Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lone Wolf

Did you know that the gray wolf mates for life? No? Well, that is because you’re a dumb ass.

(Burst out laughing!) No, no. I’m just kidding. That isn’t even how I meant to start this post, but I just couldn’t resist.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about infidelity a lot these last couple of weeks. And when I say infidelity, I am talking about it as it relates to married couples who have pledged their lives to one another. It seems that just about every married person that I know does not know how to remain faithful to the person that they have professed to love until death.

I don’t see how all these hypocrites can act so indignant because of Elliott Spitzer’s fall from grace, when it seems like the whole world has a problem with it. Infidelity, I mean. Well, actually I can, since we live in a hypocritical society—that and the fact that the bastard paid a good four thousand dollars for a sniff of putnanny, but that’s beside the point.

Infidelity has always bothered me, even as a kid. Something about the betrayal never sat right with me. I hated shows that revolve around characters who are unfaithful to one another. Maybe that’s why Soap Operas never appealed to me. Even comedies that would sometime focus on infidelity would get to me. I remember the episode of Lavern and Shirley that focused on Lavern and Carmine’s kiss. That was the ultimate betrayal in my mind. I was so bothered by this that it took me a minute before I could watch the two characters–Lavern and Carmine-without an air of disgust (I was a sensitive soul, what can I say). I have since out grown being bothers by infidelity on television, but the very act still sets my teeth on edge.

I never had to come face to face with infidelity until I was twenty years old and working at Kip’s Big Boy. My manager, a waitress and myself were at the El Fenix restaurant, across from ours, and they had treated me to a couple of margarita’s. I was young and had never drunk before so I got a little tipsy. It was at this point that those two scumbags decided to start the beginning of an affair that would taint my yound, innocent soul. And both of their asses were married too!

Now I work in a profession that is known for infidelity (police are some of the biggest whores out there), and yet not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me why I am not married. What’s the point? When I mate I want it to be forever, not just so I can say I had the experience or just to be with someone. I’m good alone. Thank you.

Question. Why is it that women seem to always lay infidelity at the foot of the men? And then men buy into that shit. Women cheat too. They make conscious decisions to open their legs, mouths, or spread their ass cheeks for the male species. And a lot of them initiate the shit. And yet it always seems to fall on the man for being responsible for the act. If you watch shows such as Cheaters or any other reality show these days, you will see that women are just as horny as men, and seem to cheat just as often, but for some reason we are all in denial about this. Married women are just a subject to falling from grace, because of the yearning in their loins, as a men. I don't care what you say. Let’s face it. We all want women to be these virtuous little things that only want sex because it is a service that they provide to their spouses, but we all know better. And please do tell me that it is because we, as Homosapiens are just sexual beings. That is bullshit. You have a mate! Explore that sexual energy with them. I'm just saying...

Anyway, that is what was on my mind and I needed to get it off my chest. I tried to keep it short.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

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Bygbaby said...

I have been married for almost 9 years & never stepped out on my boo nor do I want to. Of course there is always going to be some big titties or a nice ass that my get me hard but that shit is not worth it.

I would never want to fuck up the good life that I have just to bust a nut in some fresh hot pussy.

Not to mention all of that disease out there just waiting.

In all honesty, I don't think we were meant to mate for life like many other animals but social/moral construct has us bound to hit the same ass until death.


One Man’s Opinion said...

LOL. Oh-kay, bygbaby. LOL. "Nut in fresh hot pussy"...isn't that some new type of pudding dessert? There is nothing wrong with looking, or having a innocent fantasy. We just need to yeild not to temptation, for it is the yeilding that is the sin.
I'm glad to know that you are faithful for 9 and growing, my brother. And I, for one, think that we as humans are meant to mate for life, we just choose not to.

dejanae said...

them gray wolfs are some smart creatures for sure

i think he was doin a lil more than just sniffing the punanny son

good for u
marriage isnt something to be entered into lightly

i heard about yall cops bein hos
i kid, i kid
well not all of yall atleast
but the infidelity rate is up there

Cocoa Rican said...

Monogamy was a learned experience for that took me years to perfect and accept. Today, after seeing the horror of cheating, I don't subscribe to it or believe that there is any reason to parttake in it. If you don't want to be committed, do as Keyshia Cole says and let it go. More than anyone else, you degrade yourself and cheapen yourself by cheating.


you are definitely my twin. your words are my story also...and I was thinkin about posting on it..but u beat me to the punch. :)

my trust factor in the opposite sex is down near the equator. I have met (seen, observed, read about etc) more liars, scammers,molesters, sex offenders abusers, manipulators than I care to admit. It's safer to be single imho

Ms Smack said...

G'day from Australia.

I heard once that Crows mate for life!

Yup, true xx

One Man’s Opinion said...

I bet you to everything, twin.

Crows do mate for life, Ms. Smak. It was the crow that I saw the special on when I was younger and knew that I wanted to mate for life. However, Lone Wolf made a hell of a better post title than Lone Crow.

Don said...

I agree with this post. The funny thing about cheating is that it takes a woman in order for a man to cheat. So while I always hear how men are some unfaithful dogs, I remind them how it takes a woman as well. So i guess that makes us both unfaithful dogs.

With that said I can't see myself cheating on the next woman I fall in love with (re: marry). That's not to ensure that she doesn't cheat on me. When its all said and done, I just want to be able to say that "I never cheated on my wife."

Plus, I'm getting too old for the drama.

Hopefully she can say the same. But who knows?

Desy said...

penguins also rep another manogamous relationship as well (love those animals)

my dad never cheated. it was simple; she's my friend... best friend... and she gives me all that i need...the end

somehow friendship gets lost in marriages because you move into whatever that is and you forget that you really love/care for this person...

congrats on waiting for the right person

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yea folk, i got that before too, and u know its not just on us me, but on women too, they jaust as bad as we are. great post

cathouse teri said...

Duplicity is never a good thing. "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

One Man’s Opinion said...

Cathouse Teri, I am not sure what a double minded man is.....Is it the same as a two faced woman? Seriously, I don't know.

Don, how much does it sucks that you can't even decide if you can get even trust somebody to be loyal to you.

Desy, your dad is so very right. If only we could all live by that logic, unstead of making excuses. Have you guys noticed the excuses, and how people buy into the crap. That's how people can make money on books like "Why men cheat."

JayBee said...

When it gets to the point when you feel like you need to cheat it's time to remove yourself from teh situation. Walk away. Unless you think you won't get caught. (joke)

cathouse teri said...

Mr. Not: The phrase is referring to man as in "mankind," so it applies to both men and women.

Here, someone else always says it better than I do:

"The double minded man is actually dishonest with themselves and others, and appears to use truth and lies in whatever situation to benefit themselves in some way. The person is filled with hypocrisy."

I believe that a person who is unfaithful is unable to be honest with themselves about what they want, and unable to be honest with others about who they are.

cathouse teri said...

I have no idea why I called you Mr. Not. Must be mistaken identity. Can't even think who I'm confusing you with!

I'm lost in the blogworld!

Anyway, I meant you. :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

i agree whole heartedly Jaybee

Eb the Celeb said...

Are you saying that you have never cheated on a girlfriend?

One Man’s Opinion said...

I can proudly say that I have never cheated. So there!

Ms Smack said...

hiya, thanks for visiting my web-space. I'm a tad embarassed that you visited mid-insomnia post and hope that I didn't offend you.

I would have dropped you a personal email instead of commenting here too!

I hope you're in good spirits today.


mp1 v.8.0 said...

Speak english, damnit!!! What was that site?? A cheating site or something in Portuguese?

I guess this is your PSA from the month.

VertigoVirgo said...

I'm laughing at your remark about Police being roommate was engaged to an officer once, and he told her he was seeing another woman about 2 months before the wedding. I used to cook us dinners in the pans she got as wedding gifts...needless to say she doesn't trust police officers to this day. (sad,sad,sad) In my 27 years I've only seen one relationship that has not been marred by infidelity, and they just got married last year, but I feel in my heart of hearts they will be blessed with for everyone else *sigh* marriages and relationships went to pot years ago, which is the reason I'm so incredibly frightened of marriage, or falling in L.O.V.E again, for that matter. Why can't two people be enough for each other? Why can't vows taken before Christ hold water? I've even gone so far to think that I would hire a private detective every fews months to check in on my husband, but really...what kind of life is that? But right now I can't say that I would trust anyone enough to love me, and not get bored with me and eventually do all they could to break me.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Ms. Smack, it is very hard to offend me. I enjoyed your post. I hope my comment did not lead you to believe that I did not.

My thoughts exactly, vertigovirgo.

fuzzy said...

for some people monogamy is first nature, and others it is second. You have some men that would never cheat and some that will cheat before the drop of a dime. The same goes for the women.

We are the same, just some of us have titties and others have dicks!

One Man’s Opinion said...

and some have both, Fuzzy. LOL

Ms Smack said...

I know a few cops over here in Australia have a reputation for beating their missus and yes, cheating as well.

Sad really. I guess it's control eh?

Son of a Bishop said...

Man, it is so nice to know that there are others who believe in complete monogamy.
Only the strong survive and the weak give-in.

Kholi said...

there are so many awesome comments here on monogamy, but sometimes, i still choose to remember that it is a discursively formed tool of population control.

i mean i just wonder where the term "cheating" generated from in relation to a "loving and healthy" relationship ....

i do agree that lying and "stepping out" on someone is wrong if they are under another impression of the relationship ....

but umm ....

who came up with the idea that the only way to show and express love for someone and a committment to their life and well being and your relationship with them was by giving up all other contact with someone else? or choosing to only love them?

these are just things i'm asking.

for the sake of the blog ... here here! cheating is wrong.

Derek said...

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