Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Family that Plays

Today, I paid my mom a surprise visit and took her to see The Family that Preys. I got to say, Tyler Perry did it again. I must admit that I didn’t think that the movie was going to be any good, but one of my female co-workers said it was the bomb. It was funny and sad all at once. I thought it was going to be contrived, but nope; Mr. Tyler did his thing, although I do believe that it could have did without his presence. No offense to him.

I gotta tell you, the funny thing about surprising my mom as apposed to letting her know in advanced, is the fact that we got to the movies on time. How funny is it that I can let her know a day, even a week, a head of time and she will never be ready on time. Surprise her and we are right on schedule. Even she noticed and commented on it while we were en route to the movies. We got there in time to see all of the previews, and that never happens. She saw lots of movies that she wanted to see next, included Bernie Mac’s last movie; Soul Men. I didn’t think it looked any good and I can’t just go to see a movie in memory of a late actor.

After the movies my mom wanted me to take her to El Chico’s to get her something for dinner. Being the loving big brother that I am, I called both my brother and sister to see if they wanted anything to eat. Of course they did. So, I ended up buying food for all for of us and Manny, of course. Then I ended up spending the entire day with them. I love my little Manny to death, but I tell you, he will wear a brother out. I mean, he went hour upon hour without shutting up. I swear the boy has Energizer batteries shoved up his rear end. I told him on five different occasions that I was going to start beating him with a stick. I have no idea why he never takes me seriously.

He is such a happy baby boy. So happy in fact that I accused his mommy of getting him drunk. The boy is a nut bag, but he cracks me up. If laughter adds years to your life, he will live to be like a thousand and I will live to be a hundred and ten. I gave him his bath, put him on his pj’s, and read him two books before receiving a big hug around the neck and a kiss on the cheek. I told him I love him and to learn a lot at school. He told me no and said he loved me too. He is such a little bastard. I wish he did ever have to grow up.

Anyway, go see the Family that Prey’s. It will be well worth the money. Over here, it just cost five dollars of two adult tickets. HA! Don’t hate.
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


The Dreamy One said...

ohhhh weee I am first today!!

this like never happens here,lol

okay you and Manny are too cute.

And that is so sweet that you took moms out and the family.

Your such a good son and brother.

You know I am typing this really fast so I can be first right,lol

SAD I know!!

deonte' k said...

Aww... @ you and Manny. you two are too cute....... still have not seen tyler perry movie yet. I keep hearing two things about this film, one Sanna Lathan was great, and two tyler needs to quit being in his films lol.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about you and your family until you said movie tickets are $5. Now I'm pissed... thanks

The Black Russian said...

aww this is such a sweet story!!!! till I wept when the movie tickets its like 10 here in nyc...your screwed if you want food I think they want blood and a kidney lol... you nephew sounds fantastic I am an only child lol....

cathouse teri said...

I felt that way when I saw DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN, which was my first Tyler Perry movie experience. Hilarious and very sad. Just like life. Although the whole romance was waaaaaaaaay over the top! I mean really. "I just want you to wake up every day and I'll do the rest." Jeez.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing this one, too.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I went on opening night. Should have waited because being in a full theater with a bunch of black folks, I missed some parts.

I'm mad about $5 for two adults.

JACK said...

I saw Family that Preys over the weekend, during my two-day long date. I've got to say, I LOVED-ed it. Kathy Bates made that movie for me, so I agree that Tyler didn't have to be in this one. But how about when that mfer smacked the shit out his wife in the diner, why none of the patrons got up to defend her? I was just WAITIN' for a mfer to get up and do something. But no - didn't happen.

And my date paid for the movie - so it was 2 tickets for $0. I ain't mad at you.

And Im' still having fried chicken and cabbage for lunch ... mmmmmmm


MP said...

that's so nice of you to surprise your mama and take her to a movie.

FREEDOM said...

I was just thinking what movie can i go see and I forgot about this movie just opened last week!

Where I live it cost $4.50 per adult and you can get all the popcorn and large drink you want for $5.00! Howabout them apples! (hehe)

Eb the Celeb said...

Aren't you just the best son in the whole world! That was sweet!

Ieisha said...

I was with you on the whole post until you said that movie was good.

No. It. Was. Not.

All the characters were one-dimensional and shallow. The plot was undeveloped and left me with a ton of questions. I read a great review of the film that described it perfectly.

Wanna read it?

But on the positive side, glad you got to spend some QT with the fam.

At least you still know their names, lol. Your Alzheimer moments are too much for me!

Ieisha said...

Now you got me all riled up cuz you wanna be mad about me not liking that TP movie? The TP should stand for toilet paper to clean up the sh!t of a film he made.

It was NOT good. Nope. Not. At. All.

When are the opening casting calls for Amazing Race? I'd go on there with you. Two folks from the blog about a hook.

Let's do it.

But first, you gotta get better taste in movies, lol.