Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vivica A Drunk

Can somebody explain to me the reasoning behind DWI’s and DUI’s? DWI is driving while intoxicated. DUI is Driving Under the Influence. As I cop, I always thought the two were one in the same. Here in Texas we only use the DUI term for anyone under the age of twenty-one who has any trace of alcohol in their system. It’s pretty much a class “C” misdemeanor and they can be cited and then released to their person, but not before having their license or permit suspended. I’m assuming that the term DUI has a heavier meaning in other areas of the world because Vivica A. Fox had to turn herself in to be booked for her DUI arrest back in March. And trust me; at 43 years of age, this bitch has been old enough to drink for quite a while.
Back in March, when she was initially stopped for DUI, Ms. Fox accused the white officer that stopped her of being racist. Forget the fact that she had an alcohol/blood level, well over that of the legal limit of 0.08. Get over yourself, Fox. Every damn thing that happens to you doesn’t have to do with race. When you play the race card and the fault lies directly in your lap you ruin the damn thing for the rest of us. Hell, the race card has been used so much in recent times that we even have white people using the damn thing. Why the hell are white people using the damn race card? That’s our card! It belongs to us! (Okay, sorry, I got off track there for a moment…)
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Why is it that people choose to drink and drive? It is so very stupid. And as we have learned from my previous post; “Stupid ain’t cute…It’s just STUPID.” Maybe it’s just me. I have never been a drinker, and I have never even been so bold as to attempt to smoke a joint or do any other type of drug. However, I would like to think that if I did indulge in either of the two that I’d have enough sense not to drive under the influence of the shit. How many lives have to be lost because people don’t have enough sense not to drive under the influence?
I mean, it’s not that hard people. You know you are going out. You know you are going to drink, do drugs, or both. Find a fucking alternative to get home other than driving yourself; ‘cause let’s face it…the Drunk drivers never dies in the accidents they cause. It is almost always the person that they plow into. It’s sad. Make good decisions people, because this is especially the season for people to feel the need to get drunk and drive.

This post may have jumped from here to there but in a nutshell I am asking each of you to learn from the mistake that Vivica and others before her have made. If you are going to be out and about, getting your club on, please do not drink and drive. I know that once you have been drinking you feel like you are okay to operate a motor vehicle but let me clue you in on a little secrete. Every person that I have ever arrested for DWI have felt that they were sober enough to drive, and that includes the one that piss and shit themselves while enroute to jail. There is a reason why we don’t want intoxicated people to make those decisions. You know what that reason is? It’s because their asses are intoxicated! Everyone thinks they are okay to drive. Let’s not take that chance. Alcohol dulls your sense and slows your reflexes. This is not new stuff people. Why do you think drunk people fuck ugly people? Because, by the time they realize they are ugly, it is too late. Make good choices for the Holiday’s people, because I want you all alive in blogging well into the New Year. Plus, I don’t want none of you bastards plowing into the back of my damn squad car.
Hummmm…..What did this post have to do with Vivica A. Fox? Oh, yeah…she was the drunk heifer that had to be threatened before she would haul her ass down to face the music for being DUI in the first place. Way to go, Fox. Did you learn that shit from 50?

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

(That drunk people fucking ugly people crack was totally uncalled for. For the record, there are no ugly people in the world; there are just lower forms of pretty.)


Ebonne said...

I dont know the damn difference but if I had as much money as these actresses and actors and athletes , I damn sure wouldnt be driving myself to the club when I know I am going to drink. Get a damn driver... you got a maybach... why are you driving... the whole point of the ride is for someone to ride you around in it. Boggles me!

mp1 said...

I work in insurance. We consider them one and the same. Never really understood that there was a difference between the two. But it makes sense in Texas. Ya'll seem to prosecute people on every law imaginable!

One Man’s Opinion said...

See, Ebonne, that's what I'm trying to say. There is no excuse to drink and drive in the first place, but if you got the money you are twice as guilty because of the fact that your ass can afford a driver. Otherwise, you have the money. Catch a damn cab.

As for you, mp1...Don't be hating on Texas. Don't make me hunt your in-service attending azz down.


@MP1 you're funny lol

Twin, I don't have sympathy for folks w/money. They can afford to pay people to drive them around. I'm not going to call Aunt Viv, rich. I'll just say she has more money than me ;) I agree..don't use the race card when BAC says youz drunk. Get over yourself and walk, ride just don't drive!