Thursday, December 27, 2007

Does Chris Stroke or Not?

Okay, I’m gonna try to keep this post short and sweet, since it seems that everyone in their momma have already broached the story in one way or another. I’m also not going to post the video clips from YouTube, because I am sure you have already seen those as well.
What am I talking about? The claim by two former members of B2K that their manager, Chris Strokes, molested them before they were even teenagers. The allegations stem from a video made by Raz B, aka Demario Thorton and his older brother Ricardo. The duo both claim to have suffered at the hands of Mr. Strokes (no pun intended).
Raz-B, who says he can not speak for the other members of the former singing group, also believes that Omarion, Lil’ Fizz and J-Boog may have also fell victim to Chris Strokes alleged pedophilia. Of course, Omarion has already gone on record to straight up call both Raz-B and Ricardo Thornton, Butt Ass liars (I added the butt ass part). According to Omarion, Chris Strokes was like a father figure to him and many others in the industry (and we all know how fathers don’t molest their own kids).
- I didn’t know Chris Strokes was Omarion’s uncle. And, apparently he is Raz-B’s cousin. Say what!-
If you have seen the video postings on YouTube you might remember hearing the voice of a man, who is suppose to be Chris Strokes, saying “I don’t do that anymore. That was me years ago…I just don’t do that in my life anymore.” (We are talking about something that happened ‘years ago’, nigga. Shut the fuck up.)
Chris Strokes say that the above statement was taken out of context. That this whole thing stems from the fact that he has recently stopped supporting the duo; as well as assisting them with their criminal and legal problems (and that was what he was referring to in the telephone conversation). So the little bastards are just being spiteful. After all, he (Chris Strokes) is has been married for years and have kids of his own. Not to mention the fact that he is not gay. (And God knows that heterosexual, married men with children of their own do not molest. Just ask Senator Larry Craig).
Anyway, let me just end this post by saying that there is nothing funny about pedophilia. It is a horrible thing and pedophiles are some of the most reviled members of the human race. That being said, if Chris Strokes is a pedophilia then his parents named him right. Apparently, Chris does Stroke.
Anyway, this all becomes a mute point, because Raz-B has already gone on record and recanted all of the slanderous statements that he made regarding Mr. Strokes.
Ain’t that a bitch? You can’t take that kind of shit back. It’s like trying to take piss out of a swimming pool. It just ain’t gonna happen.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Bygbaby said...

This story is a hot mess! And you are right, once you make statements like that, how can you take that shit back.


Cocoa Rican said...

It's Stokes pa...Stokes...damn.
That was a 'Look at this nigga' moment right there! LOL
You're right though... I believe he messed with those boyz and someone reminded the B2K men that it won't work in their benefit to tell or fight any of it. You can't get your virginity back and you will still have flashes to your booty being messed with...
Personally, after going out on that limb they should've taken it all the way and locked homeboy down. It's time men/boyz realized that it doesn't demean us to have our attackers pay for the crimes they commit against us.
Enough taking minority boy booty and goin' on like nothing happened.

Bree said...

sounds like Raz has been bought off for less than 30 pcs of silver! He will never be credible again! That whole family needs some welts on their arms and legs James Evans style! They're making a mockery out of a very serious situation. smh

Ebonne said...

yeah... this story is crazy... i even watched the videos on youtube... i believe he probably did molest those boys... something was always never right about him anyway...

One Man’s Opinion said...

Cocoa-So, it is Chris "Stokes". Damn, that messes up my whole joke. What's up with calling me out on my on blog, cocoa? LOL. It's all good though. Chris Stokes can conjure up some mental images too.
Now, I do agree with you that since they brought it out they might as well as stuck to their guns (if something did happen).

Bree-We do not solve our problems by adding more abuse to the equation. LOL.

Ebonne-I'm just gonna gone and admit to not knowing who Chris Stokes was until this child molestation thing surfaced. I will say this...I to believe that he molested the boys. He may not have ever penetrated an orifice, but the fact that he got off by watching them shower together and handling their man purses is still sick. It is sad just how much power money has.

Don said...

lol @ the not being able to remove piss from the swimming pool water

There's no telling what is what with this story.

mp1 said...

Yeah, I was gonna correct you on the name, but we know there's no place for that over here.

This is all some nonsense. I aint even trying to pay attention to it.

ponoono said...

"remove piss from a swimming pool" is THE quote of the year !!!!

WhozHe said...

The entire incident is just sad.


Twin...i don't see any felonies on your or my record of life! leather to the back can go a long wayyyyy!

However in Chris Strokes case, a sock full of nickels w/ a couple of padlocks wouldn't hurt his nickel slick predatory behind!

and forget abuse...i know you're a cop bro, but if those were my kids...this would be a non issue...the only vid that would play is the video of his will-he'd be in purgatory by the time i'm thru with his behind!

someone better make sure he's supervised around his OWN kids. molesters don't discriminate. not joking.

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