Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KFC Gots to be Mad at Oprah

I'm thinking that KFC is hating Oprah right now.  Okay, maybe not KFC, since they had to be on board with the whole free meal thing, but I bet you their employee's are pissed as hell.  

The reason why I say this is because I stopped by the KFC by my house to get some of the new baked, or however they cook it, chicken.  No, I did not have my coupon for the free meal  Our girl Ieshia did email me the coupon this morning, so I was thinking; "cool, I'll have some free chicken for dinner tonight."  Sadly, I could not get the damn coupon to print...expensive ass, piece of crap, printer.  Still, my mind was set on the chicken so I went anyway and just pay for my meal.

Let me just tell you the place was packed.  And when I say packed, I mean PACKED! The line to the drive thru went out into the street and the parking lot was so packed that the people were parking in the lot of neighboring businesses.  I was like, Damn.  It ain't that serious.  

And it really ain't that serious, people.  I mean I, like most black folks, love a good piece of chicken...and when you add the word FREE to the front of that....stand back.  However, I am not going to stand and wait for a hour to get some damn chicken.  I don't care how free it is.  lol

Besides, I've had the new chicken.  It's good, but it ain't all that.  Plus, I think they make it from midget chickens.  My pieces were so small.  Still, it is an alright piece of chicken and KFC is doing one hell of a job of marketing it.  As I was in the middle of typing this up I was also watching the Gary Unmarried, a sitcom on CBS and I'll be damn if they weren't pitching the new chicken.  

Still, I said it once and I'll say it again.  The employees of KFC must be hating Oprah's ass right now.  I know I would be if I worked there.  

-One Man's Opinion.  Peace.

Oh, and just for the record.  I appreciate all of you who were worried about me.  I have seriously been going through it at work.  I think I'm going to have to change the name of this blog and everything, but that is not what I have been going through at work.  They have been putting my ass through the ringer.  Still, just a quick update:

My niece got married and the ceremony was nice.  My other niece moved out on her own so now my sister is going through empty nest syndrome.  She funny.  The day after the first niece got married and moved out she had already turned her room into a bedroom for Manny.  

On the under one roof front.  Still working on it.  It is hard to find a house to accommodate my mom's handicap (and yes, we knew going end that we would have to make changes).  Now we are considering just adding own to my mom's house and my moving back in there.  They are checking out contractors now.  

Love you all.  


One Man’s Opinion said...

Oh, and check

Curious said...

What is it with black people and chicken, fast food chicken at that? You're right, it really isn't all of that. If people really want to have chicken they should just go home and make it themselves, at least that way they will know how it's been made and not be embarrassed holding onto a coupon and waiting in the middle of the street as if they are homeless.

BTW, welcome back and I'm still not sure about everyone living together. If lil' Manny can get his own room, you should still have your house.

RunningMom said...

I couldn't get my coupon to print out either, but to tell you the truth, the chicken doesn't even look that good on TV, so I can imagine what it looks like in person - I'll pass!

lol @ Curious, seriously, an hour of my time (or more) is worth more than that $2.99 meal coupon they are handing out!!

Welcome back OneMan, if you change your blog, please make sure to let us know where we can find you ;)

Linda said...

*lol @ black people and chicken* My husband and I play 'the KFC game' around here....

It works like this:

go to KFC.. the first one who spots a Dutchman wins! It's really difficult, I'll tell you ;)

Greetings from the netherlands :P

fuzzy said...

you know its not that had to put in a ramp ya know. My dad made one for my grandma and one for the church i used to attend. just watch out for the contractor you use... they will jip you!

Ummm I got multiple coupons and i'll be cashing in man... for real!

A.Smith said...

Glad to know you're not dead. This KFC thing is crazy. What can I say about my people?? We loves free.

Anonymous said...

FYI: black people aren't the only ones getting free chicken. I have 4 coupons and they will be used. I'm going to wait till the hype dies down. Everybody trying to get that free chicken now. lol

Ieisha said...

Don't feel bad...I sent out the email and couldn't get the coupons to print!!! I thought it was a hoax to get people to go there anyway.

Glad to hear you're still alive & kicking. Did read the articles out there. Any resolution to the work problem?

And yes, there is a genetic predisposition to black people and chicken. What it is, I don't know.

I heard the ungrilled chicken wasn't all that so I'm not gonna lose any sleep on it.

I've been getting estimates from contractors to get an attic finished. Time consuming it is!

Sha Boogie said...

So mad @ u for calling it a 'midget piece of chicken' LOL!!

I refuse to try it. DO.NOT. WANT!

Cocoa Rican said...

Hold think you're just gonna pop back into our life with a KFC post??? Boi you gots some splainin' to do! Where you been bruh??
Leave our family like that again...see what happens...LOL
Don't sleep...even us Ricans love fried chicken!


Well, it's about time! I thought you'd gone for good.

Ms Smack said...

Welcome back! Great to hear from you. Great update. Hope everything clears up at work sooner than later.

KFC is evil! Don't eat it!! :)

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

I purchased some before all of the hoopla. It was okay...alot like what I make at home minus the garlic and herb seasoning, but what IIIII wantsta know is....

How come the Caucasians get a free car on the show...and all we get is chicken? I've got chicken for DAYS in my freezer, but I don't posess a new free car.

Lemme stop. LoL

Stew said...

good to see you back man. been wondering where you went.

i am still waiting to try some of that chicken.

Madam Z said...

I am sooooooo glad you're back! Chicken or no chicken!