Sunday, September 7, 2008

Drives Me Crazy!

I love my little brother and sister. They are both college graduates and twins to both. In November they will turn thirty years of age and they drive me crazy. That’s right….CRAZY! And let me tell you why.

As you know by now, this week I worked eleven days straight (not by choice). It was fine, I got to know a lot of good people, did some head sketches and made over-time money out the butt…and I found out recently that my over time rate is a little over fifty dollars an hour. Yeah, I know it ain’t much, but it’s like a good blow job to me. No offense. Anyway, since it had been a while since I had time for myself I took the next four days off. This is day one of those fours days and I went to see my mom, nephew and the rest. Just the thought of seeing my little nephew makes me smile (and I realize how sick yall are of hearing that, but it’s true. That little boy brings me joy.)

Okay, let me tell you how why twins drive me butt scratching crazy. Lets start with baby sis. I need for her to stop bringing every dead beat ass nigger she meets over to my mom’s house and around my nephew. I don’t know what it is with black women, my sister included, and sorry ass men. Example One: Manny’s dad. She meet his ass at the 7-11. He was a man hoe with children all over God’s creation. An unemployed man hoe to boot. I will say this much for the man…although he didn’t do much by way of financial responsibility he gave his time to my nephew. To the point that I was jealous whenever my little buddy was over his daddy’s house. However, I loved and appreciated the time that Manny’s dad spent with him, because I think that quality time is way more precious then money. I was said when he died in automobile accident before Manny reached the age of two years old. Then there were others that came and went in the wink of an eye but the one that comes to mind is the Murderer. She hates when I call him that, but that’s what he is. He killed a man last year. She met the Murderer at a chicken place. And my sister can believe the hype, but I don’t believe that shit was a accident and I need him away from my mom and my nephew. This bastard had a job, so I am told, but he didn’t have a place to live. I still don’t know why they were allowing this nigger, who she didn’t even know for a good month to be living all up in their house and sleeping all up in her bed. Now she’s messing with this twenty three year old, who just got released from prison for Aggravated Robbery and Robbery. Yeah, he spent five years of his young life in jail. He hung out with us when I took my family to the Univer-soul Circus. She swore up and down that she was not dating him, but I’m not stupid. Of course with his criminal history and the fact that he didn’t graduate high school, it is making it hard for him to get a job. I was criticized about giving him the third degree, but I don’t know this little mother fucker.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice kid, very respectful and all, but I don’t know him. I want to give him the benefit of a doubt, but as far as I know he could be a child molester, rapist or still have those other criminal tendencies. I had to let him know that I am a cop (sergeant) and I am always packing. Evening show him the gun strapped to my hip. He needed to know that we were cool up and to the point that he fucked up. That’s when I become the Felon. I ain’t playing.
Then there is my little brother. Got arrested for position of Marijuana before he finished college, because his ass is hard headed. Came back home to help little sis take care of mom after my step-father passed away. Has yet to hold down a steady, full time job. I think the last one he had lasted all of six month (because he lied about his criminal history). Two of my guy friends gave me a hard time about calling him out on not having a job this past Fourth of July. They said he was embarrassed. Fuck that. They don’t know my little brother and his nonchalant ass. If he needed to be embarrassed about anything it would be the fact that he was twenty nine year old ass was asking his big brother for money, so he can go out, in the first place. That shit ain’t cool.

He and I had a talk, as I left the house and I laid it all out on the line for him. The fact that his ass was about to turn Thirty years old, without a job history to speak of. The fact that he can’t wait for the perfect job to just drop out his ass. The fact that I think he is still smoking the wacky-tobaccy. The fact that the older he gets the harder it is going to be to get a job. The fact that I’m not going to help raise his ass, since I don’t help support grown ass people (unless they carried me for nine months, no charge). I told him that he had too many people trying to help his ass get a job and he to busy playing at it. That shit is ridiculous and yall all know it. Then I brought my ass home.

I love my family. Lord knows I do. I try to get us to do things together as a group, even if it means me playing. But damn it, I need them to do right. I have made a hell of a lot of mistakes, believe you me, but in the end I support myself and have never and I mean never asked anyone for a helping hand. It’s just not in me. That being said, I am willing to lend a hand, but damn…I only have so many hands to give.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


Cocoa Rican said...

Ain't family a bitch...we can't pick'em and they tend to run us nutz...hey, sometimes you have to step back and let the story unfold.

dejanae said...

i love harpo lord knows i
i feel u man
what can u do but hope they straighten shit out
stop tryna scare folk

Promiscuous X said...

LMAO @ I' always packn lol

Dam 30 and NO job ...wait you said a murderer lol. Dam she got some bad luck picking men lol

I swear this sounds like my lil bro and sis. Lol from beginning to end lol.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol... you did right by warning the young dude. Better to be real with him then fake.

lyre said... got it out... and let me say. There are a TON of sorry a$$ folks who were born from lets say 1970 to about 1979! My SON is one of them. Still tryin to be a Gosh darn Rapper! I let him have my house. Rents $732. He hands me $253 dollars like I can do something with that! I let him keep the electrcity in my name, and he calls me yesterday to tell me that the lights are going to be cut off if the past due aint paid by today. My grandson lives there so I fork over $447 dollars to pay a Phuckin light bill. And this motherfuckers 33! And his woman, who aint gone back to work yet, is 21!
I am with you with taking care of GROWN FOLKS! I aint wit it no mo! I think there is a picture of me somewhere on the players wall that has PLAYED across my forhead. I feel you, OneMan. I feel you.
I pledge today to stop!

Bygbaby said...

Damn, for a minute, I thought I was reading a page from my life! And we must have the same damn sister. LOL

she dates losers because she is a loser. You know they say birds of a feather flock together.

I am now just getting to the point that I realize, no matter what I say to my sister who is always broke but dressed sharp as hell, she will not change.

And keep that piece put up cuz you may have the urge to pull it on anyone she brings home. Don;t let them see you hold card. LOL!!!

Get some rest & find some good $50 head. In Detroit, that will get you the blow of your life. More details on that later though.


RealHustla said...

Hey, somebody has to tell those who need to be told. Sound like it's your job to do so anyway. Manny is really lucky to have you. Sounds like little sis needs some self esteem building. Little brother does too.

KennonP said...

People are going to do what they want to do, period.

She Needs said...

Good luck with the fam.
I was telling a friend guy of mines last night that we all learn from our mistakes. Either you take heed of that lesson or keep falling and busting your ass. Things will turn around one day, it just takes time.

The Black Russian said...

your a good big brother... they are lucky to have u... For ur sister dating bad boys(yes these guys are boys not men imo) I have been down that road I just turned 24 but there comes a time when u want more and believe you deserve more than bs drama and lies.... YOU did the right thing letting now her new guy what time it was!!!!!!!!!! scare the crap outta ppl now and then.. at least he knows ur a cop and if he tries something its on in a manner of speaking.. great post ur nephew sounds adorable ( i have read ur previous posts how he is perceptive as well)

Bangs and a Bun said...

No disrespect to your sister, I didn't think anyone had worse taste in men than me - but I think she just won.

The Dreamy One said...

yeah i am gonna need your sis to get it together.

you know your situation reminds me of my ex. he had to good for nothing sister and brother. all they caused were headaches and their mom to have a stroke.

they need to get out your moms home and fend for themselves. and your sis definitely does not need to have Manny around those criminals!!!

hope u got your brother to realize the error of his ways!!

thegayte-keeper said...

I know just how you feel about your family, though I just have one sister and she is not making a lot of bad choices I still worry about her...and the rest of my family always seem to think that I am so ATM or something...I mean if I can get out of the house move on my own and try to make something of myself why can't they? I guess it is like you said, 'YOU ONLY HAVE SOME MANY HANDS' I can relate to have a follower of your blog 4 life...

yet another black guy said...

MAN, this is my same dilemma! I want to help, but mentally i am all helped out. and i am so tired of trying to help folks who don't want to get it together for themselves. My sisters are fuck ups of the highest order. I've decided to let them fuck it up and find somebody else to fix it.

RiPPa said...

Sounds like the twins need Black Jesus, and not the white one. White Jesus is too soft. And you say they have college degrees?


And your sister is trippin. Seriously she is. But hey, we all have our issues. Maybe she's just lookig for a father figure like some women do and make poor choices in men.

As for your brother...take his ass to jail. That experience can surely be an eye, and asshole opener.`

Q said...


Caspar608 said...

I am glad you arent making any excuses for your sister or your brother. They both fucked up and neither seems to possess enough humility to turn their lives around.

All you can do is take care of you. In the end, thats all we have...ourselves.
You should stay away from the 23 year old ex con though. You could blow your whole career if you lose your temper with him. WCS, take your nephew and let your sister get her act together.

Stew said...

its gotta be hard to see your family in a tough spot like that. all you can do is motivate your little brother, and just try and support your sister with kind words.

easier said than done... i know

JACK said...

This reminded me of my brother - my mother just told me today that she's stressed out about him because he worries her. The mother fucker is 38 years old. I'm like, really? So, I feel you - it seems your sister likes dating the likes of your brother; that's just weird as hell to me.

Jackie said...

This is my niece all over. 31, no job and don't want no job. Put her 9 year old off on the family and wanders in and out of his life undoing what we are trying to do. Her mother is a sucker for her (as we all have been). So now i just do what I can for my nephew and be a good role model and hope for the best.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

not at the 7-11 LOL have a great weekend

Cyn said...

You are so right. It's just sad the excuses you make for family or people "giving it to you" right.

I hope my brother doesn't go down that path and I refuse to let anyone take me down that path as well.

arychtexas said...

I need for her to stop bringing every dead beat ass nigger she meets over to my mom’s house and around my nephew. I don’t know what it is with black women, my sister included, and sorry ass men.

if nobody is laughing at this well written ish then they dont understand you man. this is good stuff! i feel you i'll would give MURDERER benifit of the doubt also but thats it he'll have to prove to me he trust worthy! I think people just look for love in all the wrong places man.....

Green said...

Sometimes you have to take a step back and leave family alone. You can have all the best intentions in the world, but hell...they grown!!
Your sister does need to stop with brin ging her bed mated home. Kids remember so much more than you think...

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, man...I totally know about family. Family can be a mess...I've vowed to be a loner. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt!

MP said...


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