Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bloody Messiness

Here we go again with all the bullshit. I come back for one day and am immersed in drama. Let me paint the picture for ya. The night starts off simple enough. I am able to complete about fifteen minutes of paper work before we have to go into detail. I go into detail at eleven, make sure everyone is there and give out any pertinent information for the watch. After detail I talk to a couple of my peeps and give them their special assignment for the night and letting my rookie in training know that I need to speak to him in private. While I am doing this the red-headed bitch comes into tell me that someone from one of the neighborhood associations wants to talk to a sergeant. Alright, so I tell her I’ll be there in a moment.

I gather my things and tell my rookie in training to follow me, I just need to handle the call quick, fast and in a hurry. As I walk out of the detail room and am about to go take the phone call I see Sgt. Grumpy Ole’ ass bitch (I forget what I called him in previous post), sitting up there on his ass. So I think, fuck that. Surely he has spoken to whoever called and if he hadn’t he would want to; I’m going to talk to my troop. This is my last day with him, since he trainer was being promoted to Sergeant and we need to get some things out of the way.

We are back in the Sergeants area for about fifteen minutes or so when Officer Red Headed Bitch comes stumping her big ass around the corner to ask if I ever handled the phone call she told me about. I tell her no and that I have no plan on doing so when Sgt. Ole Ass is sitting right there. So, she gives me this constipated ass look, like she’s the one with the hemorrhoid; (BITCH) turns and stalks away.


Less than a minute later Sgt. Ole ass comes charging back, like he all big and bad. I swear his old ass must have power walked his ass back to confront me, while I am still with my Rookie in training.

Ole Ass: The person on the line wants to speak with a patrol sergeant, over the twenties and I’m not a patrol sergeant! -Then he turns and storms off.
(No, this motherfucker did not just charge me up, is what I was thinking.) I just sit there, give one of Tam’s patented :blank stares: to the rookie, rap things up with him and then walk up front to take the call. I WAS PISSED. First off the guy on the phone, who sounded high as hell, just wanted to know if his extra patrol was still on file. How the fuck am I suppose to know? They should have just filled out another one. Second, it was for an area in South Dallas and that sergeant was there, not doing shit. Anyway, I took the guys information, told him that I would take care of it and stormed off.

Anyway, so now I am pissed. I can’t believe the bitch and the bastard have called me away from what I was doing for something so fucking petty, and plus I didn’t appreciate either of their attitudes so I decide to take it to the LT. Which I did.

We all go into the Lt’s office, shut the door and I voice my complaint. I let all parties involved know that I don’t mess with or disrespect anyone in the damn place and expect the same courtesy. Then there was a whole goes around in circle moment and I end up loosing my temper. Well, actually, I didn’t lose it. The damn thing ran away. I found it later, but it was too late. The damage had been done.
I think what pushed me over the edge was when Sgt. Grumpy Ole Ass lied on me. This is how it played out, and keep in mind, I am hell-a-loud by now.

Lt is sending Red Headed bitch out the office with her Sergeant and I pretty much don’t have anything else to say. My grievances have been brought to the table and now these motherfuckers know where they stand with me. In other words, don’t fuck with me and we’ll be all good. However, as he is getting up to leave Sgt GOA says: I just have one thing to say. In my twenty years here as a sergeant we have never had a problem with other sergeants taking phone calls and now he (meaning me) comes in and issues a memo saying how he will no longer take phone call.

Me: That’s a lie. I never once said I wouldn’t take any phone calls!!!!!

GOA: I know what the letter said and it said that you would not be taking any more phone call. Now I if you are okay with this Lt….(and I missed what else he said because I am already chiming in).

Me: You a lie! (and yes I did say, "You a", all education was out the door by this point) That is not what I said!!! I know what I wrote and plus I sent a copy of the email to the LT!!!! (Check your recipient list, asshole)

Lt: Well, maybe lie is too harsh a word, maybe we should call it a misunderstanding.

Me: No, he’s a lie and I’m not going to stand here and let him lie on me!!!! I know what I wrote!
LT: Well, can we agree to call it a misunderstanding?

Me: No, he’s lying and he knows he’s lying and I’m not going to let him sit there and lie on me!!!!!!!

Lt.: Well, it is about time for us to go into the second detail. We can finish this up afterwards, if you want.

-Once again, whatever. I'm done with it.-

Sgt. GOA is sitting in the sit next to the door, so I wait for him to get his ass up and go. He stands his wrinkled ass up, looks at me and grunts. I’m thinking, alright you old fuck, don’t think I want whoop your ass and piss on the remains. You don’t know me. You already done made me go stereotypical Angry Black Man up in here. Don't think I want put one of this size 11 1/2 up your ass.

Anyway, I was mad for a minute, which was cool. I used the heat to propel me quickly through the work I was so far behind on. Of course once I got over being mad I felt regret and wondered if I had over reacted. I am such a pussy. LOL

Ain’t yall glad yall don’t live in big D with all the little Drama parties we have going on between us. Yall know that shit is ridiculous. And here I go playing right along with it. Oh, and to top it all off, I find out that I have been accused of stopping some members of the Black Panthers, harassing their leader and taking his gun. Then I'm told that I release the guy, but keep his gun just for the hell of it.
First of all, if I take a gun off your ass and you don’t have a permit to carry it. you best believe you are going to jail, but that’s not the point of this mess. All this harassing of the Black Panthers happened this weekend. This weekend, people! Can someone tell me where I was this week end? My happy ass was all the way up in Austin, taking picture so a wedding. See how people lie. And this lying bastard mentioned me by name, and I am the only One Man on the department.
I love my life. Don’t it sound like fun. But hey…at least my hemorrhoid went away.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Dreamy said...

boy the Lion came out of your azz huh,lol

yeah i would be just as pissed how he gonna lie on you

old wrinkles azz. you should have tripped his azz and mumbled "got ya bitch". that would have been funny assssssss helllllzzzzz,lol

anywho i just sat here for about 5 minutes studying the picture you put up. where do you get this stuff from?

too freaking funny(the pic)

JayBee said...

gotta love the work drama. i've been mia for a few days. i gasped audibly when i read the last line. i didn't realize how close we all were to share information about growths on our bodies. glad that the storm is over now.

Anonymous said...

I made sure not to read the hemorrid post cause I just knew it'd be way too much for me. ☺

I see your frustration here in this post, and I feel for you. It's
hard working with ignorant ass self serving, manipulative ass ppl, but keep in mind the greater case in which you're fighting for.

And though your temper ran away later, you held it pretty well while speaking with your Rookie... cause if homeboy would have stormed off on me, I may have jumped on his back and dug my nails into his eye sockets. I need help though.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Gotta let it out, you crack me up.

RealHustla said...

Aww man. Sound like Ole Ass is just as fiery as you though. You think ya'll gone fight, LOL? I know, I'm sooo messy.

fuzzy said...

Sgnt GOA woulda got more than my lip and I woulda got a demotion! 3 cans of whoop ass woulda been boot dry!

Glad that the Hemmroid went away! I'm sure that wasn't pleasant! I am wondering how you had time to sneak 4 posts on here when I been trying to read posts everyday! hmmm I only skipped yesterday! how'd you do it? lemme know! lol

Anonymous said...

Well, One Man, being in law as opposed to law enforcement, I can't vent online about crazy judges and clients from hell; attorney-client privilege and all that. At least you get to legally SHOOT muthafuckas once in awhile!

All this stress is just life telling you to step up the art tip. How's the book coming?

As for your asshole being closed for repairs, I would think that the Mexican influence on diet in Texas would reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids. Remember, beans are your friend! Fiber and farts = good health. (LOL)

Ms Smack said...

Sorry mate. I saw 'poop' and some other key words, and thought it was a follow-up to the one cup, two girls post. I had to pass, xx Smack.

lyre said...

Can't get no Fuck Buddy with a hemmy hangin' glad you are protrusion free! YAY!


hahahaha. I would have shot him for less, but I am a REDHEADED BITCH! :)

Sha Boogie said...


Yes, you killed me with 'you a lie!' LMAO!!

And '.... I end up loosing my temper. Well, actually, I didn’t lose it. The damn thing ran away. I found it later, but it was too late. The damage had been done...'

Hey, did your inner ass pimple runaway with your temper? HA!

P.S.. OMG!! Your comment was crazy, serious? What an IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

So sad that the highlight of this post was once again, about that damn hemorrhoid of yours. Drugs.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Look at real Hustla trying to start stuff, while I'm trying to run away from it all.

Mark, I told yall I got the rejection note from one publisher, but have yet to hear anything from the other.

All is done on the book with the exception of the background drawings and such, now I have been blogged down with photography. I enjoy photography, but it is not my true love. I have yet another gig scheduled in December. Imagine that. I'm gonna have to just start telling folks no.