Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fake Cop

The day before Lil’ Wayne came to town, myself and Sgt. Lupe went to check out the spot for the after party. The after party was being held at some place downtown, but off our channel. However, since it was a rap artist and black folks were attending, of course the powers that be believed that there would be some type of riot or some shit, so they set up task force all and Sgt. Lupe and myself each had one. Anyway, just incase, myself and Lupe had to go take a look see in order to know where we were headed if things popped off.

They had given us very little information about the event and a bad address to boot, so me and Sgt. Lupe were standing outside complaining about how the department was over reacting to the idea about a rapper coming to town and assuming that just because a bunch of black people were getting together something bad was going to happen. I told her that I didn’t think anything was going to go down, and if something did it wouldn’t go down at the after hours club, Lil’ Wayne was performing at. She agreed and we decided to have a bitch session about all of the bullshit still going on with one of our fellow sergeants. That’s when the tone went off.

Whenever anything major happens that requires a supervisor the dispatcher sets of a loud tone before she dispatches the call. This tone tells everyone listening that they need to stop what they are doing and listen up. The items that are considered tone worthy are; 1)Officer Assist, 2) Shootings, 3) Stabbings, 4) Sexual Assaults in Progress, 5) Persons in Danger, and 6) Felonies and Progress.

It has been a virtually slow night so we both answer up, even though today we are in separate cars. I am and my car and on my way faster than Sgt. Lupe because she doesn’t like to make it to location first, where as I like being the first one there in order to handle up.

The comments on the call read that the complaint was an off duty police officer, from Frisco. It went on to say that he was being car jacked and chased, on foot, by his assailants. What immediately runs through my mine, as I continue towards the area, is why is a Frisco officer over in that particular area of town working off duty. Seriously, there is nothing over in the area, but the Fair Park, and they have security keeping that secure.

Right before we make it to the scene some of the other officers arrive on the scene, one group of officers have found the Complaint the other have found his car. Once everything proves to be safe they get on the air and slow any other officers down. I am one of those officers slowing down, but still en route to see what exactly is going on and check to see if the Frisco officer is okay.

Once I arrive one scene I see my officer gathered around a silver Honda, that has been fucked up, and talking to this tall, big bellied, older brother. I pull up on the street and get out of the car wondering if the big bellied brother is the Frisco officer. If he is, he is in horrible shape. No wonder he got jacked. I walk over and take one of the officers to the side and ask him to fill me in on what is going on. When he tells me I think he is joking around.

This is how the story goes:
Our complainant was out in the area, it is like three something in the morning, and he picks up this young female who looks like she is in need. Wait, he is not just in the area; he is out in the area doing evangelistic work. So, he picks up this strange woman, in need, takes her over to the ATM and withdrawals twenty dollars, which he gives to the lady and is driving her some place when a bunch of guys bomb rush his car. He says that the guys have guns and bricks and shit.
When asked if he is a police officer he explains how he is working on his degree, in criminal justice. What the fuck?

“Are you kidding me,” I ask.

“Nope,” the officers says. “That’s what he said.”

“So, it’s pretty much a hoe deal, huh?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

I give it a few minute and decide that I am not going to be able let this crap slide, so I go over to where he is standing, near his car; ‘07 Honda, is fucked. The back seat door is pulled backwards, at front and rear windshields are smashed out and there are breaks in the seat and floor board.

“Sir, can you explain to me why it is that you identified yourself as a police officer?”

“Well, like I told the other officer I am in the last phases of studying for my Masters in Criminal Justice and I was told that once I finished I would be in the system.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, sir.”
“Have your received you TCLEIOUS training?”


“Have you been to a police academy?”


“Okay, well unless you have went through the same things that me and these other officers have been through, then you have no right to identify yourself as a police officer.”

“Well, like I said, my instructor told me that once I was finished with my classes I could pretty much consider myself a police officer.”

“Well, your instructor lied to you. Where in your studies of Criminal Justice did you learn anything like that. The only thing you are able to do with a degree in Criminal Justice is teach it. What you have done is committed a crime. It is against the law to portray yourself as a police officer, when you’re not. As a matter of fact, you might ought to know that, if you are Criminal Justice major. As a mater of fact the next time you put the life of me and my officers in jeopardy, running code out here on a lie I promise you will go to jail. The only reason you are not going to jail right now is because you have been victimized, but don’t think that it is beyond us to put a complainant in jail.”

That’s it. Not really all that interesting, but it goes to show you the stupidity of the people we come in contact with on the streets. And he is not the worst case scenario either.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


JayBee said...

he was pretty stupid. i'm not even sure if he's getting a master's in anything.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lmao... what "system" was he refering too? and he said he was off duty.. when is he on duty? while he is in class? dumbass...

Black Mamba said...

LMAO...makes you wonder what these teachers are really teaching these students.

Too bad you didn't throw him in jail for the evening, let him sweat, and make it really hit home the stupidity of his lie.

Frisco??? As in San Francisco? I haven't heard that since the 80's, lmao.

Anonymous said...

What system is he referring too? LOL Probably lying about being in school. Does he get a gun and badge with his degree?

A.Smith said...

Um. No. I really wanted your story to end with how you popped him in the mouth. Seriously... cause that's some real bullshit.

That lie he ran on you (and I know you know this already) he didn't believe it himself... he just needed some attention.

Gah, I hate stupid people. Real tough.

RealHustla said...

I wonder what his grade point average is?

Curious said...

Now I'll admit that I've lied to the police when I was younger. "No I swear the light was green when I went through it," or "I don't know why but the car just seemed to accelerate wildly by itself in 30mph zone." But my man doing charity work at 3am for the young ladies and expects people to believe that and not check out to see if he is a real officer or not, takes the cake.

Stew said...

even thought he was wrong and it was a stupid thing to do, i am glad u cut the man some slack. i am sure he did it PURELY out of fear. at least i am hoping that is why.

now if he pulled this trying to get a free burger or something then you can bust his ass.

B.Price said...

You all did the right thing by not busting his tail, although knowing a good amount of officers in the MPD down here in chocolate city I can say with abolute certainty that they would've relished the idea of busting someone like this....especially given the circumstances.

Good post though, a little long (still trying to digest the most recent) but good. Didn't even know you were a LEO.