Friday, December 14, 2007

TLC - Sleigh Ride

Day Two, till Christmas. I have always been a TLC fan, I have no idea why; it’s not they were the most talented female group in the world. It was just something about them that fascinated me. It’s kind of sad that their careers are over, but nothing last forever. I really like this Christmas song, by the group. It is just something about it that makes me smile. I think it is because it is not just your everyday remake of every other Christmas song. TLC brought something new to the table with this one. They don’t play it near enough during the Christmas holidays.
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.



ok...this is my most favoritest xmas song! I love the twist they've added to it. Good one, twinlet :)

Ebonne said...

I love this joint!

RIP Lefteye

Son of a Bishop said...

I agree, their version of Sleigh Ride is a lot of fun and make ya wanna dance. I've only heard it once this season.