Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mad For No Reason

I know this is old news by now or maybe not. And I know that these girls are not black. I know it, I tell you; however, this makes you ponder a ‘what if’. What if these girls have been black? Hell, the boys of Jena Six were giving life for less, and they didn’t video the shit and post it on YouTube.

Okay, I always start my post in the middle for some reason. Back up, Back up. I’m assuming that all of you good people have heard the story about these eight teens, 6 of which were girls, who lure this other girl over to a house for the sole purpose of beating her down and capturing it on tape. They beat this chick down and then forced her into a car and drove her to another location where they told her if she told the police the next beat down would be even more sever. So not only are they facing charges of false imprisonment and battery, but also kidnapping.
The suspects were identified as 17-year-old Mercades Nichols, 17-year-old Brittini Hardcastle, 14-year-old April Cooper, 16-year-old Cara Murphy, 17-year-old Britney Mayes and 15-year-old Kayla Hassell. Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18, were identified by deputies as the lookouts.

If you get the chance to see the video, which I could not find on YouTube, it is so very, very disturbing. Who knew that white girls acted like this? You never see this sort of thing on The Hills. Just kidding, and no I do not watch the Hills-but it is disturbing, race notwithstanding. You can hear one of the girls yell to the other one, “watch out for the shelf”, as the other one beats the poor girl in the face (she didn’t want her parents shelve of knick knacks to get toppled over). And from what I can tell from the conversation on the video, they are beating her up because of some bullshit she put on her MySpace Page about not like the girls. Well, hell, I can say why she didn’t like…they kind of violent. LOL. And you wanna hear some more shit. The girl that got beat up was staying with one of the girls that beat her ass up. Yeap, apparently she had been having trouble at home so she was staying with a “friend”. Damn, can you image if she had stayed with an enemy. She’d be dead.

The video, if you get a chance to watch it, doesn’t even tell the whole story (and videos rarely do, for all you cop haters out there). The reality is that she first went into the bedroom of the friend’s house, where she was staying, and was confronted, cussed out, punched and had her head slammed into a wall, which knocked her unconscious. This was done by the 14 year old.
When the poor child awoke she found that she had been carried into the living room and placed on the couch; with 6 little ladies surrounding her. They beat her for a half a hour (Can you imagine). The girls were arrest and bond was set. Sadly, one of the little darlings’ family could afford her bond and she was going to be forced to sit her ass behind bars. Anybody ever hear the saying, “IF you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”? This girl was said to be the ring lead of the events of that day. However, producers of the Dr. Phil show bailed out the little monster, when they found out that her family didn’t have the money to do so. Of course they did it for the exclusive contract to the story. How shameful is that? Said story has been shelved now that the Dr. Phil show has been called on their bullshit.

But seriously though, these straight haired, hoes beat the crap out of this poor girl, giving her a concussion, as well as damaging an eye and an ear, and numerous other bruises and the last I hear is that they will be put on house arrest, have their internet access monitored and maybe not go to prom. Okay, I made up the prom thing but all the rest if true. No more MySpace and Facebook for these ladies. Nor or they allowed to talk to each other of the victim. Any violation would cause their bond to be revoked. And I read that although the crimes they committed could carry as much as a life sentence, it is speculated that nobody really expects that that shit will happen. As a matter of fact they are saying that lawyers don’t even think the shit will go to trial and all parties involved will find a way to work it all out.

What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Now you know if these bitches and yes I said bitches, had been black…well, if they had been black it never would have made the news, but let’s play that it did. Well, first of all they would be IN jail, not on house arrest. And the fact that they were in jail and being charged as adults for attempted murder wouldn’t have even come to the light until they had been behind bars for at least two to three years. And there would never have been talk about this shit being worked out and not making it to court. What kind of shit is that?
Just reading the shit pissed me off, as yall can tell (‘cause you know I don’t cuss), but c’mon now. Is this fair? Is this justice? Now, I’m not saying that I want these girls do spend their young lives in jail. It just bugs the fuck out of me that I just know that if they had been black all of it would have been handled differently. I just know it!

See, this is the main reason why Flavor Flav has his own sitcom…because the world is just not right! Damn it!

Let me just say that it couldn’t have been my child. A brother would have been marching up to somebody’s house, bat in hand, and gun in waistband. I ain’t lying. Of course, if it had been my child she would have had her ass at home; I don’t care what kind of problems we were having as a family. That’s just me.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Anonymous said...

You've renewed my faith in the men in blue.

As for those little triflin' hoes whose hearts are filled with malice...God was lookin' out for them that they weren't born as a child of mine. If you are looking for an example of no home training and no morals, you found it.

What I find most humorous and almost as disturbing is that when this type of sh!t happens and its villagers that are the culprit (vanilla villagers=white people) nobody ever thinks of the flipside of the racism. Had they been black and gotten the harsher punishment (cuz you know they would have gotten the harsher punishment) folks would have been rallying together talking about the injustice of their punishment.

Just cuz these villagers are white, nobody has mentioned the problem they have with the leniency of their sentences or the fact that this may never go to trial or the fact that the charges will get reduced to some piddly-ass misdemeanor and they'll get let off with a fine. Where's the justice in that?

The sad thing is that the only controversy involved is that Dr. Phil bailed the chic out of jail. Yeah, Obama gives us hope that we've progressed but then some asinine garbage like this makes the news and we realize how far we still have to go.

Shazza Nakim said...

Now you know I have to chime in my own unique and millitant way .. LOL

I don't beleive that all crimes deserve Prison time. You also know I can't stand BAS ASS KIDS either. So what do you do when you have criminals for kids? Make them endentured to the people they have WRONGED.

I did see the video before they pulled it from YouTube (I am quite sure it can be found on an alternative video site). I know if the situation had happened to my child or younger sister, I'd have played DEATH RACE 2000 with ever child involved but then again, that's why it didn't happen to my family.

I do agree that if the race of the people were different, the result the outcome would have been different BUT not too long ago the same thing happened with a group of kids beating up a White Man on the subway in NYC and the end results were charges we pressed and no JAIL TIME. One father purposely brought his child in to be charged (GO FOR HIM!!).

The BAD ASSES need to be charged and they need to be doing community service until they are 18yo at a BATTERED WOMAN'S CENTER as well has being endentured to the family they have wronged. They break rank or fall off the wagon, THROW THEIR ASSES IN JUVIE.

There there is always a COMMUNITY BEATING the Bas Asses' Parents .... That'll Work Too

mp1 v.8.0 said...

One amn's opinion...respected and validated by this young chap.

And your ass always finds a way to make a story relative. A girl gets her ass beat by six other girls and you inject humor into it....WTF! lol

One Man’s Opinion said...

All things are funny in the mind of One Man, MP.

Ieisha, I am always glad to make another person, who looks like me, have a renewed faith and trust in the boys in girls in blue. Trust me when I say that more often than not, we are all doing the right thing.

Shazza, I like the idea of a community beat down. I just don't understand parents who stand behind their kids, when they know they did wrong. How do you argue the shyt when it has been caught on tape. You can't deny shyt caught on a tape you made yourself.

JayBee said...

i saw that video a while back. i didn't know that they had beat the girl for 30 minutes on the sofa. dang. the media always wants to get the story. dang dr. phil.

Anonymous said...

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Darius T. Williams said...

Dayum, I never even know about this.

VertigoVirgo said...

A.) Girl up with whitefolks until College...yes...they do act like that and worse

B.) If the girls were black, no it would not have made news...nor would they really have gotten in trouble...BUT, if the Beaters-down were black and the victim were white...Holy-Hell

C.) I'm guessing no one has heard about the 2nd YouTube post, where this one girl called another girl "FAT"...then got cracked upside the head with a school desk chair. I had to laugh...yu ain't had no business callin' ole' girl knew what you was doin'. To bad, someone video taped in on their cell phone then posted it on YouTube.

The girl who got cracked said )on the radio) "It's not fair, all I did was call her fat, and she hit me with a chair, and now I have headaches all the time"


Homer is My Co-pilot said...

This whole story was crazy, I wonder if Dr. Phil will come bail me out if I got in trouble? He seems to be trying to save alot of people lately

Ms. Behaving said...

I haven't seen the video but I did hear about this...

It's crazy what our young people are doing [these days] for five minutes of fame.

Sadly enough it's becoming more and more popular and I'm disgusted by it to say the least.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

To answer your question about my bloglist, you can add it by logging into your account through It'll automatically show you when someone updates their blog and some other things

cathouse teri said...

It is a very disturbing story. I can't even fathom how it's okay to get away with this. Those girls should be in jail.

Or, as Ernest P. Worrell puts it:
Like in real, really, really, really, really real prison? The hoose-gow, the slammer, the joint, Alcatraz, San Quentin, Sing Sing?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw this video on you tube as well, and I have never seen anything this horrid. Those salvage beasts beat that girl while she cried and screamed that she wanted to go home. I shutter to imagine the part of the video that has not been released to the public.

I also peeped a video of the victims parents, and it seriously made me cry. It was just heartbreaking.

On to the point...
This was a thought provoking post. When I first heard about this story, I thought about the Jena 6 boys and what they went through as well. And then to hear, these little menaces had bond, and were released pissed me the hell off. I'm anxious to see the outcome of this nonsense.

Ms Smack said...

wow that's horrific. We didn't hear about it here in Australia. Amazingly stupid move on Dr Phil's behalf.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I couldn't get that crap to work, MP1, and you know it's pissing me off. And you know there is humor in everything in life, if you look for it. Never sit next to me at a funeral, because you know I put the FUN in that word.

Ms. Smack, I am shocked that the stupidity of our young folks has not made it's way over to your Continent.

Multifunctional, thank you for the words of kindness. I went to your blog, but there is a serious language barrier for me.

VV I had not heard about the girl with the chair and for some reason your comment made me laugh. It also made me remember when I was in elementary school and made fun of this fat kid with glasses. He was the size of a high schooler and I was well undersize for my age. As you can well imagine, he beat my ass. I never made fun of anyone else after that. He was the second fat person to kick my ass. The first was a girl in the first grade. It wasn't much of a fight, really. She kicked me in my little under developed balls. I doubled over. I got back up. I attacked and she kicked me in the balls again. I did not get back up. It was not a pleasant experience. Thanks for conjuring up old memories. LOL

Homer, I would not count on Dr. Phil, so stay yo azz out to trouble.

Teri, of coure I agree.

Gotta let it out. I think I already know the outcome. It will all be sweep under the rug and life will go on. And yall know good and damn well that the parents are not stopping those kids from going into MySpace and crap. Hell, if they had control over their damn kids, this crap wouldn't have happened in the first place. I just hope the courts have someone monitoring that crap.

Hadassah said...

I actually heard this story halfway on Warren Ballentine's show and I had no idea what he was talking about. So now I understand why he was so angry.

That Girl Tam said...

I actually did a post about this last week I think. I was listening to the radio and they were discussing whether the parents should be held accountable, fined and prosecuted for the actions of their daughters. I was AMAZED at the response (by mostly female listeners).

The vote was split...some people felt the parents should be held accountable, but as a mother of a teenager, by the time kids are 16 - they are making decisions FOR THEMSELVES.

As parents we raise our children to the best of our ability and try to teach them right from wrong. If I'm gonna get prosecuted over some shit, it better be for beatin the shit outta my kid for actin a damn fool - not because they did some ill shit. You commit a crime, then deal with the punishment - whatever it is...

And yes, if these girls had been black, this story would've been much different...we'd be seeing Al Sharpton's ass all over tv.

VertigoVirgo said...

Okay...I have no clue what you look like, but tell me why I'm over here laughin' cause I can picture you gettin' beat by that poor girl you were "trying" to torment (shame on you). And my comment was meant to be comical, you don't call people out of their name unless you are prepared to pay the consequences for doing so. "Sticks and Stones my break my bones, but names will never hurt me" must have gone out the window ages ago...I guess the new mantra is "you hurrrta my feelings, I brrreaka you face"


Ms Smack said...

hi again. We have heard of youtube videos of bashing, but we have some here to contend with. School-yard squabbles being taped, sexual assaults being taped, and what not.

I'm afraid it's like a cancer that's growing across the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Please keep in mind that being white is no guarantee that law enforcement will not lie. Especially when you're not affluent, you're a juvenile, and a media whore sheriff needs his 15 minutes of fame (election coming soon).

So first of all, it turned out that the testimony from the *victim* directly contradicts much of what what law enforcement told the media. Next it turned out new video directly contradicts what the victim remembered -- she was in reality never knocked out.

Law enforcement ignored evidence and witnesses proving that the two boys were not acting as lookouts -- they in fact went to a store.

Finally almost three months later charges were dropped against two boys and one girl.

Obviously at least two girls took turns beating the victim badly and hed no right to do so and should be punished. And at least one is guilty of encouraging the battery. And the rest of the girls are guilty morally for failing to stop the beating.

But it was a MISDEMEANOR battery and from the start the doctors said the victim should be fine. And misdemeanor is what this boils down to, regardless of the color of the accused. The 14 and 15 year old girls should have never been charged as adults, they should not be facing life in prison, they should have never received a deluge of death threats after their home addresses were posted by the sheriff on the Internet.

Three of the girls may become felons because they allegedly threatened to give the victim another beating if she tells on them; and yet law enforcement has treated concerns of the families about death threats against their children with derision and act as if these were entirely legal and innocuous. What will the guilty girls really learn from this except that everyone is a huge hypocrite?

These are first and foremost kids, not whites or blacks, and as long as people cheer the abuse of these kids by law enforcement and the justice system, abuse like this of kids black white or yellow will go on and on.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Wow, I can't help but comment on the last comment posted on her. The reality is, black or white, child commit ADULT crimes (maybe not this one) and if you are going to do the deed and you need to face the charges. That is just the reality.

Do not even think for a moment that kids do not commit horrible crimes. One of the worst and most heinest crimes in my city's history was committed by a teenage. And this teenager sexually assaulted, mutulated and stuck nail files into the girls eyes.

Yeah, crime is never a matter of color, but don't ever be fooled into thinking that the type of justice you get isn't sometimes colored. And if you don't believee that to be true, then I want to live in your mind.