Friday, July 18, 2008

He Said the N-Word and I Don't Mean "Nutts"

I’m still trying to understand how a Nigger gonna call a Nigger a Nigger. Especially when said Nigger done went and got all up and arms about the use of the word Nigger in the first place. Then this dumb ass Nigger uses the word Nigger during the break of an already live television newscast! What the fuck? What kind of dumb as Nigger move is that? And let us not forget that this Nigger also officiated the mock burial of the “N” word to begin with. Well, he must have buried it up his ass, because it sure did resurrect itself from his mouth.

I’m trying to understand why we do dumbass, self-destructive bullshit like this! Can’t we just let one of us make that wonderfully, impressive, joyful, giant step forward, without one of us taking twelve, hip-hopping ones back? I mean, fuck. Seriously. FUCK!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Jesse using the “N” word. He’s a Nigger (and if he wasn‘t, he is now). He owns it, so he can use it. But, damn, bruh. Did you really have to use it on broadcast television? Damn, Chicken Little, how dumb are you? I mean, it really takes a true ass Nigger to fuck up the use of the word Nigger!

And then the Nigger has the nerve to say his remarks were taken out of context and that he didn’t realize his mike was on. Motherfucker, did you know you were wearing the mike? That's what I wanna know. Was yo black ass on television? At any point did someone come up to you and say, "Hold on, Rev. Jackson. Let me get that mike off of you so you can have a private conversation?" NIGGER, DON'T NOBODY GIVE A DAMN IF YOU THOUGHT YOUR MIKE WAS ON! Did you know your lips were moving? When they turned on your mike did they turn down your common sense factor? Fuck, bruh, what the hell were you think?

Riddle me this, Batman: What do they call a Nigger that calls another Nigger a Nigger?
A Negrocrite…or is it Reverend? Damn, I forget.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Warning: This post uses the word nigger to the X-effect. If you are in anyway offended by this word, please go back and erase the pass minute or so from your memory, cause you know niggers be tripping.


Super Dave Van Buren said...

Nigger Please... Jesse was just having a extended Nigger moment. That burial was last year it don't count. So much nigger shyt has happened since then. Ok I'm done. Jesse needs to go sit in time out for a while.

A.Smith said...


You were on point, as usual. JJ just needs to take a chill pill and sit down somewhere... have a Coke and a smile or some shit.

All I'm saying is, we all know black folks are STILL using that word, no one ever stopped, his ass just hadn't been on tv in a while and he had a jones for the spotlight so he buried the word. Give me an effin' break, my dude. Now that I know JJ uses "nigga" I'm no longer going to feel bad every time it slips from my lips. No sir. Not that he was my beacon of right and wrong, but good golly, sir, try HARDER not to be a fuck up.

naijalines said...

A negrocrite... Bro, how did you come up with that bit of genius. definitely a word to add to the dictionary or at least my vocab. Lol.

Stew said...

he needs to take a step down as the unofficial official spokes person for blacks, cuz he been fucking up

BronzeBuckaroo said...

You are deliciously wicked in your humor. My word, if you every change I will never forgive you.

I must be honest, I have never really supported Jackson. He has always annoyed me to a degree. I am all for freedom in opinion when it comes to Obama. Many a Negro as myself support him and will defend him even if having concerns on the downlow about certain political behaviors. Mine are tunneled visioned to one issue in particular----acknowledgement of certain other brothers and sisters!

Anyway, I do understand Obama's political instinct. It is hard to accept but I do understand. Anyone familiar with Politics 101 should understand his move to the center.
But if one more dumbass Negro uses the phrase: He (Obama) is running for president of black America!

I will scream. I mean like "duh!"

I've just added Negrocrite to my vocabularyy

RealHustla said...

His behavior is starting to become so bizarre. These uncontrolled outbursts are strange. I think the nigger is just coming downn with the first stages of alsheimers.


roflmbo! nigger nigger nigger nigger NIIIGGGGGGGGGERRRRRRR

twin...i love u...u betta always keep it real so people can recognize what's truly goin' on!!

fuzzy said...


I was gonna say my ears!

one soulful negro. said...

this was to fuckin' much. lol

i am so glad that someone else is just as dumbfounded and the sheer stupidity (it is way past ignorance now) of this nigger. i mean in all honestly when a man walks around on a high horse as high as jesse jackson does, to be caught in the tom-foolery that he has, its as though, i mean, you can't even take this man seriously. i really wish he would allow barack obama to be barack obama and stop riding his jock. i mean the shit is and has been completely un-called and truly attractive.

jesse - WE DON'T WANT!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Somewhere in the world, Micheal Richards (of Sienfeld) is smiling and wondering how he can get his damn apology back.


bronze b. i agree....IF ONE MORE PERSON equates 'bama's campaign with reppin' black folx..they gone make me lose my mind up in heah up in heah...they gone make me go all out up in heah up in heahhh they gone make me act a fool up in heah up in heah..they gone make me lose my cool up in heah up in heah...FA' REAL!

Dreamy said...

lmao at Dave,lol

and lamo at you,

i dont know what the deal is with that nigga.

damn shame, niggers dont know how to act,lol

Keith said...

I love your blog, love your passion
and sentiment man. I couldn't agree
with you more about Jessie...and on FOX NEWS at That!!! Doesn't he know that that's the NAZI Channel?

Ms Smack said...

Oh man that was damn hilarious. SOOOO FUNNY but I do despise that word.

For an aussie girl, can you please write why some people can use it and it's okay, but mostly other's shouldn't use it?

I don't get it!

We've kinda got something similar over here. Aboriginal people can say 'black fella' but SOME Aboriginal people get shitty if a white-fella says 'black fella!'

hahahah beats me.

Madam Z said...

one man, Keith said exactly what I wanted to: "I love your blog, love your passion and sentiment man. I couldn't agree
with you more about Jessie..."


And, I think I can answer Ms Smack's question, "can you please write why some people can use it and it's okay, but mostly other's shouldn't use it?"

It's just like with your kids. *You* can call your kid a nasty little brat, but boy-oh-boy nobody *else* had better do it!

guerreiranigeriana said..., now...what did you expect from a fuckboy?!...jesse jackson is a fuckboy tool...i wish he'd sit his jealous cooning ass down...he did that shit on purpose...he needed some publicity...i hope now people will understand why i can't march with this fuckboy anywhwere...stupid nigger indeed...

One Man’s Opinion said...

GN coined the phase, "cooning ass". I love that. LOL.

Thank you Madam Z, you said it like i would....It's like I can call my nephew a little bastard, but nobody else better. It's a family thing. And although we are all a part of the human race, yo blues just ain't like my blue.

Of course it's a free word and a free word, you can use it if you want to. Hell, Dog the Bounty Hunter did and he got his job back.

karrie b. said...

that nigger just got caught out there in the niggerdom of it all. my theory is that he wants to steal a little of Obama's shine. congrats jester jackson. you've got the spotlight now.


Kei's Revelation said...

I have shook my head at this situation so many times, it's not even funny. I still can't believe that Rev. Jackson took it to that level. I will be honest and say that I don't knock him for saying how he feels. If that's how you feel, then be true to yourself. My problem is, don't be a HYPOCRITE. That is not right and extremely uncalled for. How can you encourage and motivate others to follow in a movement that you don't practice yourself.

autonomous said...

..smh, when we think we've made a lil bit of progress. Knocked back a step or two...sad as it is..

LMFAO at the disclaimer at the end

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ he must have buried it up his ass, because it sure did resurrect itself from his mouth...

yep it came out of his mouth alright...

and I cant stop laughing at the comment on if his mike was switched off...hahahhaha pure hilarity...

Bygbaby said...

Fuck Jesse Jackson!