Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dennis "Freakman"

Talk about your blast from the past. When was the last time you saw this Nigger? Dennis Rodman. He use to play basketball, didn’t he? Or was he a fashion model for wedding dresses? I can’t remember which. Oh, well…
Mr. Rodman is in the news once more. Back in March of 2006 he was at the Hard Rock Hotel (I don’t know which one) and touched some chick, I believe she was a waitress, on the booty.
Actually the woman’s name is Sara Robinson and she use to act as the “beverage manager”; can you say, gloried bartender? In the lawsuit she filed in federal court, just this past week, Ms. Robinson accuses Mr. Rodman of rubbing against her body and slapping her on the ass (I didn’t even know white women had asses). According to the complaint Mr. Rodman was a guest in the resort and after several failed attempts at getting Mrs. Robinson’s attention, he proceeded to try to climb on top of the bar (told ya she was a bartender). I guess in an attempt to stop him Ms. Robinson stepped around the bar and that is when she was accosted by Mr. Rodman, who grabbed a hold of her, pulled her body close to his and began to rub his chocolate all up on her vanilla. When she tried to wrestle free from him Mr. Rodman reached down and slapped that ass of her’s (sound effect of your choice here).
Ms. Robinson was later fired by the Hard Rock, which she says is a resort of filing a formal complaint against Mr. Rodman for the assault on her person. Can you believe that shit? C’mon now…Dennis Rodman doesn’t have that kind of clout. Surely she was fired for some other reason.
At any rate, the court documents show that Ms. Robinson is now suing both the club and Dennis. Dennis for the assault and battery and the Hard Rock Hotel for negligence, since they failed to protect her from said assault.
I joke, but I wish Ms. Robison the best of luck. I have three sisters and four nieces and I am appalled by Mr. Rodman’s behavior. Surprised? No. Appalled? Yes. No one has the right to put their hands on a woman if she does not desire it; and Dennis Rodman….Ewwww!
Poor Mr. Rodman. He is no stranger to these types of lawsuits. Did you know that back in Vegas, 2001, a former craps dealer by the name of James Brasich, was awarded $80,000 in damages after he filed suit against Mr. Rodman for humiliating him in the casino of the Mirage?
Get this; Mr. Brasich alleged that Mr. Rodman rubbed his dice on the man’s head, chest, stomach and genitals during a game of craps in 1997 (I’m guessing/hoping this was done for luck). Okay, the head, chest and stomach, I might be able to understand, but don’t you think the guy would have made an attempt to stopped him before he got to the genitals. C’mon, he was obviously headed that way.
That verdict was later appealed and Rodman and Brasich were able to come to an undocumented settlement agreement.
Mr. Rodman, didn’t your mother teach you not to play with other people’s private parts? Keep your damn hands to yourself…or at least pick a side.

-On Man’s Opinion. Peace.


SpecialK261 said...

mannnnn...Can you say "Money in the bank"....i hope she got her would have sued his ass too....if the story is indeed through...I believe she was justified in her reaction...if a "nobody" had done that....they would have been haled out of the casino by security and embarrassed severely...celebrities shouldn't be allowed more lenient justice than every other tax payer....the casino is also to blame seeing that they did not take her matter seriously and compromised one of their workers safety in the name of the almighty dollar...they should pay for this too!!!

Bygbaby said...

When you fuck around with DR you can expect anything so just stay fucking clear on the side of caution IMHO.

"Mr. Rodman, who grabbed a hold of her, pulled her body close to his and began to rub his chocolate all up on her vanilla." That is funny as hell

On another note, I think DR is a poster child for VD & condom ads.


Opinionated Diva said...

I am so laughing at that glorified job title...particularly because I have one myself! lol

I'm with you. I'm not hardly surprised at what DR does. He's a freak of nature for real!

Good luck to the little Beverage Manager though!

yet another black guy said...

is he still alive?