Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please come home for christmas- Bon Jovi

First let me apologize for being out of pocket for so long. I had some medical malfunctions that could not be avoided. But I am back and ready to roll. So, now it is all about playing catch up.

Now, everyone knows that song, but I believe people are probably more familiar with Aaron Neville’s version of it. However, truth be told, Aaron Neville gets on my nerves. Buy some pants that fit, niggah. LOL. Anyway, you should like this one. And if you don’t…Who cares? This is my list damn it! Just kidding.
-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.



OMG! How are we fam-and I'm just finding out you were on invalid status?! What's really going on? oh, I guess I should say welcome back-

Welcome home, Twin! I forgive you, I thought you were out of town for the holidays. I pray everything was successful while you were incarcera--, in the hospital!

Love and miss you, and just ease into your posts...don't relapse! :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

You are a nut, twin. Truly a nut. By the way....I love the new head shot.....Very Glamorous. LOL. Yeah, I beat the rap. They can't keep a brother in jail...I mean in the hospital (wink, wink), forever.