Friday, September 14, 2007

If I Posted It

Look at this sad nigger. I must say that I feel sorry for O.J. I don’t know why, maybe it is because I feel like more than anyone he is constantly picked on. First he wins a case against him for murder only to loss a multimillion dollar civil suit against him for the wrongful death of his wife and here alleged lover (I’m still trying to understand how the hell that happened). Then the man tries to put out a book entitled; “If I Did It” only to have it black balled, being labeled immoral and tasteless. Then the Goldman’s, who were in the fore front of shooting down the publication of the book, sue for the rights of the book, change the title to “If I Did It: The Confession of a Murder” and put it on sale. How hypocritical are these asses? (White folks…You gotta love ‘em.) Now, Mr. Simpson is believed to be one of the prime suspects in the robbery of a guest’s hotel room, at the Palace Station Hotel. The reports vary, but the nuts and bolts of the allegation is that Mr. Simpson, along with some other unknown gentleman, robbed one of the hotel’s patrons and took a lot of sport memorabilia, at gun point.
I am actually hoping that O.J. did not commit this crime, but if he did…How dumb is this Nigger?
Sit your ass down, boy. Don’t nobody love or respect you any more. Get it through your thick ass head that the white folks are out to lynch you, so don’t keep supplying them with more rope. Damn, I realize that you gotta make money in order to survive and just by the nature of you being you the paparazzi is going to be around, but you can at least make an attempt to stay in the shadows. I think somewhere deep inside the nigger enjoys all of the attention, albeit negative. And, I guess that’s normal for someone use to being in the spot light. Still, I am hoping that O.J. is not so dumb as to be out there showing his ass: confirming to white folks that he is the criminal that they all believe him to be.
If you got away with murder nigger, sit your ass down and thank the good Lord (not that I think he did it, but If he did…).
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Oh, and just FYI…Sorry about there not being a post yesterday. I had wrote this really uplifting post, meant to uplift and glorify anyone who reads this offensively title blog, but YouTube screwed me over and the video never uploaded. Bastards! (YouTube, not you good readers.)

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Rodney said...

I concur. O.J. needs to tip toe gently through the rest of this life. He can't even scratch his balls if it feels good. Folks don't want him to have an enjoyable moment. They're really upset that he stills has his balls.