Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do You Know Who I Am, Bitch?

WTF was this dumb ass thinking? Is his show even still on the air? Seriously…is it?

Did you hear about this one, dear readers? It seems that talk show host Montel Williams was in Savannah promoting that program he does the commercials for…you know the one that offers free prescriptions to low income people? A very admirable cause I might add. Anyway, I guess some reported was interviewing him and said something that Mr. Williams took offense to, cause Montel to shut down the interview immediately.
As it turns out, later that day Savannah Morning News reporters, including one Courtney Scott, a high school intern for paper, returned to the hotel were the initial interview had taken place, on a totally unrelated assignment.
As they were preparing to film whatever it was they were there for, Montel walked up to little Courtney, along with his bodyguard (because we know how intimidating little high school white girls can be), stuck his finger in her face and said; “Don’t look at me like that. Do you know who I am? I’m a big star, and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up.”
Can you believe that shit? The little girl was reported as saying; “I’m sorry, sir. I couldn’t tell who you were due to that blinding glare coming from your head.” (HA! Just kidding. She didn’t say that. I’m sure she was too dumb struck to say anything.)
The young intern wasn’t quite sure how to take the comment. (She should have taken it as a terrorist threat and reported his ass to the authorities. Where the hell does he get off?) Once again, niggers…This is not how we threat our white folks here in the States. I know they ass are getting a little too comfortable with us and shit, but we still have to follow proper protocol.
Montel, of course, would later issue a formal apology for overreacting to the situation. You see, he thought that the young intern and the other reports and photographer were there to confront him about his earlier incident with reports. (You ain’t Oprah, nigger. Ain’t nobody thinking about yo dumb ass! Hell, you ain’t even Stedman!)
I’m trying to understand why, out of everybody out there, he decided to confront the juvenile girl. I mean, I’m sure the chick was staring at him. Hell, she was probably thinking, “Is that Montel Williams? Gosh, I thought he was dead.” Or maybe, “Wow, is that Michael Jordan (you know how all bald, brown skinned men look alike)? Shesh, he’s really let himself go.” But whatever the reason she was staring at him, if she was looking at his at all, it still doesn’t give him the right to threaten the child. He probably traumatized the poor child. Now she’ll never find a nice, young African-American Athletic to marry.
Shame on you, Montel. When they taught you to ‘use your words’ in school threatening words is NOT what they meant. You stupid man-bitch.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Marcol said...

Funny and sad all in the same breath. Lol@ now she wont find a nice african american athletic to marry...just lol.

Montel ought to know better. He's been a part of the media so he should know what we can and cant get away with. Just stupid!

Rodney said...

Mongoose was definitely wrong for going off on that girl. It's certainly not the way to develop white people because you know we have to train them on the daily. She's already clutching her pocketbook when one of us comes near her. Maybe he forgot to take his own damn medication.

Becky will find herself an athelete, trust and believe.


Montel, know he's wrong with his irrelevant-wishing he was Oprah_behind. He probably made a pass at the po' girl and she looked at him like "Nig** please!"-and his pride was hurt. He betta calm his butt down b4 his MS, PMS, P.S. whateva his affliction is, flares up!

Twin, i'm with you, she probably thought he was someone else.
Good post ;) dad'll be proud!

WhozHe said...

So sad, some people over estimate their importance and Montel is one of them.

guerreiranigeriana said...

such a numb-nut!...literally!!...i'm annoyed that the monkey still has a show...i overheard bits of it while i sat in the waiting room at kaiser the other day...just a waste of airtime by someone who pretends to care so much...

...where do these people get off with the whole, 'do you know who i am?' shit?...she should have been like, 'negroid, do you know who the f i am?..since you don't, back the f up off me!'...just to scare his stupid ass and make him start thinking...he better be careful before the white people rally and get his show taken away, you know, for revenge for imus and dogman or bounty-whatever his damn name was...

David said...

HA! I just read this. It's funny because I live in Savannah and even funnier because I too don't care much for Mr. Montel. He seems like the black version of Geraldo Rivera to me, or vis versa.