Thursday, April 17, 2008


Can somebody please tell me why William Drayton has a new television sitcom? The man turn 60 years old, back and March, and still insist on dressing like he twenty-something years old. And he looks like a crack head to me. I’m just saying… Is television really that hard up for comedies featuring black folk? Hell, are they that hard up for comedies, period? Is this what does damn writers went on strike for, because if it is I wanna take back my support.

Mr. Drayton’s new show, Under One Roof, made its d├ębut on Wednesday, after the ballgame on MyNetworkTV . I actually meant to watch it, but I forgot. That tells you how excited I most have been about it, since I LOVE me some T.V. The cast actually features an actor who I like a lot. His name is Kelly Perine and he plays William Drayon’s wealthy brother in this mess. You might remember Mr. Perine from the sitcom One on One; he played a used car sales man and Flex Washington’s best friend. I thought he was hilarious. But I have always thought him to be funny, in every bit part that I’ve seen him play. I find him to be a great talent that has yet to find his nitch; which is hard to do in Hollywood when you are short, fat, average and black. I mean, let just be real here people. After all, Danny DeVito was a fluke. And Danny ain’t black. Yeah, I said it. HA!

The premise of Under One Roof is that Winston Hill, played by Kelly Perine, is a black entrepreneur, who worked his way out of the hood to assimilate into white suburbia. He gets the obligatory white wife, surrounds himself with white friends and forgets about where he came from, as he raises in kids in Beverly Hills. That is until his shady, ex-con, older brother, Calvester, gets out of jail and comes to live with them (Oh, snap. This sounds like a receipt for comedy). Calvester is played by Mr. Drayton. Actually, the creators of Under One Roof describe Calvester as Winston’s “very likable but, street smart older brother”. I’m not seeing what one has to do with the other. You can be street smart and likable right? They are not contradictory, are they? Anyway, does this sound like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with old folks, to anyone else beside me? Oh wait, did I meant that Winston has a teenage daughter and a son who he is gearing to be just like him? Now does it sounds like a rip off of the Fresh Prince? Calvester would be Will for the slow ones out there. No offense. Oh, and get this. They have their own website! I ain’t lying. Under One Roof’s official website can be found at . How funny is that? Like this crapfest will live long enough to even become syndicated.

For those of you who don’t know William Drayton by his birth name, maybe it would help if I called him by his professional name… Flavor Flav. Yeap, Flavor Flav has finished shooting what we hope is the finally installment of the Flavor of Love and gone into the comedy business. Apparently someone found him to be funny. I watched the Flavor of Love, all three season, and I never found the man to be even remotely funny. I found him to be disturbing, disgusting and yucky, but never funny. Now the girls on the other hand. Those bitches cracked my ass up. I watch it for the ladies and I use that word very loosely.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that Mr. Flav paid his dues and shyt with Public Enemy back in 1982, gaining fame as the front my for Chuck D. Known for his outlandish clocks, hats, bling and shyt, Flavor Flav capitalized on being a modern day minstrel; a buffoon if you will. Out of the loop for a while, Flavor made his television comeback in 2004, by appearing on VH1’s the Surreal Live (Yeap, I watched it). All of his cast members seemed to hate him on the show, with the exception of one; Bridgette Nelson. He and Bridgette, who is Sylvester Stallone’s ex, cultivated a love affair that translated into another VH1 reality show called, Strange Love (this I did not watch). And it was this show that spawned the most popular show on cable networks ever. The Flavor of Love. Now someone done told this boy he can act. Ain’t that a bitch? Rolling Stone declared Flavor Flav as “the funniest rapper ever to bamboozle VH1”. I think he is the dumbest Rapper ever to bamboozle Black America…Females in particular. C’mon ladies, I know you want your fifteen minutes of fame, but to go on national television, make a fool out of yourselves and whore yourselves out just to get with Flavor Flav? Flavor Flav, really? And to actually kissed the man and only God knows what else, just to get him to choose you to be his lady love. Are you kidding me? I’m not sure who I feel more sympathy for...the ones that have to live with the fact that they were rejected by Flavor Flav, or the ONE that gets stuck with is nasty looking ass.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

See, now this is what this blog is about…Hating on the stupidity going on out there in the world of black celebrity! I don’t know when I turned it around to focus on my dumb ass. Don’t nobody wanna read that crap. LOL. Think of all the good crap I have missed out on. From the wedding of that Rapper chick in jail, to the alleged wedding of Beyonnce and Jay-Z. What the hell was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Someone who feels my sentiments. And folks wonder why I don't watch TV. My viewing includes the news (which is humorous enough these days in the Metro Detroit area) and SportsCenter.

We gonna pray for that man.

KC said...

Wow....and here I was thinking that I was the only one who could not appreciate the "coon-a-tious" antics of Flave.

JayBee said...

i tried watching the show once but couldn't. i just couldn't get with it for the obvious reasons. i can't imagine that this other show would be any good, but i'm biased because flav is in it. i clicked on the link and even the daughter and son seem to be modeled after hillary and carlton. the girl is light skinned with curly hair and the son is dressed in that preppy style. no one has a problem with you talking about yourself. it adds character to your page.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Come on you got to give Flav a break, he is doing what ever he can to pay the child support for his 8 kids. If that includes ruining his legacy with a great hip hop group then so be it.

Anonymous said...

This show is a straight rip-off.

I will never understand a female going on Flavor of Love. How desperate can one be.

Opinionated Diva said...

CALVESTER??!!! Ugh @ that name!

I knew Flave was old but I didn't know he was THAT old.

I heard about it, but never even considered watching the show. I'm not interested AT ALL!

Don said...

i never understood how anyone watched The Flavor of Love and its spinoffs. so i sat down and watched it once. it's somewhat entertaining but there was nothing seen that made me want to watch it again.

but i do give dude props on surviving.

cathouse teri said...

Television makes me puke.

Shazza Nakim said...

You all have to write in and state why you don't like the show as I have.

On all the My9/UPN websites are "COMMENT" links. I see that several Blogs have Issues with the show and yet not ONE has stated that they were willing or did make a direct comment by writing the station.

I also find it hard to believe that the station would CANCEL Girlfriends and put this garbage on it its place.

Write People To Get This Off The Air

Shazza Nakim said...

This was the comment/e-mail I sent to the two stations in my area that broadcasts Under One Roof:

"I have never seen such garbage packaged and put on television. You obvious think that this show is entertaining when it actually represents the very worst in Black Images, Black Talent, Black Social Structures and Black Relationships.

This is Amos and Andy at its OVER THE TOP WORST and people on the streets and Blog Blogs are gathering support to shut this show down. I personally will begin a campaign to join the cause.

Just to think, you canceled Girlfriends for this? What type of message are you sending? Better yet, thank you for "Telling Black People" what your message is."

One Man’s Opinion said...

Ieisha, Ieisha, I work so hard to meet ya. Welcome to the family. Wink, wink. I'm gonna have to consider the sewing machine idea strongly (which has nothing to do with this particular post, of course).

"coon-a-tious", huh KC. And I thought I was creative with the word game.

Homer, I forgot that Flav has kids out the ass. I take back everything I said about him.

Diva, c'mon now. Don't be acking like you ain't gon name your son Calvester.

Don, you had to see the first Flavor of Love. New York was off the hook. Plus, I thought she was a man and was waiting for that shocker to hit the fan.

Teri, oh my gawd. Not puke! C'mon now.

Okay, Shazza, I use to love Girlfriends, but it was time for it to go. If not, then they needed to get rid of Joan and bring back Toni. Seriously. But I agree with the Amos and Andy reference. However, at least Amos and Andy had a place in it area. This crap just seems uncreative and offensive. Now, keep in mind that I missed the actual show so I should probably reserve comment. I need to watch at least one show before I hate on it to the network, don't you think? Although I love that you put it on blaze for the Network Execs to see. Damn it, if it's MYnet work then make it work for me! You my hero, boy!

Pamalicious said...

(Steppping into the room in shades and a HVAC suit)

I saw it SIGH. It pulled me in like Eli 2005's rapping skills. The fact that the show had a who's who of 'ya'll need to stop acting' said alot.

Exactly why was Tiny Lister playing a gay man out of prison jocking for Flav's attention.

Who was the token white girl?


I hear harps:


Eb the Celeb said...

We do want to read about you too...

but poking fun at the dumb black celebrity is the core of everything... you are hilarious... but I stopped wondering how people get shows a long time ago. Next thing you know midget mack is going to be the next bachelor!

cathouse teri said...

Yes puke! No, don't try to stop me! Hee hee. You're funny.

I forgot to mention how much I liked your painting.

So there. I mentioned it. :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

So, I'm thinking you didn't care for the show, Pam.

Eb, somebody's been watching I Love New York 2. Midget Mack, as the Bachelor? I like it. I like it. Now that is one good concept for a show. I'd watch it, and you know damn well you would too. What the hell is wrong with VH1 for not picking up on that gold mine. Damn it, Eb! Now you got me wanting someone to make that shyt happen. I ain't playing.

Thank you, Teri. It was excepted into a very exclusive art show her in Texas, but it lost out. It lost out to a wagon full of bricks. Can you believe that crap. LOL. I hate art contest. Well, actually I just hate the judges; the art shows are cool.

Anonymous said...

You're the first in the blog world to mention the song. think I'm gonna go find that video and post it as an ode to myself, lol. It's been at least 15 years, and peeps still sing the song.

Got a surprise for you too! Check out my post.

Ms. Behaving said...

60?!?!?! Is he really THAT old or was that a typo?

One Man’s Opinion said...

He is truly 60, i think I got that right. He might just be 50. I was never that good a math. LOL

Shazza Nakim said...

Flava Flav aka William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. born March 16, 1959.

His longevity is beyond a hustle, its re-enacting the survival skills of a cocker roach after a Nuclear Winter.