Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hip Hop Hooray

Damn it, I hate it when I’m positive on this blog. Still, just like I have no problem calling my people out when they are being stoop’it. I sometimes feel the need to give them a pat on the back when they do something great and unexpected.
Did you guys know that Lil Romeo could play basketball (I mean, really play)? I didn’t.
Did you know that he was an honor student at Beverly Hills High? Hell, did you know that there was an actual high school by the name of Beverly Hills High (You know that shit sounds made up)? I didn’t. Oh, and get this. This Beverly Hills High is ranked among the top fifteen prep point guards in the Nation. I have no idea what that means but, WOW!
I must admit, I never had much use for Lil Romeo. After seeing him on an episode of MTV’s Crips, I had him pegged as just another little spoiled, uppity, rich kid.
I never quite got the point of his television show on Nickelodeon. I always thought he was a sucky little rapper, wannabe, trying hard to keep up with his counterpart, Lil Bow-Wow. I’ll be damn if I wasn’t more than a little shocked to find out that he is an actual platinum selling, hip-hop rapper who has sold 20 million CDs and is worth somewhere in the league of $50 million dollars his damn self , because lets face it, both the boys acting and rapping talents are questionable at best.
Oh, and did you know that he has his own brand of potato chips, called Rap Snacks Inc? I looked into this and was able to find out that each bag of chips features a cartoon and biography of one prominent rapper or another. He has dubbed his salty treats as being ‘The Official Snack of Hip Hip’ (so maybe on Hip Hop artist purchase the shit, but I’ve never seen it around anywhere).
Okay, okay. I almost forgot that this was supposed to be an uplifting piece on the young rapper (sorry, it is just so easy to revert back to type).
The reason for this post is to give Lil Romeo his props, because although all of shit above is impressive I am more impressed that, with all of his fame and fortune, Romeo completing high school with top honors and was able to win a full basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California. Now that’s what I’m talking about! If you wanna impress me, show me yo academic skills. How come this kind of shit is never fully showcased by the media? This is some impressive stuff, which shows that not all our young black rappers are out there trying to be all gangsta with the drugs, guns and bitches hype (good job on instilling some values into your child Master P. Who knew?) I applaud Romeo for his efforts.
Oh, and get this…Romeo is quoted as saying; “Getting a college scholarship is more important than winning an American Music Award, and I plan to be the best student-athlete I can be at USC.” I love that shit. If I believed in role models I think he would make one hell of a good one. Sadly, his ‘brand’ is not marketable to the world at large. Apparently you gotta be on probation to get some good press.
You go head, Lil Romeo. I ain’t mad at ya. Get yo Hoop Dreams on, because Lord knows your little ass can’t rap (Sorry, I can’t help myself).

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Marcol said...

Who would have known he had it going on like that. Youre right its so sad that the media doesnt hone in on his intellect and athletic abilities. They just parade his rapping and acting. If more kids knew about his dedication to education perhaps it would inspire them to do better in school themselves.

On another note, since he's worth 50 million perhaps he'll give his free ride to college to a kid who has the smarts but not the that would be noteworthy too :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

You know, Marcol. I could not agree with you more. I almost addressed the fact that he didn't need the free ride, seeing as he has the resources to put himself through the best of colleges, with out batting an eye. But I decided not to broach that topic. Peace.


Good point...i'm just wondering if his lead-foot-broken-grammar (with all that money he couldn't get a GED or something close to it?)dad is attempting to live vicariously thru Romeo?? And those ghetto chips-are all the rage in a ghetto near you. At least in Detroit.

He turned out to be a cutie..obviously takes after mom...WHAT UP TWIN?????
love you, kiss kiss ;)

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, lil' sis, Twin. So you are saying that these chips actually do exist and you have seen them? Have you tried them? Are they any good?

D-Place said...

Good post. Yeah there really is a Beverly Hills High School. Used to work right next to it.


yes..those chips really do exist. they have different rap stars...romeo, master P, Big Herk, Mack 10, my son says he think silk the shocker too are on the bags...each rapper has a different flavor...i've tasted Romeo (too sweet..the chips, not him..althougghhhhh *clearing throat* where was I) uhhh yes...those ghetto chips are in the hood for .25, and 1.00

One Man’s Opinion said...

Alright, little sis. You are in charge of getting a bag of those chips to me.

guerreiranigeriana said...

you should submit this for the black male appreciation site...he's young but that's least, by me:)...