Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner....and longer

Guess who's in town.  You guessed it.  Well, you probably didn't.  It is my uncle/aunt.  I did a post about him one day, I just don't remember when.  Anyway, my transsexual uncle/aunt is in town.  He apparently came into town today and nobody told me.  I only found out when I had to go over to the house to get my key, because I locked myself out.  As you know, I lock myself out of the house more times then I care to admit, but this time it was not my fault.  My friend rushed me out, so we could go out and eat.  

Anyway, when I got over to the house I find out that my aunt/uncle is in town, so I sit and wait for her to come back, because she has went to the store with my little sister.  I had just given up waiting and was driving out of the driveway, when they pull into the driveway.  

I park the car and go to speak to my Aunt, who I have not spoken to in over twenty years.  The reality is that if I had not seen my Aunt in so long, if I had seen her in any other venue, I would not have recognized her.  

I was surprised to find out how long she was going to be staying (for over a month).  I am very concerned about her staying for so long, to be honest.  Like I said in the one post that I did about her, she did do hard time for murder, when she killed a prostitute who attacked her for standing on her corner.  And you know I am very protective of my family and I know that more crimes of passion happen to family members from family members.  I think I told you one of my uncles was actually murdered by another uncle (different blood).  

Anyway, I am not going to sweat it.  I am just too damn over protective. 

-One Man's Opinion.  Peace.  


Anonymous said...

Do you like ur aunt?

Linda said...

I honestly wouldn't know how to react to such a person. I'd be too damn scared I'd say uncle (or aunt? what is it he/she doesn't want to be?) and upset him/her

whee.. confusing! :P

Greetings from the netherlands!

Ms Smack said...

I think it's incredibly brave to go through gender realignment and be true to yourself while at the mercy of family, friends and the general community.

Anonymous said...

So do you call her aunt?

lyre said...

I'm not the person to talk about family. Mine is F'd up. But you win with the gender realignment thing. I must say I have never met anyone who has gone through a sex change. That I know of anyway.

fuzzy said...

I think you have reason to be. Just like I put my money up when my cousins come around! lmao! all of my cousins! They have a track record and i can't fault you for being overprotective!

Curious said...

Forget the children's books, you have a New York Times best seller list and Oprah's Book Club story right there. Even I would put up money to read about you and the people who surround you. Or maybe I'll just wait for the HBO special.

Marisa said...

Outstanding post, great job!

Greetings from Toledo