Sunday, September 9, 2007

Don't Buy the Hype

What is up with the fight, or should I say feud, between Kanye West and Fifty Cents? Isn’t there enough air play out there for the both of them? I’m still trying to decide if the declaration by Fifty Cents, that if Kanye West’s record (Graduation) sales more than his (Curtis), that he will stop making solo albums altogether is just a good natured challenge or plain out and out hateration. Of course, with the way wars happening in the world of Hip-Hop and Rap my guest would be that it is probably the latter.
Why, Fifty? Why? Just because Kanye moved up the release of his album to the same date as yours? Is that it? Apparently both Rap moguls’ albums are set to be released on September 11. September 11, people! The anniversary of 9-11! Hello! Shouldn’t we be focusing our attentions on more important things than who out sales whom on that date? Hell, I hope neither one of the dumb ass Niggers make a single sale (yeah, I know…that’s not going to happen, but hope springs eternal).
Personally, I could careless who wins the childish war for attention. I’ll be hopefully safe at home praying for peace in the Middle East as well as in the hearts and minds of my brothern. (Fifty’s dumb ass needs to stop rapping anyway; how ‘bout that? Yeah, I said it! And Kanye uses the “N” word in his lyrics. That hardly seems appropriate.) LOL
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

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Rodney said...

LOL... I love it! I try to refrain from dropping the "N bomb," but sometimes that shit is just absolutely necessary. Will you look at these niggers! I am feeling it.

Fitty... YES!
Osama... YES!
the Bishop... YES!
Michael Vick... YES!
G.W. Bush... YES!