Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Am Not Happy!

I am not happy. Sometime yesterday my icebox broke down. I didn’t notice it until around two something and by then I was getting ready for bed and didn’t have time to search for my warranty or call a repair man or nothing. I go to sleep, go into work and get home to a very stank house. Yes, my house has gone from smelling like fucking fish, to a slaughter house. I am not happy!

So, since today is trash day, I grab a couple of plastic trash bags and dump everything. Sucks, to be me right. Then I take a nap, because I am exhausted and missed the phone call from the station, telling me that need me in City Court. City Court my ass! Let the bastard get away with whatever traffic violation he has committed. Sure, I can get a day off for missing court, but I have more pressing matters to attend to. Like seeing if I can find my warranty on this fucking refrigerator.

I clean out every junk drawer, look through all the papers I can think of and find paper work on my washer, dryer, oven, black and white portable tv, blender, IRA, fence, and everything else, but not the fucking Maytag refrigerator. I am pissed, because I have only owned the damn thing for like five years and it has already broken down. I thought Maytag shit was suppose to be the bomb. This shit is not the bomb, but it is the shit.

So, anyway, now I have to find a repair man, because I need my refrigerator to be working. Forget about the basic necessities of food, I can’t drink warm water. I just can’t do it. I need the damn thing fixed just so I can have water to drink. So, I go find my yellow pages and start flipping through the damn thing, in search of an appliance repair person. So, I’m flipping through the pages and it dawns on me that I can’t read a damn thing in the damn book. Well, that’s not true. I can read the phone number, but that’s it. Nothing else.

Why the hell is my yellow pages in Spanish? Seriously, why is the only yellow pages in my house a Spanish one? What the fuck?

So, I go online in search of a repair person. I need my damn refrigerator fixed. I am not happy! The repair place I found, that services the area that I live in, told me that they charge forty-five dollars, just to drive out. That, of course, is deducted from the price of the repair. The repair could be anywhere from one hundred dollars to a little over four hundred bucks. If it turns out the be the latter, you can bet I’m tossing this bitch ass Maytag and going to get me a something brand new.

I am not happy! I can’t believe I can’t find the warranty on this bitch! I know I let the store talk me into a ten year extended warranted. I just know they did. Problem is, I can’t remember what store I bought the damn thing from. Doesn’t that suck. I am so mad right not…I mean, I am not happy!

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Dreamy said...

awwwwwwwh babe its gonna be okay

calm down sweetie

i know how you feel, i have been looking for my bible for a couple of days and I know i brought it from moms house. aint nothing but the devil


but i have to lamo at you for saying that you house smelled like a slaughter house

i can really imagine this,lol

and a spanish phone book, too hilarious

Dreamy said...

dont hurt nobody One Man,lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol.. I feel you on the warm water thing. It's not happening with me either.

I hope you find that warranty. throwing out all your food sucks. You should Tape the paperwork to the side of your fridge.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Update: I called a friend to see if he remembered where I bought this damn thing and he said Best Buy. I called Best Buy and they looked it up. Yes, I did buy the extended warranty. Yes, I did expired in Feb. '07. Yes, I am still Not Happy! LOL. I mean, BWW (Boo-who-who)

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

FYI: "Fridges (just thought I throw that in cuz you called it an icebox) aren't suppose to last 10 years, babes. At most you'll get a good 6. But i feel you on not wanted to buy a new one. I got ripped off for my fridge by my ex landlord (yeah those fuckers came in and stole my shit!!)

Suggestion: Go rent one until you can get it fixed. Take 20 bucks and rent one, usually delivered the same day.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im glad we folk mane

fuzzy said...

calm down, it can't be but so many stores that you could of purchased it from. Think back! Or you can just call a list of stores that you think you may have gotten the machine from and do it that way.

Lol at the yellow pages! That woulda sent me over the edge!

Hadassah said...

hmm dont worry that much calm down and try to think witha clear mind usually you find alot.

I know that and I usually find after I pay for the darn things!

RealHustla said...

Same thing happened to me recently.


I discovered that it actually wasn't my 7 year old fridge that had broken, but that the fridge has a dedicated circuit which had flipped for some reason. A trip to the circuit panel fixed the fridge.

Second, if your other appliances are maytag as well, you should be able to call the warranty people for those appliances and they will have your fridge listed as warrantied also.

Calm down for a minute sweetie. This too shall pass. ;)

Corey Keith said...

LOL at you calling it an ice-box... Man, that sucks, especially in this recession...

A.Smith said...

Warm water is bullshit. I hate when you're sweating like a damn a pig and someone hands you water that's been sitting outside, just like you, in 103 degree heat. WTF?

I am sorry for all this trouble, One Man... the icebox is definitely one appliance that should just be engineered to always work until you don't want it to, anymore.

Mizrepresent said...

Calm down, shit breaks, and i am just like you, can never find the warranty, the sales receipt when i need it, but you need it fixed, so just buckle down and get that bitch fixed. I called a handyman over today who jokinglingly told me my costs would be under 2k, i laughed, i laughed and laughed and said, "i sure hope so...bc, i don't hav 2k to fix anything". See what i mean.

FREEDOM said...

One Man go buy you one of those small "iceboxes" lol from wal-mart until you figure out your next move. U can can keep that one in your bedroom next to bed so you dont have to walk to the kitchen to get your water or a snack after a long day's work.

once you do figure out your next move the small icebox will still be useful!

smile. things are going to get better i promise (laughs and smiles).

One Man’s Opinion said...

Yall are too cute. I love the people of blog world. Yall are like family, except you don't call and ask to borrow money.

You will be glad to know that I got my "icebox" fixed and it cost me a cool two hundred and five dollars. I am not happpy about that fee, but I won't complain. I just feel blessed to have it to pay.

It is already starting to freeze again, which is cool. Even though there is nothing in it to freeze, but a bag of ice. LOL. It will start making ice again, by the morning.

Anonymous said...

Usted necesita aprender leer espanol.

I've never heard of a Spanish phone book but I guess they gotta find stuff too, lol.

Glad your fridge is fixed. Sucks you have to replace everything in it. But knowing you, wasn't nothing in there but a stick of butter, a dozen eggs and a container of milk.

Madam Z said...

I love a happy ending! I'm glad you found a repair man who knew what he was doing. $205 is a small price to pay, considering how much a new one would have cost.

I hear you about the smell. Several years ago my ex and I had an old freezer we kept in the garage. One summer, a neighbor gave us a bunch of venison from a deer he shot. Then...the freezer came unplugged, somehow, and we didn't notice it, until one hot day I went into the garage and almost barfed from a smell so bad it was like the bowels of hell. We never could get rid of the smell in that freezer, and finally just had to junk it.

Madam Z said...

Damn! I meant to say at the end of my comment: "I was not happy!"

Darius T. Williams said...

WAIT - not Spanish for real?!?! Es Hilarioso!

Um, yea, bad fridge smells are the worst. I left something in there for a while - it was definitely a UFO.

Get ur ass down there to city court too - you have to serve and protect, right? Did you clip that nail off yet?

Montgomery Maxton said...

look you didnt just step in a pile of your dog's shit in the hallway like i did

One Man’s Opinion said...

Ieshia, for you information the stuff in my icebox portion of my fridge also had condiments, so there. And the milk was already spoiled.

The stuff in my freezer was things I probably needed to throw out anyway. They were probably all freezer burned and shit, but the ice was good, so stop hating. Jesus don't like that.

Maxton, my dog knows better.

Darius, both pimp nails broke, so I am just normal. Well, One Man normal, anyway.

D-Place said...

that is the worse thing to loose those warranty's. I don't buy them anymore for appliances. I buy the Home Owner's insurance. When you first buy a house they give it to you for a year. But you can renew it and all you pay is about $55 for them to fix anything from the "icebox", to the frig, oven, dishwasher, garage door opener and air conditioner. As a matter of fact I need to call them for my air conditioner now...sigh.

Stew said...

damn that sucks.

that's the way life goes though. when you are looking for something you can find everything else but the one thing you are looking for.

next time when you are looking for the warranty for one of those other things you will no be able to find it.

i had to laugh at the warranty for your fence....unless that was real