Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend at Manny (kind of)

Yes, Yes, Yes, that is Manny, as he sits on the floor, eating his breakfast of apple slices, peaches and cream oatmeal and orange juice (he will also get a Strawberry Go-Gart) and forces me to endure yet another showing of “Elephant”. For does of you who don’t know, Elephant is Ice Age, and although I love the Ice Age Movie and am looking forward to 3, coming out in 2009; enough is enough already!

Quick background story on how I ended up with little bit for the week end. Well, it’s not actually quick, but I will try to make it as short as possible. Believe it our not it all stems from when I went to pick up Manny to see Madagascar 2, at Head Start. I went in uniform, because his teacher requested that I come out and speak with the children about stranger danger. Yeah, speak to three, four and five years olds about stranger danger. I know, I know, it is never to early to start teaching stranger, but did I really have to be in uniform to do it?

So, I show up around 2:15 to pick him up and his class is taking a nap. Who takes a nap at two in the afternoon, besides me I mean. I figured that they’d be done taking their nap by two. Anyway, the instructor was at lunch and there was an assistant watching the napping ankle biters. I find Manny’s sleeping figure and pick him up off his mat. The first thing that comes out of his mind, as he is being lifted off the floor is; “I don’t want to.” Is that cool. I love my little nephews survival instinct. We grab his backpack (which turned out not to be his) and jacket and was headed out when we encounter his instructor. Apparently the word went out around the building that a police officer was in the house, and since she new I was coming she managed to put tow and two together.

We spoke for about thirty minutes and then she suckered me by asking if I new any of my officers friends that would be interested in adopting one of the classes for Christmas. I didn’t want to tell her that I don’t have any officer friends, so I just volunteered to adopt Manny’s class.

“What does adopting a class consist of?” I ask.

“You just have to buy a toy for each of the kids.”

“Oh, well how many kids are there in Manny’s class?”


In my head I was like. what the fuck! But it there was not turning back, I had already committed myself. Note to self. Next time, before you commit yourself to buy toys for a class room full of kids, ask how many kids are in said class first.

Which brings up to this weekend. My little and big sister were in my area of town, to do some Christmas shopping, and called me to see if I wanted to go with them. Since I’d taken, yet another day off, I said yes. Plus, I wanted them to see the toys I got for the little rug rats, which consisted of remote control cars, dolls, and animated robots. Very cool stuff, that I got a Walgreen, at a very reasonable price. Plus, the manager gave me his employee discount, when he found out the reason behind the purchase. How cool was that?

Anyway, they come in the house and I take them to the bedroom closet, where I have the gifts stored. We try to keep Manny out, but that didn’t work, as I showed them the gifts. He didn’t get a good look at the toys, but he knew there were toys and that was enough. So, once we returned from the mall and they were dropping me back off he told his Mommy that he wanted to stay with Uncle One Man. I figured what the heck, I always say no, I needed to say yes.
As soon as we get into the house that little bastard makes a bee line to the closet of toys and ask, “Can I play with your toys.” The little monster thought he was slick. But the answer was no, so I think the continuous viewing of Ice Age is his way of punishing me. LOL

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


The Dreamy One said...

kids they are not making them how they used to,lol

i see that you got your hands full!!!

clnmike said...

Adopting a class?

First time I am hearing of that, that is a nice concept.

Desy said...

hahahahaha! are you turning into a 'yes man' (the new jim carrey movie...); i can't believe you adopted a class... you are just so sweet. the joys of being a single black man with funds to share *wink*.

Manny just gets cuter and cuter... even his little pose made me smile... pure

Wendy said...

Yes after a few more viewings of Ice Age you will be putty in his hands. LOL

18 kids? Wow, that was very sweet of you.

FREEDOM said...

Manny is too CUTE!

RunningMom said...

lol @ ask before you commit - you think!?!?

It's cool though, like you said - it's for a good cause :)

Let me know how keeping him out of that closet goes!

Ieisha said...

Love the pic of the little guy.

Why is he on the floor? Did someone steal your dining room table?

Adopting a class? Good look.

My law school created 100 baskets of food for Thanksgiving for needy families. Turkeys included.

For Christmas, we are adopting 5 families and providing ALL of their gifts.

Good to pay it forward.

You will rewarded for your good deeds. Doesn't that sound like a fortune from a fortune cookie? Lol.

Nonetheless, you did a GREAT thing. The kids will be happy. Unless they are Jewish, celebrate Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year or something of that sort, lol.

Hell, it's a toy. They don't care the reason for getting it. They'll be happy.

Mark D. Aster said...

as he sits on the floor, eating his breakfast of apple slices, peaches and cream oatmeal and orange juice

Man, I'd hate to be your nephew! The only thing missing from that menu was wheatgrass!

Can't a brutha get a pop tart, or a bowl of Super Sugar Crisp or Apple Jacks up in dis joint?!?!?

"Lend me some sugar, I am your nephew!!" (LOL)

RealHustla said...

Ummmm, I think that was just too much to ask of one person. Sounds like that instructor just invented that mess up on the spot.

ViolentLove said...

Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Bless you.

blkbutterfly said...

that's great you decided to adopt a class, even w/o knowing all the specifics! ;-) hmmm... makes me wonder if i can get someone to adopt my 1st grade class.

as for the gifts, i have 3 words for you: the dollar store (one where everything's truly a dollar). lol... yes, it's cheap, but if you go to the right one (i.e. Dollar Tree), they have some cool things for kids. at their age, they won't know it came from the dollar store AND they'll love whatever it is. put a little bow on each gift, and they'll love you forever!

-eve- said...

LOL! yup, Manny sounds smart ;-)
Nice toys you got them - sounds like you'll be making their christmas! :-)

Eb the Celeb said...

Look at you being mr. santi-clause

Super Dave Van Buren said...

My daughter called Madagascar "move it, move it" for the longest. kids make up their own names for stuff. And don't get me started on daycare and how they pimp you.

Jamar Herrod said...

awww that is sooo cute! lol. Sounds like that was a good weekend indeed. That is cool adopting that class. I know youre glad you got a discount!

Bullet said...

I like this post, there is love out there. You time with Manny will always be remembered, even if he didn't play with the toys, he will grow up saying I made Uncle One Man watch Ice Age over and over one day, that nice. Take care and glad you had a wonderful weekend at Manny.

lyre said...

You are a big softy!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Manny has you wrap around his finger.

You better find another hiding spot b/c you know kids forget nothing.

cathouse teri said...

Wow. Those are expensive toys you bought! Did they have a minimum and a limit? Note to self ~ find that out next time, too. :)

I love peaches and cream oatmeal. Haven't had that in ages! I think I should go buy some.

Sha Boogie said...

dayum! you bought 18 toys for some rugrats you don't know?? you are seriously going to heaven, lol.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thanks for all of the compliments. I gotta say, you all are so nice. I am going to post pictures of the toys so yall can tell me if I did good.

I gotta say, RealHustla's comment caught me off guard and had me cracking up. LOL

Glo said...

Love the "pay it forward" vibe of this. I must give this a go this year... but shit... I pay an extra $5 every month for my energy bill, that they "claim" to use for the "warm home fund"... which is suppose to provide funds for families who can't afford their bill. Bullshit if you ask me...

I'd rather adopt...a kid... a class is too fucking sweet... just like your ass. :-)

King's Kid said...

Is "Elephant" the only movie? My grandson has a playlist: Masagascar, Robin Hood, Fraggle Rock, Alladin and Lion King--to which he knows the script by heart. Not just the songs, the words of the dialogue also.

As to the adopt the class assignment--JOB WELL DONE!