Sunday, January 27, 2008

Norbit? Really?

When I first found out that the movie Norbit was nominated for an Academy Award I wonder if the Academy was making fun of black people again. You know how they do, making fun of our fine black entertainers by making a mockery out of this prestigious award by handing it out to shyster. First they give one to Halley Berry over Angela Basset, for best Actress (I know they were not up against each other). Then they honor Three 6 Mafia with one for best song. What the fuck? It might not be easy to be a pimp, but that Oscar damn sho' did drive a wedge between that rap group. Now, I gotta admit that I've never seen the movie, Norbit, although I am sure that it a fine example of cinema at its best. I mean, we all know that that Eddie Murphy only stars in movies that have socially redeemable values for us Blackies. How could we forget his award worthy performance as a Black vampire in Vampire in Brooklyn, he and Kedeem Hardison. Or, his most recent role as a strictly heterosexual man who marries Tracy Edmonds....Oh, wait....scratch that one.
For some reason when black people are in movies it throws the Academy awards into a tizzy and they can't decide how to pick someone or something black to put in for their token. I can understand their dilemma. I mean, it can't be easy to make such decisions for movies that you have never seen. Y'all know damn well those white folks ain't watching no movie's starring no Jungle Bunnies. Hell, that shyt would be uncivilized. So, what I image they do is find out what movies were out with black folks in them, write the names on strips of paper and place them into a hat, then they go to one of their white people parties. Get sloppy drunk and then one of the hookers they flew in from Norway pulls a name from the hate. Then the next day, when they are all sobered up, they take a look at the potential nominee and make the decision on what to nominate it for. (Are you guys sure I'm not racist?)
Anyways, as it turns out Norbit's academy award nomination for Achievement in Make-up has very little to do with the movie, its actors or their blackness, and everything to do with Mr. Rick Baker and Kazuhiro Tsuji (neither of who are black). It seems that this is Mr. Baker's eleventh nomination from the Academy, in the area. He has been nominated in the past for the following movies:
LIFE (1999) -- Nominee, Makeup
MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (1998) -- Nominee, Visual Effects
MEN IN BLACK (1997) -- Winner, Makeup
THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1996) -- Winner, Makeup
ED WOOD (1994) -- Winner, Makeup
COMING TO AMERICA (1988) -- Nominee, Makeup
HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS (1987) -- Winner, Makeup
This is only Kazhiro Tsuji's second Academy Award nomination. He was previously nominated for:
CLICK (2006) -- Nominee, Makeup
Any, because I am a big supporter in all things black I am sending out my good vibes for Norbit to take home this Oscar. The way I see it, if the white man wins the black man wins by default. Plus, we can start preparing ourselves for Norbit 2 "Son of Norbit". I can't wait. I mean, I won't go see it or anything, but I'll be hoping that Three 6 Mafia gets the opportunity to do the sound track for it.


WrkNProgress said...

I watched it and the movie sucked. To be honest with you, I just find Eddie Murphy's voice lound and irritating--his best suited roll is the jack ass in shrek.

I have closed my blog if you would like to read me, you can email me at and I will send you an invite.

Don said...

Norbit, although I am sure that it a fine example of cinema at its best.

Love the sarcasm.

I've never had the privilege of watching Norbit. Probably won't ever enjoy that privilege either.

Black folk movies appear to have the "makeup category" on lock, when it comes to the Oscars. That's sad.


Well...Norbit was... it had its funny moments, but no way IN HE*L does it deserve that prestigious honor.

Honestly, I believe they throw in a "black" movie so they can't be accused of discrimination, but just like u pointed out Halle B...ok, she acted better in Gothika then that TERRIBLY ACTED movie Monsters Ball...she was about as believable as Imus' apology.

But why r we surprised? This show wasn't created for us anyway, and I think they added Norbit, in order to draw a black audience. The ratings are consistently low. it's an act of desperation :)

Hey Twin, I've missed you ;P

Opinionated Diva said...

I absolutely love the way your mind works. Seriously.

Halle Berry getting an Oscar has ALWAYS bothered me. Monster's Ball was a sucky movie in the first place...I still don't understand why it received so much acclaim - oh yeah maybe it was the sex scene! I think the same of Hustle & Flow and that friggin oscar winning song.

It's funny that Norbit is nominated for this award and also nominated for an award as one of the worse movies made last year.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Damn, they just pick names from the hat??? I never thought of it like that. You might have a point.

Norbit was kinda funny. I ordered it on PPV. It wasn't that bad. I wouldn't watch it again more than likely

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Think about it, they seem to give out Oscars to black people for movies that are sterotypical when they should have gotton an Oscar for some other movie. Denzel should have gotton an Oscar for Malcolm X but instead they give it to him when he is playing a gangster no good cop in Training Day. Ruby Dee has been around for ages and she just now got an award for her role in playing a dope dealer's mother.

Angela Bassett and Lawrence Fishborn were robbed! They played Ike and Tina so good, I thought I was actually watching the real Ike and Tina.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Brother, I am still waiting for the powers that be to ALLOW Ms. Berry to play opposite another brother. I mean, damn, enough is enough.

Ever since Monster's Ball, with a perverse irony as this film was directed by a brother with an apparent penchant for the swirl, she hasn't even brushed up against another "brother" by accident in her later films.

Desy said...

update to bronze- In one of Halle's recent flicks she was definately rubbin up against the fine brotha Gary Dourdan (aka Shazza Zulu from A Different World currently Warrick Brown from CSI); but I definately agree that her presence in a film with a black leading man is apparently her past... Oh well, more for

I was honestly dyin when I read this post. Very very clever- the wit is a 10.

Honestly, I've never given 3 shits about the oscar; it's too political to really represent the talent of an actor.
At the end of the day, my dollars are what matter and I spend it on those flicks that count.
I have to admit, Norbit was amongst those, but only because I am and will always be an Eddie fan.

You might be a little

Desy said...
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Mizrepresent said...

I never had any desire to see this movie whatsoever....just stanks, looks like it stanks...maybe it stanks for real.

Darius T. Williams said...

yea, I saw the nod when I browsed the list on the academy awards website. I too thought it was interesting...until I saw the category. I saw the movie and I must admit...the make up was pretty good.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Diva, it is all about the sex scene....Let's face it..throughout history white men have loved seeing other white men, F black women. Damn....You know, I think I am racist....Scary.

It didn't stop there bronze. She never let another brother sperm penetrate her private parts either. That honor was given to a white man as well.....(Stop it, One Man. Shame on you!)

What!?! Southern Gal...Say it again. Robbed, Bassett and Fishburn were freaking robbed...And I have said that same crap...Sure Washington was good in Training day, but he was better in Malcolm X...Not Oscar nod, but let him play a angry slave or a crooked cop and they just throw Oscars at him....And don't make me talk about Whoopie...You know damn well she should have go one for the Color Purple...Not, Oprah though...I know she felt that she deserved one too, but she didn't do shyt...I know we all think a black person should get an Oscar for punching out a white person on film but c'mon...That's going too far.

Son of a Bishop said...

Parts of the movie was sick and shamefully funny. However
the nomination for the award is for the make-up ONLY; that's all it deserves.

dc_speaks said...

eddie murphy is typecast for the rest of his career to me as "donkey" thats it. no more.

i watched the movie and was not impressed.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

man i hope so too, 3-6 my home boys


@Twin-I love & appreciate all of my fam's comments on this post...but I'm waiting on a new post from you. I'm greedy AND I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE :)

What editorial is churning in that big brain of yours, now? I'm an 1.5 hrs away from Humpday, which means it'll be 72 HRS since ur last post..(but who's counting? lol)

Miss me-
"the prettier" twin :)
brie-brie (only u can name me after cheese, ok?)

That Girl Tam said...

Ok, I don't really get into the Oscars and all that. I could giveashit. I saw Norbit, but was more interested in the out takes and the making...

The thing that disturbed me THE MOST is that he used 2 VERY LARGE black women to play that part. That is NOT padding...that is a woman's REAL BODY and his face has been electronically added to the body. I'm mad that a black woman would allow herself to be used in such a cheap way...hope whatever they got paid helped them move up in the world - because it seriously wasn't worth it.

Bygbaby said...

The previews for Norbit looked funny as all get out but that was not enough for me to support it.

Even if the film gets the award for best make up, I doubt that it will drive DVD sales.


Sha Boogie said...

Your a fool for that one, LOL!! The make-up in Norbit was actually really good, it made me believed Eddie liked woman, or could look like a woman, or dress up drag really well. Whatever. Point being the make-up job was great, but I agree with you on the mockery, damn them!

Eb the Celeb said...

you know you dont care anything about Norbit... you just wanted an excuse to post that picture... you know you want some of that chocolate obese agressive, nasty, sweaty, suffocating, loving ...LOL!

Shazza Nakim said...

U are so wrong on so many levels ... lol

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, I think that's a sexy picture, Eb.....

Damn them indeed, Sha boogie...

Bygbaby, I gotta disagree with you on that one. THe DVD sales will go out the window, nomination or not.....Although, I will admit that havn't even ever seen bootleg copies of this particular movie.

Tam, what the hell are you talking about? LOL...I am cracking up here.

Eddie Murphy has always been a donkey, DC.

James Tubman said...

oh god

MsPuddin said...

I liked Norbit, but I wasn't expecting it to win any awards. Maybe the academy is like, "oh sh*t Murphy is getting old, lets recognize him before black ppl complain."

MsPuddin said...


lol ;0 I couldn't help it...


Mizrepresent said...

hey, hope things are okay, your last comment on my poem, left me concerned. Here's wishing you the best, no make that the VERY best!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thank you dimples...I am better. Just had to vent and ended up taking it out on your poem....I'm sorry. lol

Mizrepresent said...

Dang, why you take your frustrations out on me?

Just kidding, lol, glad you are better!

Rodney said...

LOL... I still haven't seen it, but I'm gonna go around the corner and grab the bootleg from the dude outside McD's.

Wouldn't it be sweet if Ruby Dee gets it?