Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whose View Is It?

My look at this nigger posting for today isn’t really a look at this nigger, I don’t suppose. It is more of a simple commentary.
I was looking at The View, yeah, I know...Not the manliest thing in the world to admit to, but get over it. Anyway, I was looking at the View and one of the first things they spoke about, during hot topics, was a comment that Bill O’Reily made on his radio show, after going to eat at a black owned and operated restaurant with Rev. Al Sharpton. The comment had to do with how Mr. O’Reily was impressed with how eating in a restaurant full of niggers was no different than eating in a restaurant fool of crackers. LOL. I’m paraphrasing here, if you want to read or hear what he actually said for yourself you’ll have to go to
At any rate, Whoopi and Sherry Shepherd (you know, the black chick who didn’t know the earth was round) were all up in arms about the comment. They were so put off and insulted about the remark that the man made. Now, I’m here to tell you. I read the comment and I heard the tape of the broadcast and although I think the words Mr. O’Reily used stemmed from ignorance, he was really trying to convey something positive. It really wasn’t something that should have pissed off black American, unlike that crack Don Imus made. (God knows we don’t want our nappy headed hoes being called nappy headed hoes, on public radio, unless it is done by nappy headed niggers, who are grilled and blinged out and know how to set it to music). But I digress.
I only bring this up the Whoopi/O’Reily thing because it concerns me that they (the black women on the View) would give so much air time to a man that gets enough publicity on his own, without help from The View. But the issue of Jena 6, was treated as if it were an after thought (I think they talked about it for like five minutes, in passing). Wouldn’t you think that if they were gonna get upset about racism and ignorance, that Jena 6 would have been the perfect topic to raise their voice in outrage about? Am I wrong? Of course I’m not.
Don’t get me wrong. I know that The View is still owned and operated by white folks, such as Barbara Walters, but I think as two black people, on the panel of women, that Whoopi and Sherri have an obligation to make hot topics out of hot issues going on in black society, every once and a while. If it makes the other women uncomfortable than so be it. Hell, Rosie didn’t have a problem bring up gay and lesbian issues, on just about every show!
I don’t know; maybe that’s just me. But that is why I always end these topics the same way…
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

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Sha Boogie said...

At first I was put off my his comment too, because he is usually saying something 'ignorant' - and true to his usual fashion, his comment was ignorant, but was not meant to do harm...typical white person.