Thursday, September 25, 2008

Like a Crack House

My mom’s house is becoming more and more like a crack house. Let me explain. Everytime I go over to my mom’s house there is some new negro laying up in my mom’s house. I don’t even get it. Yesterday, we I went over, the first thing I do I go say hi to my mom and see if she is okay. Then I ask where my nephew is (in school, where he belongs). My niece is outside, talking to somebody and my little brother has just driven up. I go into the family room, to hopefully look at some television, but there is somebody already in there, sleep/looking at television.

My first thought is, why is my nephew Ant over here? I know he still living with my mom ‘nem, but only in theory. The reality is, he is normally somewhere shacking up with his fianicie. But there he is, slumped in the big chair, sleep, 48 hours on televison (or whatever the name of that reality cop show is). So I go back into my mom room and hang out with her. She starts gripping to me about how some inspector came over and turned off theiir water heater and they have no more hot water. What the fuck? Yeah, she called the inspector for some reason and he found that they were involation and he had to turn off their water heater. She was so mad at the man, but I told her that she couldn’t be mad at the man for doing his job.

Anyway, so I’m sitting right there and my mom starts calling for my brother and calling for some guy name T.J. Who the fuck is T.J. Anyway, after a minute, this T.J person comes and to see what my mom wants and guess what…It’s the person I thought was my nephew. LOL. Okay, I can explain this, because I know you are wondering how I don’t know my own nephew when I see him.

Okay, my nephew Ant is about 6 foot, two-forty and blue black in color. We are talking so black that you can’t tell where his skin ends and his hair begins. So, good look making out his features, if your are not right up on him and the light is poor. Well, this T.J. guy has the exact same build and complextion. Who know.

I ask my mom who the hell he is and she says , “Oh, that’s T.J. He lives down the street.”

“Okay, why is it that every time I come over here, yall got some new stranger laying all up in your house.”

“He’s not a stranger. He lives up the street and friend with Stace (my Niece) and Duce (my brother). He went to school with them or something.”

My mom drives me crazy. I lived in this house and I know everyone that both my neices and brother and sisters hung out with growing up. This T.J. is not one of those people and even if he is, why is his ass laying up in your house at two something in the afternoon? We know this much about him. He is either 26 or 29...either way why is his ass not in college, work or at his own damn home. I don’t get it and my mom still doesn’t answer my question, so I ask it again. “Why is it that every time I come over here there is some new, random guy up in your house.”

Her answer: “He’s always over here.”

Well, he’s not always over here, but this is the first time I’ve seen ass over here. What kind of communal, group house for the lazy is being run over here. It’s not like my mom has anything. Hell, they are living just above the knee sockets of poverty. It’s not like she is always whipping up these outstanding meals. I just don’t see what the attraction is, except for the fact that you see other grown ass people in and out of there, not working. Not unlike a fucking crack house.
And yall all know by now that I worry. I get to see man’s inhumanity to man on a daily basis. I know how crazy people are and what they will do and I hate that my mom allows herself to be put into a situation where someone can do harm to her. You are over weight, paralyzed on one side of your body and virtually immobile. Negroes are crazy, I don’t want them in the house with you! Plus, I don’t like all these random dudes hanging around my nephew. I don’t know them and I think everyone is a potential pedophile. I’m not trusting a single motherfucker. Does it really take something drastic to happen for them to get the message? Well, no….we know that’s not the answer because about a year and a half ago some little punks robbed my sister and cousin in the driveway of my mom’s house. (I WAS LIVID!)

But what’s a man to do? I can’t tell my mom who she can and can not have in her house. I can’t tell my little sister how to raise her son. I can’t tell my little brother to get off his ass and get a job. Well, actually, I CAN and DO do all of those things, but it’s like talking to a brick wall, a cactus and a deaf pussy cat. They ain’t listen.

AGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drives me crazy! Fucking, none crack smoking, crack-heads. How pathetic is that shit?

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


Super Dave Van Buren said...

this sounds like my uncles house when I was younger. we had friends living there all the time. Only difference is that my uncle was at work all the time and didn't really care. You have every right to be concerned.

Opinionated Diva said...

This is so serious, but I still had to laugh at the non-crackhead smoking crackeheads line.

My mom's house used to be THAT house. I says USED TO BE, because me and my sisters are mean. My mother might be the nice generous one to these mofos in the hood, but me and my sisters let them know to take their gready freed loading azzes somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

You should definitely be concerned. If a grown a$$ man thinks it's okay to lay up in the house all day, he got his sh!t in the wrong order.

And if he lives down the street, why isn't he at his own house lazing around on the couch? Wanna know why? Cuz whoever pays that mortgage ain't having it.

Someone needs to kick them all in the a$$ and tell 'em to get with it.

I swear my generation need to be knocked upside the head! Lazy bastards!

RealHustla said...

I'm just as frustrated as you are right now.

How do you think your family would react if you became the clean up man. I mean the ones knee grows hated to see coming. Irritate the hell out of those free loaders with your advice or your orders to leave.

If your mom doesn't want you to do it, she'll let you know, won't she?

MP said...

there is no way that i could live like that with all those people living in my house and coming and going. i would loose my mind.

Q said...

Wow, that is very frustrating! I wouldn't be able to take that, it would drive me crazier than I already am.

Anonymous said...

I understand why you are concern. My cousin's house use to be like that. Her grown non working son use to bring all his grown non working friends to the house. Sometimes the friends would be there and the son wouldn't.

Darius T. Williams said...

Lord...what is going on. Yea, you have cause for some concern.

The Dreamy One said...

ohhhh wow, your moms sounds like my ex's mom.

she has sugar diabetes, paralyzed on the left sid of her body from a stroke. she used to have all kinds of people in her house

and like you she had a daughter and son that wasnt worth a lick.

she only had one good son, like you who was my ex that did everything for her.

wow i feel for you sweets. that is a very seriuos siutaion. like you say you see how people are today in this world.

and to be truly honest there is nothing that you really can do because it is not your house. as long as your brother and sister stay there its gonna keep going on!!

Bangs and a Bun said...

I know this isn't funny, but your way with words slays me.

I had an experience a couple of months ago that let me know even the closest people to you can and will screw you over, in your own home - so you're totally right to be concerned and get pissed off about it. In fact, what kind of person would you be if you didn't?

And if that dude was watching The First 48 - that is my sh*t! Not at 2 in the afternoon though, 'cause you know, some of us have to work n' all.

Madam Z said...

That sounds like my Grandma Willis' house when I was a kid. There were always at least a couple of her grown kids bunking there, along with some of their kids, and all kinds of "friends" of those grown kids hanging around. It was a MADhouse, if not a crack house. No one ever helped with cooking, dishwashing or cleaning. Grandma cooked and poor ol' grandpa (the only one who actually had a job) ended up washing the dishes and cleaning up. I don't remember anything really bad happening, but that was a long time ago. I don't blame you one bit for being upset by the situation at your mom's place. The adults in there should get their lazy butts out and get a job and their own place to live. Don't they have any pride at all? Mooching off a crippled old lady is shameful! And what kind of example is it setting for your sweet, little nephew? I wish he could live with you, instead.

FREEDOM said...

Maybe your Mom is lonely and enjoys the company of someone being in the house with her at all times. You did say she was paralyzed on one side of her body and virtually immobile. Not saying that it is right, but maybe she misses the companionship of having someone around all of the time. Sometimes it's funny how you feel safer just knowing someone else is in the house besides you, regardless if they are shiftless or have their own home or not to go to.

Bygbaby said...

Almost sounds like my mommas house, 5 adults & the only one working is my pregnant sister's boo. They always broke, always smoking (except my sister) & always bitching.

I don't get it. It is a shame when you are the only grinding for yours & everyone else is standing by the wayside looking crackish.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

that is a sad social commentary
ps told u bout wamu now waiting on wachovia. have a great weekend

One Man’s Opinion said...

You hit the nail right on the head, Freedom. That is exactly the reason why my mom doesn't care. She is just happy to have people mulling about the house and there is nothing that I can do about it.

The reality is that even if I was able to find a house to accommodate her I don't honestly think that she would leave her home and trust me when I say that I can't move back into that house. I would seriously hurt someone. Beside, it would put me back into a her roof her rules mentality and I'd feel like a grown ass man living at home with his mommy.

I'll keep yall informed.

lyre said...

I see my future in your mother. Cept it will probably be my daughter making the big fuss.
you see we just like to help people.

Stew said...

i am sure that i would feel the same way. but i do not think i would have ever thought to compare it to a crack house. has all of the elements of a crack house though.

maybe you should just start kicking folks out.


Yes! You cyour mum's an take control oyou think she is being exploited,even by family. Someone needs to consider taking power of attorney for her, before something serious happens.

RunningMom said...

Your moms house is supposed to be a refuge for you - not the neighborhood.

Let me find some random man or woman layed up at my moms - Who are you? Get up and get the fuck out!

Are you paying bills? No? Get the fuck out.

Do you share some DNA with us? No? Get the fuck out.

I think you get my point.

naijalines said...

It's a difficult one. you are right that you can't tell your mom who she can have or not have in her house. But you can still look out for her as you do. That's all one can do in these sort of situations, be there for them when they need you and look out for any wrong moves by these people.

Curious said...

This sounds like a mess. I wish I could give you some advice or even some witty or pithy remark, but I can't. I feel for you. The only only thing I can say is you need to speak to someone before it becomes to late, maybe a social worker. Plus why are inspectors at mom's turning stuff off? Is she living in a dangerous situation?

One Man’s Opinion said...

Curious, the reason that the inspector man was at my mom's house was because she called them out for some reason....To be honest, I forget why. She was hella pissed when they told her there was something wrong with her water heat and cut it off. She is so funny.

You good people think I am kidding when I say that I have been fighting this bullshit for years...Literally years! It is a losing battle, because my mom makes excuses for everything and everybody...It is quite annoying.....