Saturday, August 2, 2008


What Would Jesus Do? You rarely hear that saying any more? I never really understood it anyway. What would Jesus do? Heck, sometimes Jesus lost his temper and beat people down. Y’ll all know what he did when he caught those people disrespecting the Temple. He beat that ass! Heck, Jesus use to put people in check on the regular. You better recognize! My God don’t play!

Anyway, yesterday/today, however you want to slice it considering the hours I work, was a busy day. People were shooting and cutting people all night. Plain craziness. Hell, it happens so much it’s hard not to get a little callous.

Between the shooting and the cutting, I was driving from my side of town, into the Southside, were I actual grew up; just to break the monotony. As I was going west bound on the freeway, I see this guy walking along the median, with no shirt on--Not to strange--So I get on the radio, tell the dispatcher what I saw and let her know I am going to check it out. I have to exit the freeway and try to get back around to him.

Once I make it back around I see him up ahead so I drive up on the median, so I won’t get rear ended by any of the drunken idiots who might be leaving the clubs. It is around three or so in the morning, just so you know. As my squad car pulls up the guys eyes widen, not unlike the proverbial deer in the headlights and I can tell, even before I get out of my car, that he ain’t right.

I get out of my car and ask him what he is doing walking along the freeway, in the middle of the night. He tells me he is coming from the projects, which are quite a distance from where we are at (No, he doesn‘t say the Projects). I ask him where he is headed? He tells me he headed home. I ask him where home is and he tell me. Home is miles away still from where we are at. I know the street where he says he lives and decide to give him a ride, but before I do so I have to pat him down for weapons. Officer safety first.

Me: You got any weapons on you?

Him: No.

Me: Okay, well put your hands on your head, so I can pat you down to make sure?

Him: Why?

Me: Because I need to make sure.

He puts his hands on his head and I commence with a quick little terry frisk, which is the pat down of other clothing for weapons. This seems to irk him and he says: “I told you I don’t got no weapons.”

Me: Okay, sir, but I got to make sure. Okay? (His attitude automatically invokes my attitude.)
At this point, he grumbles like a five year old, like I am putting him out because I have to pat his pockets for weapons.

Me: (Standing up straight and looking him dead in the eyes). Look, do I know you?

Him: I told you my name. (He didn’t, because I didn’t ask him what his name is, but like I said, you can tell he is a little slow, special, not quite right. It actually would have been funny, if we hadn‘t been on the freeway, in the middle of the night, with our asses to traffic).

Me: No ( I say this in a stern voice, trying not to be too mean, but being mean nonetheless). No, I mean to I know you? Have we met before? (He doesn’t get it so I move on). No, I don’t know you and since I don’t know you I have to make sure you don’t have any weapons before I put you in my car. Now, I am trying to be nice and give you a ride home, but if you give me attitude I’ll just take you to jail (totally talking out of my ass here). So, what’s it gonna be? Do you want to go to jail or do you want me to take you home?

Him: Home. (I wish y’ll could have seen the puppy dog look in the man’s eyes. I mean, he had to be in his late twenties, but his expression was that of my little nephew’s. Why do you have to be slow to maintain the innocence of youth?)

So, I put him in the back of my squad car and inform the dispatcher that I will be taking one home. As I am putting him in the back of the squad car he lets me know that police officers make him nervous. I let him know that big men, walking on the freeway with out their shirts on, in the middle of the night makes me nervous too. While we drive, I can hear him humming in the back seat. Then he ask me if I like football? I tell him yeah, which is a totally lie, and then ask him which is his favorite team. He says, “America’s team. The Dallas Cowboys!” and is quite again.

When we turn on his street he informs me that I am not like other police officers. When I ask him what he means by that he tells me that any other police officer would have let him keep walking on the freeway. I tell him that I couldn’t have him getting hit by some drunk driver and our conversation is over. I drop him off at his house and wait for him to go inside. His mom must have been up waiting up for him, because she opens the door immediately. I wave at her. She waves back and I leave.

I’m not sure if this is what Jesus would do, but it was the only title I could come up with. Right after that, two more people cut two more people, on two different occurrences.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Cocoa Rican said...

Amazingly out of the box and restorative to the thought we all have of police officers. Unfortunately, you're not the norm for the men in blue, but encouraging to all who want to believe that the "job" was intended to protect and serve. I'm glad you can still find it in your heart to do what's right instead of what is convenient. The laws of karma and right-begetting-right will prove itself your salvation. Stay up pa!

RealHustla said...

People like your passenger often times have to be taught how to live independently. You've probably seen them in groups at the Walmart being taught how to grocery shop, check labels on milk and stuff and basically how to fend for themselves and not walk down the middle of the freeway. Most of these programs can be free, at least in CA they are. However, if you don't enroll and deliver you child to them your child can't take advantage of the program. His mom probably spends a lot of nights staying up and wishing she would have swallowed her pride and enrolled her son. Jesus would send One Man on that highway to pick her baby up cause she's been up all night worrying and praying that the Lord will bring him home safe.

naijalines said...

I admire the way you dealt with the young man. You treated him like you would treat any other citizen but you also took account of his special needs and the fact that he was vulnerable on the streets. Well done, officer!

Corey Keith said...

This was a surprisingly sweet and touching post... a change of pace... Good job, you did there.

FREEDOM said...


D-Place said...

That was nice of you. See you're not as mean as you pretend. Unless you have to be I'm sure.

Happy Birthday to you too!

Anonymous said...

You turned the title of your blog into a positive! When I see your title, it brings to mind the "Aw, sh!t, what he done now?" kind of mentality.

But that was a very human and sincere thing you did. Not too much of a power trip (aside from the empty threat to take him to jail, lol) and you were able to connect on a purely human level.

Kudos to you!

P.S. "Why do you have to be slow to maintain the innocence of youth?"...poignant line. Got me to thinking. :-)

One Man’s Opinion said...

First of all, D-Place. I am every bit as mean as I pretend to be. I'm just not as though as I pretend to be. LOL. Thank you all for the Kudos, it is not that uncommon for officers to give a ride to citizens in need. "In need", being the key word.

I don't want yall to think this was something out of the norm for officers as a whole.

There was just something "extra" special about this guy that made me want to share. Not sure what it was.

Anonymous said...

What Jesus would do is dependent on the person who claims to be with Jesus. Unfortunately, a lot of your fellow bretheren in blue, being right-wing, Republican, or ultra-reactionary would have shot and beat the brother. The Klan believed in Jesus too.

I think you are giving Jesus too much credit, and not enough credit to yourself. Jesus didn't do anything, YOU did. That's all that matters.

Of course, I'm sure you have some Muslims on the force, somewhere. They would ask themselves what would Muhammad do. Probably drive the car straight into the brother, with a box cutter in the other hand ...

FREEDOM said...





Miss Gypsy Eyes said...

*pats One Man on the back* That was so nice of you and very good for your karma.You don't see too much of that these days You really gave that guy a totally different view of police and you may well have saved his life. People are really mean and they do all sorts of hateful things to people like your friend there. Job well done!

KC said...

Bless your heart

Linda said...

Jesus would probably take that man, train him up and make him one of the greatest, most famous preachers of his age..

I mean.. that's just how Jesus is.. taking people off the streets (the broken ones) who most of us wouldn't believe in, and then transforming them into someone who has MAJOR impact ;)

Greetings from holland!

Curious said...

You know I don't know any policemen, I'm sorry police officers, but I have to believe that most officers are human too and will do whatever the right thing to do is. This man had to get off the the highway median and you were decent enough this time to give hima choice on how he wanted it done. From my understanding of the scriptures, Jesus would have done the same thing. He would have given him a choice.

MP said...

awww a little kindness in the midst of that chaos! I'm sure jesus liked it!

Anonymous said...

Well done, One Man!

Q said...

We need more like you...

Sha Boogie said...

Police scare me too! No lie, lol. But, me likey you :)

LOL @ Jesus beating people down, your a mess!

MysTery said...

Awwwwww. Good job.
You may make me like cops after

Netchem said...

I laughed the whole time I was reading this!! =)

Stew said...

damn. i was almost hoping something would happen. had me on the edge of my seat. literally.

anyway, its good to be in a position where you can help someone out that night in the midst of all the cutting and shooting. at least you saved one guy from a potential lifetime of misery, or even death.