Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Happens in Vegas Gets Aired Nationwide

Okay, I missed yesterday’s posting. Not because I was lazy or anything like that, but mainly because everyone was talking about that dumb ass O.J. Simpson and I had already talked about him. As a matter of fact, check the date, I beat a lot of people to the punch on that one (and I ain’t even down with all of the drama in the celebrity world. Anyway, I didn’t really want to weigh in on the O.J. thing again, but I ran across this picture today. It is the mug shot of one of the individuals alleged to be involved in the robbery, in Las Vegas.

Now, will you look at this nigger? He is 53 year old Clarence Stewart. Mr. Stewart, no relation to Rod (I’m guessing), is accused of being one of the men that was carrying a gun during the alleged break in of the hotel room in Vegas. (I just love when reports are required to use words such as alleged when they report these type of news items. Let’s look at the definition of the word, shall we? To assert something without proof…to state or assert something, especially by accusing somebody of wrongdoing without offering proof of it or with a view to proving it later). Well, apparently this nigger not only turned himself in but also turned over some of the missing items stolen during the robbery, including some autographed footballs. Can we at least stop using the word alleged when it comes to him? His ass obviously was involved. (Just a side bar, you might want to note that after O.J. was found not guilty of the double murder of his wife and her lover, people stopped using the words alleged altogether and started saying he did it right out. WHAT UP WITH THAT?)

Okay, so anyway, now Mr. Stewart is facing two felony counts of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon respectively, as well as burglary with a deadly weapon and conspiracy. DAMN, nigger! Excuse my French, but what the fuck? (I bet ya’ll didn’t know a brother could speak French, huh.) Anyway, you just know they are stacking all that stuff on Mr. Stewart, just so they can stick it to O.J. ‘Cause let’s face it, this case is all about O.J. and the Las Vegas police department is going to do their best to put his black ass behind bars for a long time.

Okay, enough about O.J. and back to Mr. Stewart. So how dumb must your ole’ ass be to commit any crime with O.J. Simpson, alleged or otherwise? C’mon, he’s O.J. Simpson, Bitch! LOL. Catch a clue. It just goes back to some of the dumb ass choices our people make. You know, like hitching a ride over to the States, from Africa, with them white folks, back in the day. LOL! Speaking of white folks, there was some of them involved in this mess as well….I’m waiting to see what they get charged with.

I really wanted to end this whole tell with something positive, but the reality is that this shit is just plain funny. LOL

One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

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