Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family + Friends= Longevity

I am so blessed. I have good friends. Good Family, and great and supportive people from the blog world. Yesterday, my friends gave me the best birthday party in the world. I had such a wonderful time. My friend, Big C, held it at his house and funded all of the food and drinks. Can you believe that. He even took off from work to go shopping and prepare all of the food and stuff.

Big C is the bomb. I feel kind of guilty, because I know he spent money out the butt on all of the grub. Big C is the only friend I keep from college. You know me…little to know social skills. I should tell you something about him, as a person, that we have managed to stay in touch for ten years now. I rarely allow new people into my social life. It’s just not in my character. (Yet another reason why I am living single.)

Big C, who is younger than me, graduated and became a Lawyer. I became a police officer. He is a potter and I am a painter. He is the coolest person in the world and I both proud and honored to count him among my friends.

I had the best time and got some of the best gifts. All I asked for was draws, tshirts and socks, but received none of the above. My friends thought my gift ideas were too boring. Whatever!
Above is my cake. How funny are they! Peep the donuts they used to boarder it. How funny! This idea came from my friend, Funny Guy. Yeah, he also got me some Just for Men, hair dye and a bag of Sunfresh Prunes. HAHA.

My family came too. They are so funny. True to CP time, the party started at seven…I think my mom, little brother and Manny showed up at eight and my little sister than make an appearance until almost ten (when we were shutting down and cleaning up).

That’s right. We are not the late night, party hardy group. I never have been! I like to go home and get into bed.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


FREEDOM said...

One I see your name, might wanna cover that up...LOL!

u gotta love family and friends!

naijalines said...

Glad you had a nice time, 'E' (lovely name). I thought your bday was next week?

That cake is dope! (Is 'dope' still a cool word to use this days?) or an unfortunate word to use when speaking to a police officer. LOL.

RealHustla said...

Cool cake. Cool friends. Funny gifts. A 3 hour party, huh? You are getting old. ;)

Happy Birthday!

King's Kid said...

That cake is creatively beautiful and perfect for you, Elliot.


One Man’s Opinion said...

It is next Wednesday, Naij

D-Place said...

Glad you had a great time! Hope Wednesday is good for you as well my fellow Leo!


Happy early birthday, baby bro!!

I have ur birthday come pick up ur award-u truly deserve it

Twin's Win!

love u,
p.s. why didn't u call me back a couple of wks ago when i called????? mmmhmmmmm

Gotta Let it Out said...

Love this post. Great lifelong friends are hard to come by.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

damn that cake look good. cake and donunts that's stuff from my dreams... lol

Ms. Lovely said...

that cake looks sooo good

Ms Smack said...

Happy birthday mate :)