Monday, September 10, 2007

To the Moon, Kanye!

Look at this punk ass nigger. Why is it that Kanye West is always crying? Have you heard the latest? Now the whinny little bitch is crying because he was shut out and didn’t receive even one of the five Moon men at the MTV awards. Now the brother is threatening to boycott the MTV awards altogether because he feels cheated.
True to form, Mr. West plays the race card asking the every popular question, “Can a black man get a break?” Now, I am not a big awards show person, but I am sure that some black man somewhere has gotten a Moon man at the MTV music awards…and even if they haven’t keep in mine the platform we are talking about. MTV don’t cater to our demographic, Nigger! When was the last time your ass saw YO MTV Raps? That’s right; I think it was way back in the eighties. Take the hint, nigger! Now, sit your ass down, shut the hell up and count your money and the many awards you do have. Damn it!
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Rodney said...

Yes! Absolutely. I'm still gagging over "George Bush doesn't like black people." Obviously, GW just doesn't like poor people and most of them happen to be black.

Anonymous said...

kanye west should just die. thats one nigga that should be murdered. but noooooo.. the good ones are the one thats dead.. biggie, tupac, malcolm x... and this fucko is still around. sheesh..