Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thug or Mugged?

Look at this fool…er, I mean, Nigger. So, as everybody knows by now, Tick Daddy was arrested yesterday, at a strip club. As to be expected, he was intoxicated, belligerent and wanted to fight. What an idiot.
Okay, I will admit that I have been to a strip club, once. I was drugged there by this guy I went to college with. Personally it did nothing for me, but make me pity the women as they degraded themselves for cash (sure, it is their choice, but still). Somehow I managed to leave the location without getting drunk, injured or arrested. See, it can be done. I know it. I am a living example. So, can I just say to Trick Daddy, “Sit your happy ass down.” We all know you’re a thug, “All day, everyday”, but big deal. No man is a Thug when he drops the soap in a jail cell. LOL. That was uncalled for; I’m sure plenty of Thugs drop the soap and maintain there thugness.
One Man’s Opinion. Peace


Mr. Jones said...

I didn't hear about this. He just started fighting a random patron?

Forge said...

Actually, Mr. Jones. What he did was get intoxicated in the club, refused to leave and was threatening the police when they arrived. That had to arrest his butt for disorderly conduct. Peace out, young man.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see that most people in this world are stupid sheep!
EVERYONE knows that 99% of muggers are NIGGERS but no one says it. Why not? In America niggers are ruining an already ruined country and these niggers have started to destroy the UK with their filth too.
I am NOT a racist but niggers are trouble wherever you go. Why do the government not fix this age old problem?
They go and bomb innocent people for oil but will not get rid of this evil which is destroying their own homes? Very strange.