,that I can get in a relationship with...eventhough they have the correct skin color-there are other issues I can do without. I know if I "cast my vote" for the brother just cuz he's black (while overlooking other important factors, that came from his mouth-that I don't agree with) I'm sure it would cause unnecessary derision down the road.

***To the person who's going to make a comment saying 'one has nothing to do with other'(or that's comparing 'apples and oranges')...PLEASE FOCUS ON THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE***

David said...

I know this shit is suppose to be funny and... IT IS, LOL, but I have to make a point here.

Lets take everything you said(about voting) and flip it around. If white people did exactly what you're advocating Obama can't win. He needs white people to vote on ISSUES to have a chance. So it's fair if blacks people vote for color but not whites? No, it's wrong no matter what color we are.

We need to elect the best man for the job. You may feel Obama is that man but not JUST because he's black. C'mone!

Blacks have been pointing the finger at whites for years for this exact practice (and rightly so) Please don't steal a page from their play book. It's just plain WRONG! Kind of like a dried out vagina. :|

All in my humble opinion of course :)

AB said...

I hear you. I have to agree. I love Barack - I think he very well be one of the best (if not the best) president this country has ever seen. And I think it is just an added bonus that he is black. Certainly not a reason that I am voting for him but great all the same.

And although I agree Disney is waaayyy late in doing so, there is a new animated film in production with a black princess. Not surprisingly though there appears to be some controversy over the story and characters.