Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He Got No-Game

Will you just look at this dumb ass nigger? This week Jayceon Terrell Taylor, aka The Game, plead not guilty to charges of Possession and exhibiting a fire arm in a school. The plea comes after The Game allegedly pulled a gun on a young man during a game of pick up basketball in South Los Angeles. According to police reports The Game punched a player, from the opposite team, and then went back to his pimp red Caddy, grabbed a gun and threatened to kill the man. What the fuck?
See this is why I never got involved in any of the games of pick up basketball growing up, because some nigger always takes the shit to seriously and wants to get all violent and shit-well that and the fact that I have absolutely no skills. Seriously, you would think niggers were getting paid for the shit. It’s a game of friggin’ basketball for Piss Sake!
All that being said, what the hell is The Game doing even carrying a gun. Ain’t he some big rap artist? Shouldn’t he have a big entourage or a body guard or some shit to handle problems with outrageous fans and stuff? Not that this fits into that category, but still...If he was going into a situation where he felt unsafe; that’s when the body guard would come in handy. Am I right?
At any rate, the man is 27. At some point you would think he would grow out of this gun totting phase? Put the damn gun away. Packing a gun with the idea that you might have to shoot and kill someone that looks like you is the dumbest thing in the world but for some reason black folks buy into it. Did you know that the biggest killers of black people to date are guns, crack and other niggers? I can remember a time when the biggest killer of black folk was white folks. My how times have changed.
I hope they throw the book at his dumb ass, but of course they want.
And what kind of name is “The Game” anyway for a grown ass man?
Just as a side note: I made up that crap about the three biggest killers of black people, but I bet somebody thought it was true. You know why? Because it sounds true because that is all we see and hear. And you know why that is all we see and hear? Because that is how we allow ourselves to be represented.
One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Sha Boogie said...

LMAO @ 'for piss sake!'..Tee..hee..I like your opinion - rude, crude, sarcastic, TRUTH!! Preach on! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what a dumb ass nigger!

Henry said...

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