Thursday, March 6, 2008

Call the Dog Catcher

Hilary Clinton is a Bitch!

That’s right, I said it. And I don’t mean in the traditional since of the word. No, I don’t think she is a female dog (although I do think, with those Santa Claus like cheekbones of her, makes her look like a Pekinese) And I also don’t mean it in the chauvinist terms of a vocal woman who is willing to stand up for herself and not take shit off anyone. Nope, I mean it in the most general of term. She is just a plain and simple, bitch: An unpleasant woman who is thoroughly disliked.
Okay, now you all know that this blog was created for the love and hate of people that look like me. Meaning, I love my people but sometimes I hate what they say and do. However, ever now and again I feel the need to speak on the other folks.

I gotta say I was very pissed off when Hilary took Texas (and I caucused too). I still don’t get how one can win the most delegates (Obama) and yet not get the popular vote. Can someone please explain that shit to me? Shazza? Don? Raw Buffalo? .Somebody?

Anyway, I am not hating on Hilary for any of that. Trust me. My problem with her is that she is not gracious. I listened to both candidates as they gave their respective speeches. One of the things that Obama did that Hillary did not was congratulate her on the states that she did win (this was prior to the result on Texas). Hillary, however, did not congratulate Obama for the one state he had won; although she did manage to congratulate McCain on his victory. She is playing such bad tactics, which is fine. I am not naive on how politics work, but damn. I hate her little comments about how America needs more than nice speeches, but a President that can deliver. Well, bitch, until you get your ass in office…speeches are all that your ass is making. So shut the hell up! And please, don’t tell me that shit about how she ran the Presidency when Bill was in office. I’m so sick of hearing that shit. Hell, if that were true, why can’t she handle his ass now? And Bill….Don’t get me started on him. Did he or did he not show his true color during all of this? (WHITE, people! The man is WHITE!)

I wish I could say this as funny and eloquently as Dick Gregory, who is my new hero by the way, but the plain and simple truth is Hillary is a bitch. She has lost my respect and my vote (and before I seriously would have voted for either or). Now, I will either not cast a vote for President or I will give my vote to McCain. The only way I can see Hillary getting my vote if she should win this candidacy, besides a gun to the head, would is if she put Barack on her ticket. And don’t tell me that shit can’t happen either. It happens all the time (or at least some of the time). There’s a reason why they say Politics make strange bed fellows.
Anyway, I said all of that to say this. HILLARY IS A BITCH! Look it up. You can find the definition of the word at where it reads: Bitch, see Senator Hillary Clinton.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Mizrepresent said...

I don't like the dirtyb politics either...especially when we so need a, i can't tell you how this behooves me...but it is what it is...and just maybe you have given her, her rightful name.

Curious said...

I like a man with spirit. A man who will shout out from the rooftops what he really thinks. Sing out brotha!

That being said, I will for the 1st time announce that I'm for Hillary. Always have been, maybe always will. I've tried to look at the other fellow, but her position on healthcare outweighed his, and in my view that was the deal breaker.

I hear you on having good form, good politics and nice manners, but you better believe that who ever gets into the Oval Office will not be holding hands with other politicians and cabinet members singing Kumbaya. It's going to be a scrap fight from morning till night and you need to know that there is someone who knows how to get down, roll his or her sleeves up and start swinging with the best. And Hillary "throw as much shit as you can and see what sticks" Clinton is just one of those people who can do that. McCains another and I would not be so sure that Obama couldn't do it either.

Politics is not a game for the weak. As Truman used to say, if you can't stand the heat, get the hell out if the kitchen.

Yeah, you can call Hillary a bitch I'm sure she wouldn't mind. With the recent win in Ohio and what will turn out to be an also ran position in Texas, I am reminded of the old Tina Turner song that Elton John wrote, The Bitch is Back.

D-Place said...

Yeah I think she's a BITCH too for some of her antics. She might have HAD a good position on healthcare that she brought up when her husband was in office. But if you saw Sicko then you know that they were sick of her ass and bought her to shut the hell up for $895,000.00. She could be bringing this up again just to get another paycheck from the health industry. I guess we'll find out if she wins now won't we.

Anonymous said...

One Man, we could get us an anti-Hillary mix tape going:

"Bitch" by the Rolling Stones
"The Bitch is Back" by Elton John
"Lying Ass Bitch" by Fishbone
"Cave Bitch" by Ice T
"Billy Jack Bitch" by Prince
"Little Bitch" by the Specials
"Fat Bitch" by 50 Cent

I'll get I-Tunes going! (LOL)

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I love reading these forays into politics. Nobody can do it like you. We got the black rep for the Onion over here! lol

Why I click on the link. I'm kinda slow.... that's why

And she is kinda tacky. She might just have to put O on her ticket to appeal to voters if she wins


Keep it real, Twin.
As always!

on another subject...if u don't buy A NEW PC, i'm coming Tex-mex and whoop ur behind. those links are fine! it's ur bootleg pc...UPGRADE! :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

Curious, I agree with you that Politics is not a game for the weak at heart and that is not what I'm saying. You can't always be polite because so many people see it as weakness. Hell, I'm a cop for petesakes. Sometimes my job requires me to be a "dick", which is totally unlike my normally passive personality. I have had to chase down, tackle and fight people. Let's face it. People don't like to go to jail. I can't hate them for that. Hell, I don't enjoy putting people in jail, unless they are true slim balls, but the very nature of my job sometimes requires me to put the cuffs on people. I'll I'm saying is once the battle is over and I have won, I don't take that shit personally. Hell, it's just business. I will hope that the person is alright. I don't get caught up in the name calling that they do while we are enroute to jail (although some of them can get me steamed).
So, I'm not asking her to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. I am however asking her to be gracious after she has won the battle. Hell, the fight is over. Let the victor take the spoils and move on to the next round. Is that so much to ask. Damn, ain't they suppose to be on the same time?
Hell, yeah, when it comes to fighting for what you believe, go ass out, tooth and nails, but you don't have to intentionally spit in your brother's face while you are doing it. And if you do, by mistake. Hell, apoligize for the shit in private so you don't appear weak in public.
Hell, like I said, she had no problems congradulating the man who will be her true enemy (if she wins the nomination). How hard is it to do the same for the person you are suppose to be on the same side of the fence with?

The Bitch is a Bitch, Curious. But I respect and honor you decision to side with her.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I'm feeling that, Mark.

Look here, Twin. Don't you start with me. You know as well as I do that I hate being anchored to this damn room with this damn pc, but I's just a poor black man trying to get by. The mere fact that I have raise my lazy ass up and come into a seperate room is putting me behind on reading my fellow bloggers as well as posting. So get off my back damn it! (Crying real tears here).

Cocoa Rican said...

I give both Dem candidates a lot of credit...their stressful campaign trails would've had me sayin', "Fuck that 8*&^*&^!" at many a press conference. That said, it's the very quality you attribute to Hil that make her such a formidable president. We need a strong, cut throat bitch that has our interest in mind. I'm all for Obama as the Vice and future Pres...this time around though, he gets my vote if she's not the Dem runner.

Curious said...

Thanks One Man, I didn't want to seem too strident or anything. I saw and see your point, and I respect it also. As I do everyone else's points 'cause that's what opinions are all about and in the end we're all just looking for something better.

Desy said...

tell me how u really

Eb the Celeb said...

i hope you dont mind my mention of you in today's blog

well helll you always putting everybody else out

identity.explored i.e. said...

She is not gracious. She is not polite. She is a "bitch" who cannot control her husband.

She is just an unpleasant woman...

wow. good to see we've come a long way, baby.

Shazza Nakim said...

I decided to take a break from explaining the Inside and Rules for the campaign and debunking the gossip and blind assumptions. The time spent directing people to correct sources and or violations on both side are met with vile comments and deleted posts (LAWD if I even mention that Obama's team does anything wrong under the Rules).

I did have a response your question but decided to keep to my Peace of Mind and opt not to.

One Man’s Opinion said...

That's all I am saying, curious. LOL

Shazza, what is up, brother? I thought we had love for one another. Have I been amoung the ones who have hated on your knowledge. Damn, you are the keeper of knowledge and so you have a duty to share it. Seriously, don't let a brother remain ig'nant. That's what they want.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

LOL. But u speak the truth...again. And that pic, well you make the call. LOL

dejanae said...

1st-u wrong for that pic
2nd-thnx for the bitch clarification
3rd-she rubs me the wrong way too


Twin...stop whining. also in addition to our sis dimples, our little sis is Dejanae! have u checked out her blog yet...the pics are fab!

Shazza Nakim said...

Naw ... Just holdin back on the knowledge on people who are not Ready or Open to Receive It.

You can explain something and direct people to where you can get the info so that you'd know and you'd still get, "I don't give a FUQ what it is/say .. it's my right to remain Deaf, Damb and Blind. So its Spring Break for droppin Knowledge ... but I will return later in the week for more insights.

--- and I have gathered much in my absence.

That Girl Tam said...

She lost my support when I realized that she couldn't keep her man in check. I'm also in the process of reading Obama's autobiography...wonderfully written btw...and Hill has shown her true colors AND her ass during this campaign. It's a really is...

Don said...

Great, great post. I agree with everything you wrote. Im trying my best to stay away from the politics right now because I really, really have a problem with how the election process is going. My very first time having interest in politics (to this degree), and I cant believe how its all going down. Its just sad.

If Im running against someone for a position I wouldnt want the position if I have to run a smut campaign. On top of that, if you are being labeled as not being tough enough for trying your best to stick with the issues then I have to question the integrity of the position itself.

Its funny where Hillary broke her neck to criticize Obama for the words of one of his advisors (Iraqi War propostion), when Hillary's advisor came out and said the exact same about her. LOL. Its funny that she maintains her position on Health Care when she was once bought to remain quiet by Health Care lobbyist.

Just some fake ish all the way around.

Don said...

Oh, Im not sure if I understand your question about Texas. Obama did win the most delegates in Texas.

Rodney said...

Hilary Clinton can truly kiss my entire black ass! I hate an ungracious bitch and she's about as ungracious as they come.

I'm sick of hearing about her "experience" and how ready she is to hit the ground running on her first day in office. She acts like Obama has never done anything of significance in his entire life.

I don't want to hear another sentence about what Hilary can do for me. I'm not helpless!

fuzzy said...

I swear she is caught in the worst poses imaginable! and I mean the worst and it is is getting worse!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - I never did think that much of her - lol.

Gunfighter said...

A pretty raw assessment, brother... but not one I will disagree with.

Let me say this about Senator Clinton... She never had any support from me. Voting to go to war by illegally and imorally invading Iraq was my deal breaker.

I am going to have to co-sign with rodney on this "Hilary Clinton can truly kiss my entire black ass!"

Sha Boogie said...

I concur! She is a bitch's bitch. Point blank. At first I wasn't sure who I was voting for, because I didn't want to just do that 'black vote'. But, after hearing her speak and seeing how she gets down, I am off that band wagon running right for my boo Obama!


Yeah, she is a bitch all right and I HATE people who boost themselves up by putting others down!
I want a recount!

mp1 v.8.0 said...

where you at?? get on ya game pimpin and stop giving us these excuses! lol

Bygbaby said...

"Hilary Clinton is a Bitch!" How dare you say this about this upstanding fine white woman. She has done so much for us.

Seh & she alone can save us from Barack Obama & John McCain.

No, not really!!


YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

She HAD my vote...until she started acting like a dayum monkey and throwing shyt all over the place. I'm still trippin' over her saying that she'd put Obama on HER ticket, even tho she was still behind in delegates...after winning 2 lonely ass states.

And this last's got Hillary written all over it. What else I've never been able to digest is when a White person has a racially charged agenda, everyone dismisses it (to include some of us colored folk), yet let any of us go there with race, and they act like they're snatching the world on a platter back from us and they've "given us sooo many changes".

I'm with you...whateva bytch.