Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dr. Who?

I’m sad when anybody dies. I don’t know why, because I know that death is just a part of life and all that hoopla. I just don’t do death very well. I don’t know Kanye West personally, but loosing a mother…My deepest condolences go out to him and his family (how sad that the media feels the need to feeds on the tragedy like a crackhead on food stamp Friday). Anyway, I’ve been trying to decide what direction I was going to take on this post and I still don’t know, as you will be able to see as you read this piece of crap.

Yesterday I was looking at other people’s blogs and on one I learned that Kanye’s mom died, possibly from complications of cosmetic surgery; perhaps a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. Dr. Donda West, who was only 58 years old at the time of her death, had her whole life a head of her. Dr. West (I love saying that, because it shows she was an educated woman) left the field of academia in 2004, after working 31 years in the practice of higher education. She stopped serving as chairwoman of the Chicago State University English department and was the current chief executive of West Brands LLC; one of Kanye’s businesses. The company was developed to improve literacy and to decrease the dropout rate of children.

How sad is it that she will never forefeel whatever else life had in store for her, because she died at the hands of the motherfucker shown above. This, dear readers, is Dr. Jan Adams. Dr. Adams is a prominent cosmetic surgeon who had made appearances on such shows from Discovery Health to Oprah-hell, and everyone know if you are on Oprah you gotta be good (especially if you are black and on Oprah. Oprah don’t do Niggers on her show). Well, apparently Dr. Adams is good, good at getting his black ass sued for malpractice. It has come to the light that since 2001 Dr. Adams has been plagued with law suits by former patients, who claimed that he botched their surgery. I use the word plagued, because in my mind, more than one such suit is cause for major concern (I don’t play with surgery, I don’t give a damn if it’s just a root canal).

As I searched the internet for more information on Dr. Adams (and I do remember him from that short lived talk show, “The Other Half” which was pretty much NBC’s answer to “The View” only with dicks) looking for ways to hammer this brother for being a leach on society, suckling on the sagging tit of the unhappy housewife, it occurred to me that I was being unfair. It is not Dr. Adams fault that Dr. West or any of the other women, whose titty tightening went awry, suffered the pangs of complication (well, technically it is, but go with me on this one). I blame our narcissistic society! If it wasn’t for the fact that we lived in a world that is constantly telling us that “thin is in”, that nappy hair ain’t “good hair” (I love my naps) and that we just plain ain’t good enough, then maybe people wouldn’t go to such drastic measures to change themselves—Anyone else remember that show on ABC where people would go through drastic plastic surgery in order to feel good about themselves? It was horrible (but I watched it anyway…I don’t care).

Cosmetic surgery is no joke, people! I believe that society pays far too much attention to the “Cosmetic” part of that and not enough on the “Surgery” aspect. Let’s face it, when we think about the word cosmetic we think about the superficial; lipstick, eye shadow and shit like that. There is nothing even remotely scary about the word. However, surgery is a different ball game all together. When you think of surgery you think of scalpels and forceps, face mask and anesthesiology, lying in a sterile room, on a metal table, half death while somebody you don’t know cuts you open and removes vital organs from your lifeless torso. Scary, huh? Yeah, that’s the shit people should think about when considering cosmetic surgery. Cosmetics maybe all powder puffs and curling irons, but surgery ain’t no joke! Whatever happened to growing old gracefully?

So, what have we learn from this people? If you are considering getting cosmetic surgery, of any type…Think long and hard about the consequences of your decision and then go to a white doctor. You heard me!

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace (and you are beautiful just the way you are).


Opinionated Diva said...

I can't say that I blame the plastic surgeon completely. It's been said that Dr. West had already received word that her heart problems made this type of surgery risky and still she chose to do it anyway.

I agree with you on our narcisstic society dictating what is beautiful. But a lot of it has to do with people wanting a quick fix for everything.

Hey thnx for the kind words on my post today!

dc_speaks said...

dude, you sure know how to stir up the pot. I enjoyed this post immensely. I agree with you completely on societal pressures and vanities.

you said it all, brother. you said it all!


Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer in not going under the knife unless I have to. So no plastic surgery for me ever. Hell I'm even scared of botox.

mp1 said...

Go to a white doctor...why do I keep reading yo ignant azz!? lol

But good stuff. It never even crossed my mind to think about the surgeon here.

Death while under the knife for cosmetic surgery is soooo not kosher. lol

yet another black guy said...

i feel for her and her son in this very sad time. regardless of what she wanted to 'improve' about herself, her reason for surgery shouldn't be used as a way to justify/rationalize her death.

i believe in growing old gracefully, but if one wants to change something, go 'head on. it's your life (or death).

Infamous said...

Once again you have me over here rolling. I mean you called her surgery "titty tightening" lol. Oh yea and you are right...Oprah dont allow niggers on her show. I have to agree though, if society's standards of beauty were different people wouldn't be going under the knife for some "cosmetic" surgery. I was just telling my friend that she went 58 years with saggy titties, so why now did she decide to do something about it. I agree...Go to the white doctor next time.


One Man...I'm not sure if you checked the post about this lunatic on my blog, but if you click the links you'll see EIGHT different issues he's had as a dr.

I've also posted today, where his ex-wife had a restraining against him after he nutted up on her behind at a thanksgiving dinner, with her family and child in the house!

He is certifiable with his drunk driving-butcher kniving (yeah i made up a word, and??)-serial killing-misogynistic-in denial-control-control freakish *&$!
He's a done deal after Kanye hissy fat having behind gets through with him!!

One Man’s Opinion said...

iventbyblogging-Okay everybody, remember how I started this blog by saying that I read about Dr. West's death being related to cosmetic surgery? It was iventbyblogging's blog where I learn this. Thank you iventbyblogging.

Don said...

Hate it for Dr West and Kanye and their loved ones to have to forever deal with such a tragic death. Especially under the surrounding circumstances.

Fame comes with a price. One way or another.

One Man’s Opinion said...

true that, don

bighead said...

I don't blame the doctors; I blame the patients.

Lola Gets said...

LMAO@"The View with dicks!"
I was wondering where I knew that Drs. face from.

Marcol said...

Its sad that Dr. West lost her life behind a terrible decision and a wack-ass doctor. But truthfully she'd been warned. So who is really to blame? I agree with the person who said she went 58 years with saggy titties why not ride it out for life?

Anyway, I have made cosmetic changes in my life but not under the knife. Ive done em all the good old-fashion way eat less and exercise and if I cant get it that way then I sure the hell wont have it. There is no "cosmetic" surgery worth death unless it is something I need because I was in an accident or something or someone was born with a deformity.

She was so smart, how did she succoumb to this????? SAD.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Marcol-I think it is like this. When you are in the world of Academia no one really give a hot what you look like, but when you are in the world of pretty people, you can't help but want to meet that expectation. We all have our self-esteem issues.


thanks for the love One Man...
you hit it on the nail we all have esteem issues...if i had the $$ i know a few things i'd change...but please believe i'd research like a dickens..i don't rush into buying a car, choosing where I live, what I eat etc.

It's a shame that she's sort of a sacrificial lamb, and true enough as educated as she was, she made a deadly irrational decision...however the good (and yes there is good) thing is..that butcher perpetrating fraud is FINALLY EXPOSED.

FINALLY people are taking notice and its shameful it took Dr. Donda to die...but it'll prevent others from becoming a statistic under his scalpel. i can go to sleep- I wanted to show you some love b4 i went to sleep :) lol

nighty night,
Ivent :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thanks for the love, Ivent. I got to say this last thing on the subject and then I am done. I don't believe that Dr. Adams is done by any means. He will find a way to practice and desperate people will continue to go to him, because the price will be right. He heard that the nigger takes food stamps. I'm just saying.

MsPuddin said...

Well I had my dose of keeping it real…thank you for this. The fckd up part is I still want my boobs done, but I want Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210!


ROFLMBO! Ms Puddin' I said the same thing! Only Dr Rey can touch me and if I have to hock one of my kids' and kick his wife towards a fat-laden, anti-depressant serving smörgåsbord to do be it! lol

One Man...I do not believe he'll be able to accept Monopoly money...Discovery Channel (read "The Establishment") has interceded. They're going to have a heckuva fight on their hands too...he was on their advice and he has been sued for malpractice multi-times.

If they can prevent him from stitching a button a shirt-they will-cuz they'll come out smelling like a rose....and he's a nigger. A nigger who has killed Dr. Donda...but "more importantly" BUTCHERED WHITE WOMEN! I'm just saying.

If he does anymore surgery it'll be done at rest stops off the hwys and byways!


Miss Puddin' per my research on Dr. Rey...he's not board certified in plastic surgery either. he is a surgeon just not plastic surgeon.


One Man’s Opinion said...

I agree, ivent. He will be in Mexico or some other place practicing his craft.