Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back to the Pound

Look at this Peckerwood! What the fuck is wrong with these celebrities. A&E’s Dog the Bounty Hunter is now added to the list of fucking morons who have been caught on tape using some racial epithet. The word in question? You guessed it….NIGGER! Oh, how I love the word nigger. It is the most explosive, derogatory word you can use! If you wanna hurt somebody, I mean really cut ‘em deep. Call them a Nigger. Of course this only works if you are white or a truly self hating black.
The story, as I know it is that Dog went off of a telephone tirade with his son because he is dating a black woman. Apparently this is something that the Dog just can not tolerate. (The show is taped in Hawaii for pete-sakes. Can you blame the kid for getting his skin tones mixed up? In his lesson of hatred the Dog should have taught his son to check the nape line. Oh, well, live and learn.) Dog is reported as saying, my name is Dog and I ain’t having no bitches in my house (No, no….He didn’t say that…I just thought it was funny). Here is an actual quote from at least one of the conversations:
“I’m not going to take the chance, ever in life, of losing everything I’ve worked for for thirty years ‘cause some fucking nigger heard us say nigger and turned us into the Inquirer Magazine.”
From this simple quote, and you can listen to the outburst by going to the follow link (, I gathered that the Dog had been bombarding the young lady with the “N” bomb for so long that she got it on tape and passed in on to the National Inquirer (wow, you hardly ever hear about the National Inquire anymore). My favorite part of the quote is how he isn’t going to lose everything just because “some fucking nigger” heard him say the word “nigger”. That shit is priceless. If you listen to the clip you will hear Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, say that he doesn’t even care that his son’s girlfriend is black. (You could have fooled the fuck out of me). In a press released statement he says that he was only “disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character.” Yeah, right. You know how every time you are disappointed in a person character or lack there of, you result to calling them a racial slur. Happens to me almost daily.
Get this, it gets better. Dog, and I call him Dog because that is what he is to me right now and it has nothing to do with his title, says he is going to meet with his Spiritual adviser, a Rev. Tim Storey, who is black. (Boy these celebs be stepping up their game in their attempts to prove they are not racist. First there was “some of my best friends are black”, Halle has the Jewish friends that “work for her” and now Dog has a black “Spiritual Adviser”. That is truly one for the books.) Hey, I have a great idea, ladies and gentlemen, on how all of them can prove that they are not racist. STOP SAYING RACIST SHIT! It’s not that hard.
Now, of course, like all of the idiots before him, Dog has issued his formal apology and wants to meet with other black leaders so they can teach him the right thing to do to make things right again. He wants us all to know that the verbiage used in the private conversation with his son was “completely taken out of context.” (Can I direct your attention back to quote mentioned earlier in the post?) Yeah, kind of hard to take that shit out of context. Anyway, to their credit, A&E has halted production of Dog the Bounty Hunter after the tape recording surfaced. And, I say they damn well better cancel that shit, burn the tapes and prevent any hopes of syndication. Hell, after they fired the brother from Grey Anatomy and poor Don Immus, they better do more than smack the Dog, on the snout, with a rolled up newspaper. It not as if canceling the show will prevent him from continuing his career as a bounty hunter. Shit, I would think being racist help with that job. Hell, isn’t it a prerequisite?
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


Rodney said...

I NEVER watched this show before because he always struck me as trailer trash.

I am not at all surprised that the N word (in the hateful coontext) is part of his vocabulary. I've always found the most racist white people to be those who are the most threatened by successful Black folks.

It's like they blame what they lack on hard-working folks who are able to make something of themselves despite all attempts to hold them back.

That statement probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I don't feel like I'm making a lot of sense lately. I'm angry and tired and just plain sick of stupid people.

I do applaud A&E, which I enjoy, for halting production of the show, but that won't keep it from being picked up by another network. Isn't Imus back on the radio?

He can call me a nigger all day long and I will laugh because the word really has no power over me. I know who I am, but I understand the pain associated with its use and certainly support Dog's happy ass being snatched off TV. He shouldn't have had a show in the first damn place!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Rodney, you are so very funny. I too hate stupid people and everything you said made perfect sense to me. Now, you sound sad, and I don't like it when my blog brothers are upset or sad....

guerreiranigeriana said...

never even heard of this monkey until this story...funny how he supposedly didn't want to risk losing it all by his son dating a black girl and telling national enquirer that he talks like that and now the whole world knows...eediot!! my mom and dad would say, really draw out the first part...once again, your writing is classic!...but now, just to play devil's advocate...shouldn't this dumbass be able to say whatever he wants and still keep his show?...afterall, it was supposed to have been a private phone conversation...what happened to freedom of speech? as they take away all rights...right in front of our eyes and as we applaud it...hmmmnn...i may go blog about that....hope you are feeling less fucked!!!..

One Man’s Opinion said...

I totally agree with the freedom of speech thing, but the way the tide is flowing these days, he needs to suffer the same faith as everyone else who has used such racial slurs. It is just fair. Of course, Don Imus is back, like Rodnehy said.