Monday, June 23, 2008

Adventures in Weddings

I am back and the trip was outstanding. Before I start let me just say that I mislead you fine folks just a tad, by saying that I would be the only brother at the wedding. The truth is my friend, let’s call her Nettie, husband, we’ll call him Budda, is from Africa. He is truly African-American. And he drives like he is from Africa too, whatever that means. He drove us all the was to Austin and my brother does not know how to respect his lane. It was so funny to see the expression of the drivers as we passed them or they broke ass to get pass us. It was not a look of anger either. It was like a look of pure terror. Very, very funny.

While we were driving there I get all the good juice on what is going on in the world of our friends and an update on what is going on in the world of the Nettie family. Some interesting stuff, but I refuse to share it with the world. Mainly because I made Nettie aware of my blog and I know she will read it. LOL.I am also made aware that we have hotel room issues. The issues is that the plans have fallen through and there is the possibility of us not having rooms at the Four Season. In the long run it worked out for “the good”. Remember when I said that I was concerned with the sleeping arrangements? Well, as it turned out they got me a room of my very own. How cool is that? (Above is the picture of the room I stayed in.)

The first day we went over to one of Nettie’s older brother’s house to celebrate his thirty fifth birthday. As soon as we enter the door we are greeted with smiles, hugs and nice to see you again (for me). I am immediately made to feel welcome, as if I am in the bosom of my own family. We eat drink and are merry until we get back to the hotel and that is when the drama begins. Drama that I will not write about, but it was true drama. I am not a drama person, I don’t think and neither is Nettie, so this level of drama caught me completely off guard, but lets just say we made it through.

The wedding was wonderful. It was at this cool outdoor Chapel. There was one moment of concern, when it just poured down rain. Luckily, by the time of the wedding it had all passed over and it was just your average, hot and humid day. The wedding was beautiful and Nettie’s sister made a beautiful bride. Everyone was happy, but it was so hot I was not able to take all of the pictures that I had scoped out territory for. I still took over four hundred shots, so there should be enough in that bunch to make a decent wedding album.

Over all Nettie’s family was the most warm and excepting families you ever want to meet. And the new in-laws were so very cool. We exchanged email addresses and phone numbers and stuff. I felt an immediate bond with them and trust me when I say that I am not that open to new people. Plus, I think I am a good judge of people and I can tell when people are just being polite and the friendship is not genuine. Oh, and get this. Before the wedding, Nettie’s sister gives me an envelop and tells me not to open it until I get home. I already know what it is and “no”. However, I do wait until I get back to the hotel to open it and sure enough there is a thank you card with a little something sumthing in it. I am flattered, but I can’t take it. I said I was going to do the pictures for free and I meant it. It is so like them to try to pay me, but they had to put my ass up in hotel rooms. I think that is payment enough. Plus, I enjoyed taking the damn pictures.

Over all I think a good time was had by all. Still, be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. Although my little sister did drive my car, which she was instructed not to do, and used up all my gas. I had at least two days of gas left in my baby and I left strict instructions for neither her or my brother to drive the damn thing. And then that heifer has the nerve to call and ask for me to pay my nephew’s daycare for the week. Can you believe that crap? Of course I say yes, because I can deny my nephew nothing. I’m really gonna have to get over that shit. LOL.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


dejanae said...

hey man
glad u enjoyed urself

smh@u payin for lil man's daycare

Anonymous said...

You know I like reading about drama. Why you tell Nettie about the blog? LOL

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

You knew they were going to drive your car. That's free gas. Why you leave your car keys at the house or do they have a copy of your keys?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

get over it lol
sounds like u really had a good time

RealHustla said...

Awwww, such a nice uncle. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself but the lack of details is just not fair. Can't you give us something?

James Tubman said...

family and friends

you gotta love em lol

One Man’s Opinion said...

Just plain stupid on my part Southern Gal. Silly me to think they would drive their own cars. That okay though, because I am taking ten dollars off what day care cost for her using up my damn gas..

Dreamy said...

happy u had a great time despite the drama, LOL

Sis got nerve huh?

Happy ur back

FREEDOM said...

Glad you had an overall nice trip. Your sister is blessed to have a brother like you to lean on.

One Man’s Opinion said...

yeah, my sister is getting over. She knows if she says it is for Manny I can't say no. That is how her ass got me to co-sign for a car for her and I don't do that crap. I need to build up my defenses or that girl will have me broke.

Stew said...

what was so terrifying about the way the guy drove?

glad you had a safe trip.

naijalines said...

U r a big softie, bro.... I mean... a tough guy with a soft centre.

naijalines said...

BTW, don't go around cracking that 'African bro with poor bearings' joke. Or I'll let my naija bros loose on you, lol.

That Girl Tam said...

Hey...I need ur email addy...I had to make my blog private and can't invite u without your email address.

fuzzy said...

that sounds like it went okay! there was drama, when is there not? lol there was rain, but there is always a lil scare! there is often times (note i didn't say always, lol) a love token! it was nice of them to offer!

Now this nephew of yours, you gota learn to say no. His momma gonna start takin advantage! Just beware!